Project 365 2019 Week 41

We’ve all enjoyed the Cheltenham Literature Festival and my daughter has been having a tough time at school.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 279 – Sunday 6th October – we started the day with a 10 mile run, which my husband found quite hard as he is still suffering a bit from Cheltenham half marathon. In the afternoon, I went to two events at Cheltenham Literature Festival, one on my own and and one with my daughter. I went to see the authors of The Flat Share and Something to Live For (which is the book I’ve just started reading). My daughter and I went to see authors of historical novels. We’ve read a couple of them and enjoyed them, and she got a new book to read next.

My son played his first football match since his accident, and scored a goal.

Cheltenham Literature Festival, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 365

Day 280 – Monday 7th October – I’m always saying I wish I could see friends in the daytime, but it’s hard with my freelance work. Today I sneaked out for lunch with my friend Emma aka Crazy With Twins, which was definitely a good thing to do!

Burger, Vegan burger, Lunch, 365

Day 281 – Tuesday 8th October – back to Cheltenham Literature Festival and it was the one we’ve all been waiting for! Kerry and Kurtan aka Daisy May and Charlie Cooper from This Country. They wrote and starred in the series, now they’ve written a book to accompany it. They were just as funny in real life as they are on TV and were very happy to pose for photos with the HUGE number of fans who queued to see them afterwards. We all had to have individual photos, because my kids wouldn’t let me or their siblings ruin their photos!

This Country, Kerry, Kurtan, Cheltenham Literature Festival, Books, 365

Day 282 – Wednesday 9th October – my daughter came home from school in tears over friendship issues. We’re obviously very lucky that she has made it to Year 9 without these problems before, but I felt heartbroken for her.

I know we all think our kids are nice, but my daughter is SO NICE. She hasn’t got a bad bone in her body and she doesn’t deserve this. She has a heart of gold, is always kind and thoughtful and is liked by so many people. I just don’t understand why this has happened.

The only photo I took was for tomorrow’s Throwback Thursday on Instagram. This photo was taken in around 1995 when I was 21. You can just see me at the back with my husband. My sister would have been aged about 12 (yes, she is very tall) and that’s my dad in the hilarious baggy jeans (aged around 50) and my grandparents.

Family, Throwback Thursday, 365, Instagram

Day 283 – Thursday 10th October – the friendship issues are continuing and my daughter came home in tears again. I am so upset and angry for her.

In the evening, my husband, eldest and I went to our final event at the literature festival – Louis Theroux. Apparently the event sold out really quickly, which isn’t surprising as he is so interesting to listen to.

Louis Theroux, Cheltenham Literature Festival, 365

Day 284 – Friday 11th October – another tough day for my daughter at school, with lots of heartbreaking texts. I went to pick her up at the end of the day (she usually gets the bus) and we ended up having a long meeting with her teacher. The teacher has promised to sort a few things out and we both felt a bit better after that.

The only photo I took was my window for Instagram stories – it was even my least favourite window (I use four different ones).

Window, Plant, Instagram, 365

Day 285 – Saturday 12th October – this is the photo I didn’t get last week – my daughter in her 100th parkrun milestone T-shirt. There was no risk of her feeling faint today, as she ran very slowly, talking to a very kind and supportive friend. It was just the girls at our local parkrun today – me, my daughter and my sister. My son is being careful not to overdo it now he’s back doing sport, my husband ran a different parkrun, plus my dad and brother-in-law didn’t run either.

Daughter, parkrun, runner, 100th parkrun

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. aahhhhhh what a shame about your daughter having issues with a friend, I hope the school can help sort it out for her. Your heart breaks for them when they come home in tears.
    Lots of book stuff going on for you the, laughed at the kids wanting photos without you in.
    Glad she was feeling better after todays run.

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    • It’s been a difficult few days and it came out of nowhere. Her teacher is being supportive and I’m hoping the weekend will have been enough time for things to settle down a bit.

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  2. Sarah,

    It’s such a shame that your daughter has encountered problems with friends, or false friends. Her teachers need to get on top of the situation in double-quick time. Sending “heartbreaking texts” is a form of bullying. “Words can never hurt me” — unfortunately, that saying is complete and utter rubbish.
    I hadn’t read your post about your grandparents before — it’s so vivid, and so moving! I’ve blogged a bit about my mother’s parents (“Mr & Mrs Xerxes”), but reading your post reminded me that towards the end of this month it will be fifty years since my grandfather died. My grandmother lived until 1980.
    The poem your Grandad used to recite is a music-hall song, “Oh Mr Porter”. It’s on YouTube.

