Project 365 2019 Week 38

It’s been a really busy week of work for me and my daughter has had some very good news.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 258 – Sunday 15th September – a big day for my daughter. After the heartbreak of last year, open auditions were back at the theatre. Needless to say, my number one girl will be in panto again!

panto audition. panto, daughter, dancer, 365

Day 259 – Monday 16th September – a busy day of work. I managed to catch a little bit more of the street art from the Cheltenham Paint Festival. This stunning piece is on the side of a block of flats. The detail is incredible.

street art, Chletenham Paint Festival, 365

Day 260 – Tuesday 17th September – I was supposed to be going into my client’s office to work, but got a message at the last minute that they didn’t need me today. Luckily I have plenty of other work to be getting on with. I wrote most of 3500 word article today. The sunrise looked more impressive in real life.

Sunrise, Sky, 365

Day 261 – Wednesday 18th September – I went into my client’s office to work. It was a really intense day and I worked for six hours, which might not sound like much, but I only ever work for four hours a day at home. I wasn’t even back in time to pick my son up from school. My favourite thing to do at the moment is watch the bats in the evening. You can just about see the bat in the photo (which was taken through the window, with the lights on).

Bat, Garden, Evening, 365

Day 262 – Thursday 19th September – a six mile run and a busy day of work, followed by my tap dance class in the evening. The only photo I took was of this bee. This is exactly what I planted my 58p flowers for. I can’t believe new ones are still coming out at this time of year.

Flower, Bee, Garden, 365

Day 263 – Friday 20th September – another busy day of work, but I’m staying on top of things. I even managed some housework today, which has been neglected recently. It was a very warm day and I took this photo while walking in the sun.

Selfie, Sun, Autumn, 365

Day 264 – Saturday 21st September – my daughter ran her 100th parkrun! She’s got a bad cold, so she struggled a bit, but she was determined to do it. She is the fourth parkrun ‘centurion’ in our family, following in the footsteps of myself, my husband and my dad.

parkrun, parkrun milestone, family, 100 parkruns, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Congratulations to you and your daughter! After a terrible and unfiar experience from last year, it must be wonderful for her to be a part of the panto!!
    The detail is amazingly incredible!
    Its strangely interesting to see bats fly in the day. We don’t see alot of bats here but when we do, its for only a moment.
    So it seems your daughter will be continuing your parkrun legacy!!

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    • Thanks very much, we’re so pleased my daughter is back in panto. We’re very proud of her for her 100 parkruns too!
      We only see the bats just as it is starting to go dark, and only at this time of year. I like to watch them because I know I won’t be able to watch them in a few weeks’ time.

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  2. Congratulations to your daughter on getting a place in the panto this year, I remember the unfairness of the last year’s situation. And big well done to her for the 100th parkrun too!
    The street art is very impressive, and the sunset is beautiful. Love the bee photo, you can see all his little hairs.

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    • Thanks very much. We’re so pleased my daughter is back in panto. She did well to complete her 100th parkrun as she wasn’t feeling great.

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  3. I am so pleased about your girl being in the panto. She must be so happy!
    Wow! That street art is beautiful!
    The sunrises and sunsets are amazing at this time of year!
    My dad says we should see bats here but I haven’t yet. I do keep looking out for them.
    Well done to your daughter on her 100th park run! I hope she feels better soon x

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    • The street art is amazing, isn’t it? My daughter is so happy to be back in panto, and we are happy for her. I only see bats at this time of year and only just as the sun is setting, but they are there every night at the moment! x

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  4. So glad she’s back in the panto where she belongs – she must be looking forward to rehearsals. Well done to her on her 100th park run too.

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    • Thanks very much, she’s had a good week! She can’t wait for rehearsals, but they don’t actually start until the middle of November.

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  5. So excited for her to be back in the panto. Will this be the last time due to school years/work? And a double congrats for her 100 parkruns. The colds at the moment are awful – mine’s day 7 and it’s lurking a lot longer than they should really.

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    • So many people have got colds at the moment! I hope yours has gone now. We’re not sure if this will be my daughter’s last panto. I may have to speak to the school. She will be in year 10 next year, so they may not be keen, but she’s very good at staying on top of her work, so I don’t see that it will do any harm.

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  6. A massive well done to her doing her 100th park run, very impressive.
    yeeehhhhh to her get a panto part, hard going but I know you both enjoy it.
    Nice the work is coming in

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    • Thanks very much. We’re very happy that she is back in panto. The hard work doesn’t bother either of us.

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  7. Well done to your daughter with the panto, she must be very excited about it. And well done also on her 100th park run

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    • She’s very excited about the panto, thanks! We’re very proud of her for hitting the 100 parkruns too. I just hope she keeps going with it now.

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  8. Congratulations to you and your daughter, that is awesome. I am so pleased she is getting to be part of the panto again. I do love bats, that would have been so cool to see bats during the day. xx

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    • We’re so happy that my daughter is in panto again. It means I actually slightly look forward to winter, which never happens for any other reason! I love seeing the bats. I only see them in August and September and only just as it is going dark. x

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  9. What a wonderful week for your daughter, and so glad she is returning to her beloved panto. We have a bat that flies around our house every night, I love watching it too x

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    • How lovely to see a bat every night! We only see this one in August and September. It has been a very good week for my daughter! x

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  10. Ha! I feel your pain as I’m now working 6 hours a day across two jobs – it’s shattering! I look forward to weekly panto updates again – well done to your daughter #365

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    • Thanks very much, we’re very excited about panto! Six hours is actually a lot to work in a day when you’ve also got parenting responsibilities. It is a lot to fit in!

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  11. Sounds like work has really picked up! My house work is constantly neglected… reallyI should be doing it now.. Yay for the panto and for the 100th park run thats a great achievement. Love the idea of watching bats will have to try to the same here.

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  12. Well done to your daughter on the panto and park run: both great achievements. We have bats near us but I have never seen them! #project365

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