Project 365 2019 Week 45

It’s time for my annual shoe week! Every year in November, when the days are short and dark and there’s nothing pretty to photograph, I do a week in shoes. This is just a small selection of the shoes we wear and the activities we do throughout the week. Needless to say, I could share several shoes per day.

Here’s our week in shoes…

Day 307 – Sunday 3rd November – Sunday is always my long run day. Usually I run with my husband, but he’s away in Krakow with my eldest today. I start marathon training again in January, so I’ve decided that, until then, I’m going to limit my Sunday runs to eight miles, rather than the 10 to 13 miles I’ve been doing of late.

Trainers, Running, Shoes, 365

Day 308 – Monday 4th November – back to school for the two kids. The house was quiet without them, but the headspace is much more conducive to work. Yes, my son’s school shoes are that dirty (and probably slightly damaged too) because he plays football in them every lunchtime.

School shoes, Son, Shoes, Back to school, 365

Day 309 – Tuesday 5th November – my daughter’s last ballet class for a while. Panto rehearsals start next week, which means everything else has to go on hold.

Pointe shoes, Ballet shoes, Daughter, 365

Day 310 – Wednesday 6th November – my daughter has a jazz exam next week, so had an extra class today. It’s unfortunate that she will miss her last two classes due to panto rehearsals. These will also be her shoes for panto.

Jazz shoes, Dance shoes, Dancing, Daughter, Shoes, 365

Day 311 – Thursday 7th November – athletics club for both kids today. They go at the same time on Tuesdays and different times on Thursday. These are my son’s long jump spikes.

Spikes, Long jump, Athletics, Son, 365

Day 312 – Friday 8th November – my eldest has been at work for over two months now. He wears smart casual clothing for work – these are his work shoes.

Shoes, Work shoes, Son, 365

Day 313 – Saturday 9th November – it’s been a long wait, but my son had his first rugby match since fracturing his pelvis today. He played for the third team (for years 11 to 13). If he hadn’t been injured, he would have played for the seconds or even the firsts. Hopefully he will at least get a second team match before the end of the season. The game went as well as we could have hoped. They didn’t win, but he managed a full game – pain free – he played brilliantly and he scored his team’s first try. Technically, these are football boots, but he wears them for both football and rugby.

Football boots, Football, Rugby, 365, Shoes

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Seems like a good idea to limit the runs before the marathon training!

    Glad your son managed a pain free rugby game..hope he manages to get a second team match.

    Lots of different shoes in your house!

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    • We do seem to have a big variety of shoes in our house! Next week’s rugby match is against their biggest rivals, so it would be great if he could play for the second team.

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  2. Good news on the rugby match – good to hear he’s healed ok and back to playing. Exciting that the panto stuff starts soon.

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    • Thanks very much. We were really pleased with how the rugby match went and we’re very excited about panto starting.

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  3. Heh – we have much less variety on the shoe front. Was out today and realized that both kids and I were wearing the exact same black blundstone boots!

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    • That’s very sweet! It’s not unusual for my husband and two of the kids to be wearing Adidas Gazelles, but they all wear them in different colours. Our shoes all seem to be functional ones, but we just have a lot of different functions between us!

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  4. Great news re rugby! Looks like your son’s leg has healed well, and he’s now pain-free.
    Your running shoes are pretty. Also love the ballet shoes. And how exciting about the panto rehearsals!

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    • We’re so pleased the first rugby match went well and we’re very excited about Panto! I don’t much like this particular pair of trainers. I always buy the same style and this was the only colour available when I needed some new ones.

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  5. Yay! Shoe week! I love it.
    hahaha! Your son’s shoes look like real boy shoes. Mud and scuffed.
    Good luck to your daughter with the panto rehearsals.
    I bet your son is happy to be back playing rugby. It sounds like the match went well x

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    • Thanks very much. I don’t think my son’s shoes are going to last much longer! He is so happy to be back at rugby after such a long time away.

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  6. there’s a lot of sport with your family each week. 2 of our boys went through a pair of shoes per term due to playing football at break time

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    • Glad it’s not just us with the school shoes! I actually don’t think those shoes will last until Christmas. I can’t quite remember when he got them – it could have been February, Easter or even May. My son did sport every day from Tuesday to Sunday. The only difference from a normal week is that that he doesn’t usually do it on Fridays!

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  7. Aww, I do love these posts for any with pointe shoes in. A good plan to limit your runs for the marathon training. I’m so pleased your son did so well and was pain-free. He’s a star. xx

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    • Thanks very much. You know I love the pointe shoes too! I was tempted to just use the ordinary ballet shoes, but they’re not as beautiful, are they? We were so pleased with how my son’s rugby went and he’s recovered in time for the game against their biggest rivals next weekend! x

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  8. Wowww!! Those shoes have seen so much. Congrats to your son for being able to play a full match without pain. The ballet and panto shoes look great, and joggers look comfy as all joggers do 🙂

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    • Thanks very much! Was so pleased that my son managed a whole rugby match.

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  9. Love the range of shoes and the different skills and memories they show #project365

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    • Thanks very much! We’re certainly kept busy with all of the different activities, but I wouldn’t be without them for the world!

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  10. I would mot like your shoe bill in a year with all the different types all your different children have.
    Glad he is back to the rugby, slowly does it, and look forward to reading all the panto stuff.

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    • Thanks very much! Luckily most of the shoes do last for a reasonable amount of time, other than my running trainers and my son’s school shoes!

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