Project 365 2019 Week 39

I got a year older and it rained a lot.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 265 – Sunday 22nd September – my 46th birthday! The forecast was for terrible weather, so we had a much more indoor sort of day than usual. We went bowling in the morning. In the evening, my husband and I went to Wagamama (my very favourite place), then to see Downton Abbey.

Birthday cake, Dog cake, Birthday, Cake, 365

Day 266 – Monday 23rd September – back to work and another busy day. I don’t often share photos of my front garden. It has a lot less flowers and not a lot grows there. We planted this at the start of summer and it was just two stalks. I can’t believe how much it has grown and there are still flowers coming out even in September.

Garden, Plants, 365

Day 267 – Tuesday 24th September – a very wet day, but I had to run! Just a short one today as I’m looking after my legs ahead of Cheltenham half marathon on Sunday.

Running, Rain, Half marathon training

Day 268 – Wednesday 25th September – a busy morning of work, but I’m pleased to say that the end is in sight for a big job I have been working on. I went to pick my daughter up from school (she usually gets the bus), so we could go to the theatre to sort out her licence application for panto. Most of the families were there, but there had been a mix-up and the person actually dealing with the paperwork wasn’t there. That was nearly three hours of my life I won’t get back. I have been reading this book and worrying about my own effect on climate change (review coming soon).

Greta Thunberg, No one is too small to make a difference, Book review

Day 269 – Thursday 26th September – a rainy day. Went to my son’s school concert in the evening. The only photo I took was of my window for my Instagram stories and another book photo!

Window, Plants, Instagram stories, 365

Day 270 – Friday 27th September – I saw this on Twitter and took a screenshot. Why do 50% of young people need to go to university? I actually don’t think it’s right. There aren’t enough graduate jobs out there and young people are going away and getting into huge debt. I’m very proud that, despite his good A Levels, my son decided to do an apprenticeship instead.

Newspaper, The Times, Apprenticeships, 365

Day 271 – Saturday 28th September – I volunteered at parkrun, as tail walker (the person who crosses the line last), as it’s the half marathon tomorrow. It was also my husband’s first ever time volunteering – and he enjoyed it!

volunteers, parkrun, husband, 365

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sarah!!! What’s Wagamama?
    What a lovely face you have
    We have issues from people working on this paperwork often here too, usually when they tell every other day that you have to bring this document. Oh you forgot this, you forgot this too….so annoying.
    I hope the book is good. I’m wondering about my effect too, day by day.
    I’ve heard alot of student debt issues in USA, is that the same in UK too?
    More parkruns & half marathons? No surprise there!

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    • Thanks very much! Wagamama is my favourite restaurant chain – they do lots of different noodle dishes.
      Students do build up a lot of debt in the UK and it can take many years to pay them off – not a good start to a young person’s career!
      The book is well worth a read. The half marathon was pretty tough!

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  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! Your cake looks so good.
    Ahh! This time last week I didn’t know who Greta Thunberg was but I’ve seen so much of her on the news. What an amazing young lady she is.
    Good luck with the half marathon! xx

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    • I had a lovely birthday, thanks. I first heard of Greta Thunberg a few months ago, but I felt like a lot of people had already heard of her. She is incredible!
      Thanks very much – the half marathon was tough! x

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  3. What a fun cake! I know I wished you a happy birthday on Insta/Twitter, but wanted to say I’m so pleased you had a lovely day, with a trip to Wagamama and the movies. Your hollyhocks look healthy! Mine are all gone by now.
    I agree with you on the University degrees, which only put many people in debt and don’t guarantee a job.
    Hope your half marathon today went well, it bucketed here, hope you had a better weather.

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    • Thanks very much, I had a lovely birthday! The weather was actually pretty good for the half marathon, even though the forecast was horrendous. I know a degree is essential for some jobs, but I think there are far too many courses which aren’t helpful to a career, and schools should be doing more to promote apprenticeships as an option.

