Project 365 2019 Week 46

After the disappointment of last year, my daughter was back at panto rehearsals this week. Which means the rest of our life is pretty much on hold for now.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 314 – Sunday 10th November – no, it’s not another shoe week! My daughter did her first athletics competition representing the club today – an indoor competition. I took photos, but by the time I’d blurred the other kids out, there was really nothing left to see. So these are her trainers. And those are my son’s football boots. I was sorry I missed his match today – they won 7-0 and he scored SIX goals.

Trainers, Football boots, Son, Daughter, Football, Athletics, 365

Day 315 – Monday 11th November – the day we’ve been waiting two years for. Today my daughter started panto rehearsals at her old panto. This is panto number four for her at this theatre, making her the longest serving member of the chorus (although one year she worked with a girl who was on her EIGHTH panto!). I took the opportunity to read my book while I was waiting. I deliberately saved this long book because I knew I would have time on my hands.

Book, Reading, Rehearsal venue, Panto, 365

Day 316 – Tuesday 12th November – a glimpse of the rehearsal venue. Well, the bit that I wait in, not the bit the kids rehearse in. I didn’t read my book today because I got talking to a couple of the other mums.

Rehearsal venue, Pub, Panto, 365

Day 317 – Wednesday 13th November – my younger son seems to have changed his attitude to school work and homework these days and is being a bit more proactive about getting things done on time, rather than last minute. This is one of his sketches for GCSE art. It’s an icon of British politics. Can you tell who it is? (He has got the nose a bit small.)

John Bercow, Sketch, Drawing, GCSE art, 365

Day 318 – Thursday 14th November – the flooding up north has been terrible and I thought we’d got off very lightly in Gloucestershire, but it literally rained non-stop today (on top of several days of rain). Schools closed early and some buses and trains were cancelled. This is me walking where I walk every day. It is a road and those are normal wellies. Standing in the water felt like standing in the sea, it was so powerful.

Flooding, Floods, Wellies, 365

Day 319 – Friday 15th November – the flooding had disappeared and my daughter had a day off rehearsals. I’ve never known them have a day off rehearsals before! It was nice not to be rushing around. Apart from a lot of photos try to get my daughter’s panto programme pic right, the only photo I took was of my window for Instagram stories.

Window, Plant, Blind, Instagram stories, 365

Day 320 – Saturday 16th November – a busy day, mainly for my daughter, but also for her taxi driver. I started the day with parkrun, then it was straight to rehearsals. After a long rehearsal, I have to take my daughter straight to her silver jazz exam. She will be exhausted by the end of it! My poor son couldn’t play rugby today as he is injured. He desperately needs to play as we need to film it for GCSE PE.

Jazz exam, Daughter, Dancer, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh wow! Go on your son! 6 goals is amazing!
    Horray for the panto rehearsals. I bet your daughter is overjoyed to be back! It looks like a lovely place for you to wait for your girl.
    Well done you son with the change of attitude towards school work. His art work is brilliant.
    The flooding up here has been terrible. Thankfully we’re not really effected, just a few lakes in surrounding fields.
    I hope your girl isn’t too tired. It sounds like a busy day for her today. I hope your son is better soon x

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  2. We were lucky with the flooding though a few villages near us had schools closed and flood warnings. Well done for your son on his football that’s an amazing result. Hope the jazz exam went well and it feels like home be back at panto again.

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  3. Lots going on for your family at the moment. It must be lovely to be back at the panto. Good luck for the jazz exam for your daughter. Six goals is quite something.

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    • Thanks very much! I was very sorry to miss the six goals. My daughter is loving being back at panto.

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  4. 6 goals that’s great, sorry he missed the Rugby though due to injury, hope he gets better in time to do his GCSE work, I’m sure there are concessions that can be made for injury. Glad the panto is going well, R doesn’t look tired lol. Looking forward to seeing it in December

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    • Fancy shoes. I hope her panto rehearsals are going well. Hows the book? Brilliant sketch (although I’m getting Trump vibes from it ) woah that looks like alot of rain and your children are quite busy people, as busy as you!

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      • Oh yes, my children are very busy! The panto rehearsals are going well thanks. You wouldn’t recognise the drawing, but it’s John Bercow, the politician whose job it was to control all of the other politicians in the House of Commons.

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  5. That is awesome. 6 goals, impressive. Sorry about the rugby, I hope thing improve so he can get it filmed. What a shame. Glad the panto is going well and hope the exam did too. Love that drawing it is awesome xx

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    • Thanks very much. I was very sorry to miss the six goals! I’m really hoping he’s back in action for rugby and football soon, his leg does seem to be a bit better! X

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  6. glad she is still loving the panto, and hope her exam went well. That photo of your daughter shows what a stunning young lady she is.
    Wow at 6 goals, well done.
    Oh dear at not being able to play rugby again

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  7. Oh my, that flooding is scary. I can’t imagine wading through such water. Big well done to your son, scoring 6 goals is fantastic. Glad to hear his attitude to school is changing.
    Your daughter is so graceful. Hope she enjoys all the panto rehearsals.

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    • The flooding is scary, but sadly the people of Tewkesbury are pretty used to it. Tewkesbury has two big rivers – the Severn and the Avon, so the fields around it get flooded every year and some years the houses get flooded too. It must be horrendous.
      My daughter is loving her panto rehearsals, thanks very much. And my son is being brilliant at the moment, long may it continue!

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  8. Oh wow all that water! Its good it disappeared as quickly as it came but even still it must be a worry. I hope your daughters exam went well and that she is enjoyed the panto. Looks like your son has a natural flare for drawing.

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    • Thanks very much. The exam went really well and my daughter is loving panto. I think my son has got a talent for drawing, but he doesn’t spend long enough on it to get top marks at GCSE.

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  9. Well done to your son for scoring 6 goals!

    Panto is so much fun but guessing a lot of hard work at rehearsals!

    Oh gosh at the flooding….we had a lot of rain but managed to escape any major floods.

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    • I think the houses near us avoided getting flooded, but it looked worrying for a while. Panto is really full-on – rehearsing six or seven days a week, but it is all worth it!

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  10. That sketch is amazing! I hope you enjoy Wolf Hall: did you see the TV series? #project365

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