Project 365 2019 Week 43

It’s been a mixed week, with my son’s birthday followed by the sad departure of a beloved furry friend.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 293 – Sunday 20th October – my son’s 16th birthday! He had a pretty low key day as he doesn’t like a fuss for his birthday. He played football and I’m pleased to say that they won 4-1 and he scored a goal.

Birthday cake, 16th birthday, Son

Day 294 – a busy day of work. Yesterday, when my family came round for birthday cake, my husband put some drinks in the freezer to cool. Nobody wanted them and we forgot about them. I discovered a burst can of Coke and two burst bottles of J20 today!

Day 295 – Tuesday 22nd October – another busy day of work. I took this photo in the afternoon and it hardly looks like autumn at all! It definitely feels like it, though.

Countryside, Walk, Autumn, 365

Day 296 – Wednesday 23rd October – I’ve been working on this article on and off for a few days. The client has agreed it needs to be split into three articles!

I started to get worried about Wilfred the guinea pig in the evening. I went to get him out of the hutch and he looked sad and didn’t seem interested in his food. When I weighed him (which I do fairly regularly, after not realising how much weight Eric had lost before he died), I found he’d lost 200g – about 20% of his body weight. I now have an anxious wait until he can get to the vet tomorrow.

Work, article, writing, 365

Day 297 – Thursday 24th October – took Wilfred to the vet and she was confident she could save him. He stayed in all day for treatment and was hydrated and warmed up. He seemed livelier when he came home, but still wouldn’t eat or drink.

Wilfred, Wilfred the guinea pig, Guinea pig, Pet, 365

Day 298 – Friday 25th October – I woke up to a very sad, but not unexpected sight. Poor Wilfred hadn’t made it through the night. We are heartbroken and poor Cedric is very lonely.

Cedric, Guinea pig, Pet, 365

Day 299 – Saturday 26th October – I volunteered at parkrun as tail walker because it’s Stroud half marathon tomorrow. The rain was torrential and I got drenched (this is the ‘before’ photo!).

parkrun, volunteering, tail walker, selfie, 365


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Happy 16th Birthday to your son!

    So sorry to hear about Wilfred! Was really hoping he would pull through when I saw you mention it!

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    • Thanks very much. So many people were hoping Wilfred would pull through. The vet really gave me hope, but sadly it wasn’t to be.

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  2. Happy belated birthday to your son, Sarah!
    I’ve been reading about your sad news on Twitter and Insta, after the first news hoping he would recover. So sad for you all, and poor Cedric looks lost as well without his buddy.
    You’re so brave to venture out in this weather, we stayed put at home.

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    • Thanks very much. We are so sad about Wilfred. I really did hope he would pull through, especially as the vet gave us some hope. We’re giving Cedric lots of extra attention and hope that will be enough for him until we can find him a new friend. I don’t like being out in the rain at all, but I still choose it over staying in and having no exercise!

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  3. Happy birthday to your son! That looks a yummy cake!
    Eek! What a disaster in the freezer with the frozen drinks!
    Tuesday’s photo could pass for a summers day!
    Poor Wilfred. RIP to the little fella. Sending love and hugs.
    Good luck with the half marathon x

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    • Thanks very much, it was a really delicious cake! We are so sad about Wilfred. I should be grateful that he didn’t suffer for long, poor little thing. x

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  4. Happy birthday to your son, all our kids bdays have been very low key, whereas I like a fuss, never get it lol. We’ve had many freezer accidents over the years, hope the mess didn’t take too long to clean up. So sorry to hear about Wilfred, hope Cedric is ok on his own

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    • Thanks very much. My younger son is the only one who likes a low key birthday. I like a fuss too!
      My husband cleaned up the freezer mess very quickly. Luckily it was only in the one drawer.
      We’re so sad about Wilfred. I was worried about how Cedric would cope, but he seems to be doing very well. He’s getting extra human attention to make up for it.

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  5. So sorry about Wilfred. I was really hoping for another outcome. I hope Cedric is ok, big hugs. Happy birthday to your son, that is a fab cake and well done on the running xx

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    • Thanks very much. We were so sad about Wilfred. It all happened so quickly. I’m pleased to say that Cedric seems to be doing remarkably well. X

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    • Thanks very much. It was awful losing Wilfred. It’s so nice to see my son’s team winning games after last year, when they won very few.

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  6. Aw, poor Wilfred. Hope Cedric’s not pining over his friend too much. Glad the football went well for your son’s birthday! Pretty good present.

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    • Thanks very much. It was so sad losing Wolfed. Luckily Cedric is coping better than I thought he would, but we will get him a new friend soon.

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  7. Happy belated 16th, quite right to keep it low key if that is what he is happy with.
    So sorry about Wilfred, RIP little fella, hope Cedric is not too unhappy.
    We have had autumn days like that as well.

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    • Thanks very much. We were so sad about Wilfred and I was worried about Cedric, but he seems to be doing really well.

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  8. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about Wilfred, hope Cedric is okay?
    What a beautiful sunny day, I am hoping for a few of them soon even if it is colder the dank grey days depress me.
    Hope your son had a great birthday x

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    • Thanks very much. We were so sad about Wilfred, but I’m pleased to say that Cedric is doing remarkably well.

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