Project 365 2019 Week 48

It’s been a busy week, with the final week of panto rehearsals, a lot of work and a new furry family member.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 328 – Sunday 24th November – the day we’ve been waiting for since Wilfred the guinea pig died – we got our new baby guinea pig. Cedric was absolutely delighted.

Baby guinea pig, New guinea pig, Guinea pig, Pet, 365

Day 329 – Monday 25th November – we’re into the final week of panto rehearsals. My daughter missed school for rehearsals for the first time. The baby guinea pig came into the kitchen. You can see how tiny he is peeping out under the curtain.

Guinea pigs, Cedric, Pets, Baby guinea pig

Day 330 – Tuesday 26th November – I’m having a busy week of work. My daughter just had a normal rehearsal today, so she took herself there on the school bus. The weather is very mild and I took this photo on my afternoon walk.

Trees, Autumn, 365

Day 331 – Wednesday 27th November – picked my daughter up from school in the middle of the day for a technical rehearsal from 1.30 until 9.30. I’ve been feeling tired this week. Surprisingly, for an insomniac who wakes at 4.45 every day, I rarely actually feel tired. But I think the combination of work and panto are taking their toll on me and I’m struggling a bit. Apart from a photo of the chorus at the theatre, the only photo I took was of the window for my Instagram stories.

Window, Instagram, Instagram stories, 365

Day 332 – Thursday 28th November – another parent dropped my daughter at rehearsal today (another 1.30 until 9.30), which was a big help. My daughter is horrified that this year it’s one French plait rather than two for panto. She can do pretty much any hairstyle, but struggles with a single French plait.

Daughter, Plait, Hair, Panto, 365

Day 333 – Friday 29th November – both of my kids had inset days today, despite being at different schools, but I didn’t really see them. I had to go to work in my client’s office. I expected to be home at about 4, but it was actually 6. I thought I’d missed the chance to take any photos, but I captured this little beauty in the evening.

Guinea pigs, Pets, Cedric, baby guinea pig, 365

Day 334 – Saturday 30th November – a busy day. My husband and I tried a new parkrun, then we went to see my son play rugby in Bristol. Unfortunately, the school field was several miles from the actual school and we didn’t make it there until the end of the first half. Meanwhile, my daughter was doing her dress rehearsal. It felt like we were in the car from 8am until 2pm.

parkrun, runner, King George V playing field parkrun, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Aww! The new guinea pig is adorable. He really is tiny, bless him. Have you got a name for him yet?
    I hope the panto rehearsals went well. I hope you are not feeling too tired now.
    Your daughter can still do a french plait better than I ever could. I struggle with normal plaits sometimes. lol x

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    • The guinea pig is called Henry. It took us a long time to decide on the name! The rehearsals went very well, thanks, and I’m pleased to say I’m not too tired any more. My daughter can do a better French plait than me too. x

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  2. Your new baby guinea pig is so cute and so tiny. What name did you give him? Is he going to have another of the Anglo-Saxon names? I can do a single plait, but not a French style. Hope the dress rehearsal went well.
    No wonder you feel tired, you’ve been doing a lot this week, and you don’t get enough sleep either.

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    • We finally decided to call the baby guinea pig Henry. It took us a while to decide. The dress rehearsal went really well, thanks. I’m pleased to say I’m feeling less tired now.

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  3. love the baby guinea pig, very cute.
    Never been any good with hair but never mastered a french plait even with girls with long hair
    what a shame you missed the first half of the game

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    • The guinea pig is lovely, thanks. I’ve never been any good at hair, but luckily my daughter has been doing her own since she was 7. We are definitely not going to miss the first half of the game next week! It’s my son’s last rugby match of the season – and only the third he’s played in.

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  4. How exciting – panto’s come round so quickly from when parts were announced. Or it seems to have done anyway. Saturdays do seem to whizz by, and we never feel like we’ve done muh.

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    • Panto does come round really quickly – they’ve got less than three weeks of rehearsal. It’s so full-on that it just flies by. Saturdays for us are usually parkrun, then my son’s sport then cleaning and gardening. I hate doing cleaning and gardening at weekends, but needs must!

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  5. Aww your new baby guinea pig is so cute and teeny. I am still not great with hair but can do a french braid now, not those dutch ones though. Hope the dress rehearsal went well. You’ve been doing a lot this week, and you don’t get enough sleep either, I do worry about you xx

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    • Thank you! That’s very sweet of you. I’m OK now, just a couple of busy days took their toll, on top of the lack of sleep. The guinea pig is lovely. I’m terrible at doing hair, but luckily my daughter has been doing her own since she was 7. x

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  6. Oh the picture of the two of them together…. SO cute. Sounds as if he is settling in well and Cedric is looking after him. Sounds a busy week for you Sarah with work and rehearsals x

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    • It was a really busy week! Things are a bit calmer now the panto has opened. Cedric is being such a kind guinea pig. They are amazing the way they will just look after a baby guinea pig. x

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  7. Aww love the new guinea pig…so cute!!

    Gosh sounds like a hectic week with all the rehearsals, not surprised you felt tired.

    She’s done a good job with the single plait!

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    • Thanks very much, the new guinea pig is lovely. The final week of rehearsals is always the hardest. Things are easier now the show has opened. I thought the plait was pretty good, but my daughter sets very high standards for herself!

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    • The guinea pig is lovely, thanks. The final week of rehearsal is always tough, but things have settled down now that the show has opened.

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    • Thank you! He is lovely. I always loved rabbits as a child and well into adulthood. We are currently looking after a couple of them temporarily and it has to be said that, much as they are very sweet, guinea pigs are definitely my favourites!

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  8. Cedric and the other one are sooo adorable!!! I hope your daughter’s rehearsals are going well. Shame about the hairstyle but that looks like a lovely french plait. Wooahh shame about missing the first half of the game

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  9. Oh your new Guinea Pig is so cute and tiny! It looks like he is settling in well. Sorry to hear you are struggling a bit, I always find it really difficult this time of year with the overwhelm! Hope things go back to normal for you soon x

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  10. I had no idea that your new guinea pig was so tiny until compared to the other, sooooo cute! I am hopeless at hairstyles, on myself and others (my poor daughter!) #project365

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    • The new guinea pig is only four weeks old (well, he’s six now, but he was four when we got him!), so it’s not surprising he’s so tiny. I don’t think he will grow quite as big as Cedric, but we saw an adult male at the breeder’s and they are pretty big. I’m hopeless at hairstyles too, which is why mu daughter has been doing her own since she was 7!

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