Project 365 2019 Week 40

I ran my 18th half marathon and my son had the hospital appointment he’d waited three months for.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 272 – Sunday 29th September – Cheltenham half marathon! My fourth half marathon this year, my sixth Cheltenham half marathon and my 18th in total. It’s the first one this year when I’ve been really going for it and I’d forgotten how hard that was. I actually found it pretty tough and couldn’t have done any better than my time of 1:50:53, which is nearly three minutes slower than my PB. This is me looking hot, cold, sticky, sweaty and knackered at the  end.

Cheltenham half marathon, Half marathon, 365, Running, Runner

Day 273 – Monday 30th September – my legs were still aching a lot from the half marathon. I awarded myself a day off work as there were chores I hadn’t done at the weekend and I was feeling generally knackered. This is how far I ran in September – 96 miles for the month, taking me to a total of 939 miles for the year to date.

Running distance, Mileage, Running, 365

Day 274 – Tuesday 1st October – back to work, but still aching. Rain seems to have been a big feature over the last few days, with some horrendous downpours – like this one. My son finished school early (as there is an open evening later) and came home in very high spirits, mainly because of his multiple mentions for athletics success in the school newsletter.

Rain, 365

Day 275 – Wednesday 2nd October – the day my son had been waiting three months for – his hospital appointment to get signed off after his accident. It was actually underwhelming. The doctor said he could get back to sport gradually, which is pretty much what he’s been doing anyway. So no definite football and rugby at the weekend.

The temperature has dropped dramatically, the central heating has gone on for the first time and I moved the guinea pigs’ warm beds back into their hutch.

Guinea pig beds, Hutch, Guinea pigs, 365

Day 276 – Thursday 3rd October – another cold morning, which meant a particularly stunning sunset. I went for my first run since the half marathon. It was good to be back, but my legs still felt a bit stiff.

Sunrise, Sky, 365

Day 277 – Friday 4th October – my daughter had an inset day. I had to work and she did her homework. She gets so much of it, so it will take the pressure off the weekend. My eldest finishes work early on a Friday. He walked in and they were arguing within seconds. My kids are far from perfect.

Now the grass is damp all of the time, the guinea pigs have to come inside or go on the patio (when it’s dry) for a run. I took a photo of a very big guinea pig!

Guinea pigs, Pets, Wilfred, Cedric, 365

Day 278 – Saturday 5th October – today is parkrun’s 15th birthday. I’ve been running it for four and a half years and today was my 186th parkrun. At our parkrun, everyone always wears new race Tshirts on the first parkrun after the race. There were so many Cheltenham half marathon Tshirts there today! This wasn’t the photo I’d intended to share. My daughter got her 100 milestone Tshirt and had specifically asked that it goes on my Instagram. But then she had a bit of a funny turn after the run (her vision goes black and she has to sit down before she faints), so she said she didn’t want a photo of her Tshirt any more.

half marathon T-shirt, Running, parkrun, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. You look fab after the half marathon. I couldn’t run around the block nevermind what you do.
    Hooray! I bet your son is glad to be given the go ahead to return to sports. I hope he takes it slowly.
    The guinea pig’s beds look very cosy!
    Oh no! I hope your daighter is OK. x

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    • Thanks very much, I thought I looked completely knackered! My son has his first football match this afternoon – he’s only going to play about 20 minutes or half an hour. My daughter is fine, thanks. I suspect it was a lack of food or sugar as she ran on an empty stomach and hadn’t even had much to drink. x

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      • 18 marathons in total? 939 miles done so far this year? Amazing!! Multiple mentions of athletic success in school newsletter sounds exciting! Congrats to your son. Perfect timing of the photo of the ‘very big’ guinea pig. Why did your daughter’s vision go black like that?

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        • Thanks very much – the 18 half marathons do go right back to 1995, but I have done a lot more of them this year than previously! We’re very proud of my son for his athletic achievement. My daughter ran without having anything to eat or drink beforehand, plus she ran a bit faster than usual. I’m going to make sure she has a drink at the very least next time!