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  4. I totally agree about your uni comment. I went and loved it, I didn’t know what I wanted to do so it enabled me to go out and get a graduate job, and extend my learning. But I was pretty academic. But that was in the days when people had grants. Nowadays I wouldn’t have wanted to come out with all that debt, but not knowing what I wanted to do would have made it hard to get an apprenticeship. But I think there are so many more options for apprenticeships nowadays, you can end up with a degree anyway, get paid while learning, and get 3 years work experience ahead of all those grads coming out. Nobrainer imo. Definitely what I’d be recommending N in future unless he decides he wants to go into a job which requires a specific degree. All 3 of our nephews so far (1 academic, 2 not) have done apprenticeships. The only disadvantage is they rarely go off and experience leaving home. As farmers, they rarely move around and I think that’s a disadvantage in life, so I guess they need to learn those skills in different ways.

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    • I went to uni too and did an entirely pointless vocational degree and didn’t actually get a career in it – although it is related to what I do now. My younger son wants to be a doctor, so of course he will go to uni, but for kids who don’t have a clear career path and choose a wishy-washy course, it is ridiculously expensive. It’s good to hear that your nephews have gone down the apprenticeship route. The aim is for my son to have a degree in five years – along with five years’ work experience, a decent salary and no debt!

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  5. volunteers are essential to Park Run and nice to see you volunteering instead of running.
    Oh dear at the panto fiasco.
    Never understand the push for Uni either, 3/4 yrs of studying and a massive debt to work in a low paid zero hour contract is really not what any youngster needs. Fifi has decided she is not going either as wants to join the Police.

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    • That’s great that Fifi has decided to join the police. My son has always had that idea st the back of his mind too.
      It’s nice to volunteer at parkrun every now and then. It wouldn’t exist if people didn’t volunteer!

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  6. Belated happy birthday. What a great cake, that is fab. I hope you enjoyed volunteering, it is such a good thing to do. Way to go on the half marathon I don’t know how you do it all xx

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    • Thanks very much! You know I love my running and it’s good to do a bit of volunteering sometimes too. X

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  7. Hope you had a lovely birthday. Greta’s parents must be very proud of their daughter I think. University degrees – so often the jobs people get afterwards bare no relation to the degree they took, I’ve never really understood it #365

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    • I had a really good birthday, thanks. I can’t imagine how proud Greta’s parents must be. She is really making a difference.

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  8. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a good day!

    I would be annoyed with the panto licence mix up…hate having my time wasted!

    Agree re uni. I went to uni and have a massive debt hanging over me. Although I had started to pay it off, because I have now not worked for a number of years the debt is more that what I started with!

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    • I had a really good birthday, thanks. Sorry to hear about your uni debt. I had a very small debt from uni – just one small loan from the 3rd year, so it didn’t take long to pay off. The debts these days are ridiculous.
      Strangely I wasn’t too annoyed about the panto mix-up, just because I didn’t have anywhere else to be. If it was on a ballet day or in the middle of the working day, I would have been annoyed!

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  9. Happy belated birthday Sarah. Love the cake, is it store bought or homemade? In our family Peter went straight to Uni, I opted not to go as I didn’t know what I wanted and took up numerous courses over the years until getting my degree aged 37. 2 of our 4 boys are advancing their education in the Army and 2 took apprenticeships. However 1 left the army and now drives for a living and 1 left his apprenticeship to travel the world for the last 2 years. All boys are happy, all are financially supporting themselves and that’s all that matters really. My degree doesn’t get used these days and I still owe the student loan company

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    • Thanks very much! I’m sure you know the answer to the question about where the cake came from!
      I went to uni myself straight from school, but there was less to lose financially in those days! It’s great that your boys are all happy and supporting themselves, that’s all you can ask for.

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  10. Happy Birthday what a lovely way to spend the day. I went to uni and came out with loads of debt. I was lucky I managed to pay it off. I did a broad based degree which is relevant to my job but I dont need it to do my job. I will let Monkey make his own mind up when the time comes but I would prefer him to do an apprenticeship.

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  11. Love the cake: hope you had a lovely birthday and enjoyed Downton. I completely agree with you about uni: it depreciates the value of a degree if everyone has one, plus it isn’t necessary to saddle a young person with a lifetime of debt if they don’t need it for what they want to do for their career. #project365

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