Project 365 2019 Week 37

The first full week back at school. Ballet, athletics and Scouts are all back too.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 251 – Sunday 8th September – went for a 13 mile run and it felt about 100 times better than when I went for a 13 mile run two weeks ago. In the afternoon, my son and I went to watch his football team play, even though he still can’t play himself. Now that sport is back on, he’s starting to feel frustrated and is itching to get back on the pitch.

Feet, Trainers, Converse, Watching football, 365

Day 252 – Monday 9th September – a cold and damp day with a lot of work. My daughter went back to ballet and Scouts, but the only photo I took was of one of my windows for my Instagram stories!

Window, Instagram stories, 365

Day 253 – Tuesday 10th September – I spotted this new artwork from Cheltenham Paint Festival last weekend. I’ll be looking out for more new street art over the coming weeks and months.

Street art, Cheltenham Paint Festival, 365

Day 254 – Wednesday 11th September – I’m busier than usual with work at the moment and need to find a way to keep working later in the afternoon. My brain seems to shut down at about 2pm every day, which isn’t helpful. The phloxes in my garden have nearly finished. They have lasted really well this year.

Phloxes, Floewers, Garden, 365

Day 255 – Thursday 12th September – a very busy day of work, and I’m pleased to say I did manage to keep going for a bit longer! In the evening, I went to a meeting for my daughter’s group at the athletics club. A lot of what they were saying about growth, injury and recovery really struck a chord with me, as it summed up exactly what my son is going through now. I must admit it made me feel quite tearful.

Athletics club, Athletics meeting, 365

Day 256 – Friday 13th September – a last-minute change of plan as I was supposed to go into my client’s office to work today. So I got on top of some more work, which was nice. I got up just as the sun was rising.

Sunrise, Sky, 365

Day 257 – Saturday 14th September – my son’s 50th parkrun! Parkrun has been really key to my son’s recovery from his injury. Ever since he went back to it, two weeks after fracturing his pelvis, he has got quicker every single week. Today he got his PB. What a fantastic way to celebrate his 50th parkrun. Not to be outdone, my husband got a PB too. Me? I just ran 13 miles, with parkrun between miles seven and 10.

parkrun, PB, son, husband, 365



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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. love the “just slotted it in” to a 13 mile run, you are still doing amazing.
    Well done to them both for PB’s
    Glad you learnt something at the meeting at the athletics club, hope your son takes some comfort from it as he seems to be being so good with his recovery period

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    • Thanks very much. I do prefer to keep my long runs separate from parkrun, but sometimes it makes sense to do them together. I was very impressed with both of the men for their PBS. My son is being very good with his recovery, but these last few weeks seem to be going so slowly!

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  2. Big well done to your son for doing the 50th parkrun! Hope his recovery goes smoothly, and he could get back to sport soon enough. The street art is very impressive. Your phloxes are not doing that bad, mine are all gone by now.

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    • I’m so proud of my son for his 50th parkrun, and for how well he is coping with his recovery. My phloxes looked like they were dying off a few weeks ago, but then suddenly more flowers came out and they were loveky and bright again.

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  3. Ooh I love all the street art. I say it every year, I must come over to Cheltenham and check it all out

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    • Thanks very much! I say every year that I will spend a whole afternoon looking round all of the street art, but the reality is I just seeing it in dribs and stand over a long period of time, whenever I happen to be near it!

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  4. It must be torture for your son watching from the sidelines. I hope he is back playing soon.
    The artwork on the side of the building is gorgeous.
    Well done to your son with the parkrun! x

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    • It is really hard for my son to watch. He’s itching to get back to sport! Hopefully not long now. X

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  5. You are doing amazing with your running. Well done to your husband and son on their pb’s. Hope your son is doing ok with his recovery and all will be well xx

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    • Thanks very much. Everyone seems to be doing well with their running at the moment. It’s only a couple of weeks until my son’s hospital appointment and hopefully he will be cleared for sport after that. X

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  6. Oh well done on the 50th Park run and then getting a PB too! That is fab!

    That street art is amazing! Wish they did something like that here.

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    • Thanks very much, my son did brilliantly! The street art is so good. I need to track more of it down.

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  7. Love how you did the park run in the middle of your run. Well done to your son and husband on their PBs.

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    • Thanks very much, my husband and son did really well! It’s a good idea to do the parkrun in the middle of my big run when I’m short of time.

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  8. Well done on all the family PB’s and glad running is getting easier again for you. Love that street art. Need to msg you to pick your brains about the Cheltenham Lit Festival while I think about it. #365

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    • My husband and son are very competitive with their running! The street art is amazing. I need to track more of it down!

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  9. It is frustrating to wait for injuries to heal and all too easy to feel better and then end up of action for longer, your son is doing really well, following advice

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    • Thanks very much. He is being very good. I do sometimes worry that he is running a bit too fast, but he still isn’t actually sprinting, and the three months is nearly up now. I suspect he was actually healed a few weeks ago, but I guess three months is the standard healing time for this injury.

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  10. I hope your son will get back on the pitch soon. That sounds like a supportive and helpful meeting at the athletics club. Fractured his pelvis? Thats very tough. Great to know your son is recovering everyday

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    • Thanks very much! The fracture was tough for him, but he has recovered well. He’s just waiting to be allowed to get back to sport now!

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  11. There was a lot of street art in Glasgow, most of which was very beautiful. We live in a small town and have nothing like that. Well done to your son and hubby on their PBs #project365

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  12. Oh I love street art – keep meaning to write a dedicated post about it. Sorry your son is feeling frustrated but it sounds like he is doing a brilliant job at recovery with a PB. Your last comment made me laugh out loud. Isnt that always the way? My husband is always totally impressed if he has cooked dinner but misses the school run, washing, food shopping, working and everything else I do during the day!! xx

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    • The new street art in Cheltenham is fabulous! My son is doing so well with his recovery. Only a few more days now until he (hopefully) gets the OK to get back to sport.

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