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          • Wow!!! Yeah she should have had something to eat or drink otherwise you’re in a difficult state if you’re running or exercising

          • She won’t eat because she only gets out of bed just before we set off, but she does normally drink and I’m going to make sure she doesn’t forget that again!

  2. The feeling faint does not sound good, I hope there is no major issue causing it. Shame she changed her mind on the tshirt pic but that is her choice.
    Did not realise Park Run had been around that long, but great to see parts of the country pulling together with participants and volunteers to make it work.
    It has been chilly here this week as well.

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    • I don’t think there’s a major issue with my daughter, but I probably should get her checked as it has happened before. I suspect it was just due to a lack of food and drink. Parkrun was just one event for a couple of years and it grew very gradually at first, but now it is growing very rapidly. Our local one has been going for over six years.

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  3. Glad to hear your son can get back to his sport. Hope your daughter’s ok after the run.
    Our heating went on this week too.

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    • Thanks very much, she’s fine now. We actually only had the heating on for a couple of days, now it’s quite warm again, which is good!

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  4. What a pity about your daughter’s picture! Well done on the half marathon and I hope the return to sport for your son goes well.

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    • Thanks very much. She says I can take the picture next week, she just wasn’t feeling up to it at that time. My son has started doing more athletics this week and will play his first football today. He’s just going to do about half an hour.

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  5. Way to go on the half marathon. You look great. Glad your son is getting to return to his sports, I can understand how much he will have missed it. I hope your daughter is ok xx

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    • Thanks very much, I didn’t feel to great after the half marathon. It’s great that my son can get back to sport, we just have to be careful that he doesn’t overdo it now. My daughter is fine, thanks. I think she just ran without having a drink beforehand. x

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  6. I echo Kim’s comment, I can’t run for upstairs without being out of breath. Sorry to hear R had a wobble after the run, but I can’t get my head round why you couldn’t then post a picture of her t shirt. Love the Guinea Pig picture, looks like you’ve invented a colour changing device

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    • Thanks very much. She just couldn’t be bothered with me taking her photo when she wasn’t feeling good – it would have involved her taking her hoodie off! She says I can take it next week instead.

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    • Thanks very much. My daughter is fine. She occasionally has these little wobbles after a run. We just need to work out now exactly how much sport my son can do!

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  7. Oh gosh hope your daughter is ok now! The fainting doesn’t sound good! Been thinking to get my youngest to do the local park run…but that then means the only day we get to have a lie in goes!

    Well done on the 18th half marathon! And well done on the 939 miles in total! That is amazing!

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    • My daughter is fine now, thank goodness. I don’t know why she gets like that, but it has happened a couple of times this year. It’s a lovely atmosphere at parkrun, you would probably all enjoy it. You can walk, run or volunteer – or just spectate of course!
      Thanks very much – that is 18 half marathons since 1995, although admittedly I’ve been doing a lot more of them lately!

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  8. Well done on another half marathon! I think you look wonderful after such a strenuous exercise. Good news re your son’s being allowed to go back to sport. How old is your daughter? Could it be growing spurt of sorts? I remember when I was a teen, I used to faint pretty often, and then it all stopped. Might be a good idea to check her blood, in case she has an iron deficiency.
    Lol @ the long guinea pig, so cute.

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    • Thanks very much, that’s a lovely thing to say about me! My daughter is 13. It’s interesting that you had a similar experience. My son also mentioned iron as a possible problem – between GCSE PE and GCSE biology, he’s pretty knowledgeable on this stuff!

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  9. So sorry that your daughter’s funny turn took the shine off her achievement: I hope it doesn’t put her off although you are all so inspirational with your sports and fitness it probably won’t! #project365

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  10. Sounds like a good run even if not a PB, well done. Good to hear your son can go back to sports even if its not as hard and fast as he would like it to be. Hope your daughter is okay.

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