Project 365 2019 Week 44

I completed my best half marathon of the year and we spent lots of extra time with our lonely guinea pig, Cedric.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 300 – Sunday 27th October – Stroud half marathon. My third Stroud half marathon, my fifth half marathon this year and my 19th half marathon in total. Everything went just right and I got my second fastest time ever – at 1:49:24 – my best time at Stroud. Very happy!

Stroud half marathon, Stroud half marathon 2019, Runner, 365

Day 301 – Monday 28th October – half term for my daughter (my son had the last couple of days of last week too). The sunrise was beautiful through the mist.

sunrise, sky, mist, 365

Day 302 – Tuesday 29th October – we’re having a typically quiet half term. I’ve got quite a lot of work on and the kids are content doing not a lot. They’ve both got homework. For the last two days, the highlight of our day has been walking to the supermarket! I’ve cheated a bit with today’s photo as it’s a screen shot. After Wilfred died last week, I got in the touch with the guinea pig breeder to try to find him a new friend. She didn’t have anything available straightaway, but his new baby ‘brother’ is one of these grey ones. He was born on Sunday!

guinea pigs, baby guinea pigs, new guinea pig

Day 303 – Wednesday 30th October – it’s slightly strange that I only have two kids at home this half term. This is the first school holiday in which my eldest has been working, so no half term for him! Today I carved our pumpkin. Until fairly recently, my dad always did it for us and I thought it looked fun. It turns out isn’t fun and it isn’t easy. My son did this Pokemon design and I cut it (very badly). I’m hoping it looks better when it’s properly dark.

pumpkin, Halloween, pumpkin carving, Pokemon, 365

Day 304 – Thursday 31st October – I can’t believe it’s only a week since Wilfred went to the vet. It has already felt like forever. We’ve been making sure to spend a lot more time with Cedric while he’s on his own and have been bringing him into the house twice a day.

My daughter and I got dressed up for Halloween in the evening and went trick or treating at a handful of houses – we only go to people we know. I suspect this may be the last time she will want to go.

Halloween, Skeleton, Daughter, 365

Day 305 – Friday 1st November – my husband took a rare day off work to spend time with the family over half term. Generally he only takes days off when we are actually going away on holiday. The kids opted to go to Bicester Village, which is not my favourite place to go! It feels like Disneyland shopping – perfect, but fake. After we’d been to the shops we spent far too long looking for the row of houses from Grand Designs: The Street. We found them in the end, but it took forever. Driving around aimlessly is one of my daughter’s absolute favourite things to do and she wasn’t going to give up! In the evening, I dropped my younger son and two of his friends at another friend’s house for a Rugby World Cup sleepover. I suspect they will be too tired to watch in the morning!

Bicester Village, Shopping, Shops, 365

Day 306 – Saturday 2nd November – a quiet morning with my husband and eldest away for the weekend, and my younger son still on his sleepover. For the third week running, parkrun clashed with England in the Rugby World Cup. Between the rugby and the torrential rain, it was very quiet. I normally finish around 100th, this morning I was 22nd!

parkrun, parkrun finish position, parkrun finish token, 365


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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. You’re such an inspirational lady, congratulations on all your running achievements! The baby brother for Cedric looks cute, but so fragile.
    Love the beautiful scene in the mist.
    The pumpkin’s design is easily recognisable.
    I’ve never been to Bicester village, though the train goes there from Oxford.

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    • Thanks very much, I do love my running! The guinea pig baby photo was taken either the day he was born or the day after, so he was definitely looking quite fragile! He will still be quite tiny when we get him, but a bit more robust. To be honest, I don’t think you’ve missed much with Bicester Village!

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  2. I read your post about the Stroud half marathon and it seems to have gone so well!
    That sunrise is so pretty!
    Aww! The Guinea pigs are just adorable.
    Ahh! I can see Pikiachu in the pumpkin. Carving them is harder than it looks!
    Your daughter looks fab dressed up for Halloween. x

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    • Thanks very much, I was so pleased with the half marathon! I definitely need more practise with my pumpkin carving. I might be OK at it in about 20 years! My daughter did a great job with her face paint.

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  3. that is a lot of half marathons this year, well done you, a great healthy lifestyle to teach your children. well done on braving it in the rain.
    The policy in the village is only go to doors of people you know, most of them know everybody, and only to decorated houses. Some of them hunt in packs of 20 and apparently expected to give to all in the group.
    the babies are very cute.

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    • Thanks very much. It is a lot of half marathons in a year. I’ve got my fitness to a level where I don’t have to train too hard for them. I’m pleased we’re such an active family, although my eldest currently isn’t particularly active. We had a group of about 20 kids (none of whom we actually knew) come round trick or treating a bit later than everyone else, so I didn’t have enough sweets for them. I have them what I had left and didn’t feel remotely guilty!

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  4. Those baby guinea pigs look so cute, how long till one comes to live with you? We need to see the pumpkin lit up at night

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    • All being well, the guinea pig will come to live with us in three weeks. They can leave their mothers at four weeks, as long as they’ve reached a good enough weight. The pumpkin looked just as crap at night!

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  5. Ah just round the corner from us at Bicester Village (well, 25 mins away). Cute baby guinea pigs, I don’t think I’ve ever seen baby ones. Sorry, your pumpkin made me laugh – although I can see it was a pokemon

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    • Baby guinea pigs are amazing because they look just like adult ones, only really tiny! I’ve never seen a newborn one in the flesh. I think with another 20 years of practise I might be OK at carving pumpkins.

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  6. What an inspiration you are. Huge congratulations. Aww a new guinea pig would be fab. I know it’s not been easy. I just love mist and that is a stunning picture. The pumpkins are amazing xx

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    • Thanks very much. The half marathon went so well. It was tough losing Wilfred and, even though Cedric has coped well, I’m looking forward to getting a new friend for him. X

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  7. Well done on the running! Such great achievements!
    I keep hearing about Bichester…should visit it at some point.

    Aww the little guinea pigs look sooo cute!

    I did initially think Pokeman? But then I saw it! Much better than what I could have achieved!

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    • Thanks very much, I was so pleased with how the half marathon went. Thank you for being kind about my pumpkin too! I definitely need a bit more practise. I can’t wait to get the new guinea pig. Hopefully we will have him in just over two weeks.

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  8. Sarah!!! You should have rung me, I could have taken you to the houses and BV is 5 minutes from my house. Don’t you think they’ve all got minute gardens. Well done on the half marathon time and whichever of the three is going to be your new boy, cute! #365

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    • I can’t believe you live that close! I was halfway through messaging you in the morning to say we were heading for BV, then I got distracted. The houses do look like they’ve got very small gardens and some of them appear a lot less finished than they did on TV.

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  9. Congratulations for your achievements!! The guinea pigs looks so adorable! Increasing costume, and that of the human body

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  10. Congrats on the half marathon! I had a go at pumpkin carving for the first ever time this year and there was so much gunk inside that is wasted (no one fancied eating the seeds) #project365

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  11. Well done thats brilliant. I am loving the little grey guinea pigs will not be long until he had a brother. I think the pumkin in brilliant. Hope you had a lovely half term even with the working xx

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