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    • It has been horrible for my daughter as it literally came out of nowhere and there is no reason for it whatsoever. The school is aware, so I’m hoping it will settle very soon.
      Fifty years since your grandfather died is a very long time! Your grandmother was without him for a long time too. I will have to look up ‘Mr Porter’, thank you!

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  3. It sounds like you had a great time at Cheltenham Literature Festival. It did make me chuckle that you all had to have separate photos. lol How wonderful to meet Louis Theroux. He’s a legend.
    I bet your son was pleased to be back playing sports. Well done on the goal.
    Oh no! Sending hugs to you and your daughter. I hope things are sorted out at school for her. Kids can be so nasty. xx

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    • We really enjoyed the literature festival this year. I think Charlie and Daisy May Cooper must have been sat there for hours while everyone got individual photos!
      My poor daughter has never experienced anything like this with friends before. It came out of nowhere, so it was a real shock.

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  4. So sorry to hear of the issues your daughter is having. Had to contend with a few issues earlier this year with our eldest too and it is tough for the whole family so I feel for you all.

    I am loving the photos of you at Cheltenham litereary festival. I’m not sure you could look any happier!

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    • Thanks very much, I was very happy at the literature festival!
      Sorry to hear your daughter has had friendship troubles too. I suppose we’re lucky that my daughter has made it all the way to year 9 without anything like this happening. It has been a real shock as it just came out of nowhere.

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  5. The Cheltenham Literature Festival sounds great. I’d love to hear Louis Theroux speak too. I hope the friendship problems are sorted out soon. Well done to your son on a successful return to football.

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    • Thanks very much. I have everything crossed that the friendship issues are sorted very soon because it’s been a tough few days.
      Louis Theroux is so interesting to listen to. I’d forgotten about some of the crazy experiences he’d had over the years.

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  6. I’ve never been to a literary festival. Really should make the effort as there’s a few round here. Love Louis Theroux – might have to look out for his book.

    Hope the friendship stuff gets sorted out. It always seems so much harder for girls than boys with friends.

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    • I would definitely recommend the Cheltenham Literature Festival. We enjoyed it more than ever this year, but I’m sure other literature festivals are just as interesting.
      I think girls are definitely worse than boys with friendships. I suppose we’ve been lucky that my daughter has made it all the way to year 9 without having any problems.

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  7. So sorry to hear about your daughter having issues with a friend, I hope the school can help sort it out. It is heartbreaking when they come home in tears. Loving all the book events they look fab. xx

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    • Thanks very much, it has been horrible for her, but the school has been supportive. The literature festival was brilliant. x

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  8. Sounds like an interesting week with the literacy festival!

    Oh no such a shame your daughter came home upset…it is always horrible to see that. I hope things get resolved soon.

    Can only imagine how pleased your son must be getting back into sports

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    • It’s so good to have my son back doing sport, although he’s still waiting for his first rugby match! It was a tough week for my daughter. Things are starting to improve, but they’re not back to normal yet.

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  9. Glad you fitted in so much at the festival, I’d be in heaven if I could visit in the evenings. Sorry to hear about your daughter’s woes – girls can be so nasty. Hope it’s sorted now #365

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    • Thanks very much. I wouldn’t say that things at school are completely sorted, but they are much improved, thank goodness!

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  10. Oh Sarah, how distressing to read about your daughter. Hope the teacher will get to the bottom of the social media bullying and the situation improves.
    You’ve been so lucky to go to all these literary events at Cheltenham. I confess I never heard of This Country duo.
    Lovely that you were able to meet with Emma.

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    • Thanks very much. Things at school are much improved this week, although my daughter still doesn’t understand what went wrong.
      It was great going to so many events at the literature festival. You should look up This Country on iPlayer. It is very funny!

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  11. So sorry to hear R is having friendship issues, it’s very painful regardless of our age. I know your boys names but can’t remember which is the eldest, anyway A looks so much like his dad in that photo

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    • Luckily things have now improved at school for my daughter. You’re right – my husband does look a lot like my son in this photo. I always get people’s kids names mixed up too – I never remember which is the eldest either.

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  12. I hated secondary school as I seemed to have friend issues every single day; I honestly dread my 3 having to deal with the same kind of problems. I hope your daughter finds the inner strength to cope with it all. My dad still wears baggy jeans! #project365

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    • Sorry to hear that secondary school was like that for you. I really hope it won’t be like that for your kids.
      I had a few bad times in the early years, but nothing major. I’m pleased that my daughter made it this far without problems and things do seem to have settled down now, thank goodness!

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  13. I am sorry to hear about your daughters problems at school it must be heart breaking when it’s so out of your control too. I hope it gets resolved quickly x

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