Project 365 Weeks 30 and 31

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with our family holiday to Nice.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 202 – Sunday 21st July – I’ve never done trail running before, but the Cheltenham Challenge a few weeks ago give me a bit of a taste for it. Here I am on eight mile run by a Gloucestershire landmark. Later in the day, we went to Ikea. We didn’t need anything, but my younger two kids absolutely love going there.

Runner, Running, Gloucestershire, 365

Day 203 – Monday 22nd July – the first proper day of the school holidays and I tried to cram too much in. I worked in the morning, then the younger two kids had eye tests, then I attempted to get my son some school uniform and did a load of food shopping. In the evening, the younger two kids went a hike with some of the Scouts, leaders and parents. It was such a lovely evening for a walk.

Walk, Hike, Evening walk, Countryside, 365

Day 204 – Tuesday 23rd July – the predicted heatwave arrived and the temperature hit 31. I went for a run first thing, then spent most of the day indoors. I love the sun and the warmth and I hate to hide from it, but it was too hot to be out.

Sky, Heatwave, Clouds, 365

Day 205 – the weather cooled down slightly to about 28 degrees. I find juggling work in the school holidays hard, as I seem to be forever stopping to give my daughter a lift or to shop for yet more food. In the evening, my daughter had her last athletics competition of the season and took part in the 800m.

Athletics competition, Athletics, Athletes, 365

Day 206 – it was the hottest July day on record – even hotter than Tuesday. Again, I spent far too much time in the house, but at least the air conditioning in my car has been fixed.

Temperature, Heatwave, Car, 365

Day 207 – Friday 26th July – my son had the physio appointment he has been waiting for since his accident. She was very pleased with his recovery and has given him some exercises to help regain his strength. The physio recommend I take some photos to help us remember his exercises. My son would only agree to this if nobody else saw them. So this is a photo of the books I have to read over the next few weeks. I was especially pleased to get Clare Mackintosh‘s new one, After the End, for a good price.

Books, Reading, 365, Instagram

Day 208 – Saturday 27th July – a cooler, rainy did. We did our first parkrun in the rain for a long time. My husband and I were happy to both come first in our age category. My son did an incredible ‘parkwalk’ PB – 5k (3.1 miles) walked in 35:04. He finished ahead of 90 people – most of whom were running.

parkrun, running, 365, rain

Day 209 – Sunday 28th July – we went on holiday to Nice! We had a late flight from Heathrow, at 6pm, which was slightly strange. We landed in Nice in the most beautiful sunset ever, then had a short taxi ride to our hotel. We went out walking in the evening and it was so warm and busy. This is a rare sighting of my husband.

Husband, Sea, Nice, France, Holiday, 365

Day 210 – Monday 29th July – our first proper day in Nice and we explored the local area. It is an absolutely stunning place, but slightly warm for this family of pale skinned Brits! These are the fountains at the Promenade du Paillon park, which is right opposite our hotel.

Promenade du Paillon, Nice, Holiday, France, Daughter, 365

Day 211 – Tuesday 30th July – we took the train to Antibes, which is about 20 minutes away. It is a much smaller town than Nice, which is very pretty, but also has a huge number of very expensive yachts moored there. There is a Picasso museum, where Picasso actually stayed to paint in 1946. It has a huge collection of works, which I loved looking at. My family were less keen!

Antibes, France, Holiday, 365

Day 212 – Wednesday 31st July – the problem with holidaying with teenagers is they’re very slow to make a start in the morning! We didn’t fit in everything we wanted to do today, but we did make it to Musee Matisse in Nice, which everyone preferred to the Picasso museum.

Matisse, Musee Matisse, Nice, France, Holiday, 365

Day 213 – Thursday 1st August – we got the train to Monaco, which is a jaw-dropping place. I can’t get my head around the sort of wealth on display there. The best part of the day was back in Nice in the evening, when we headed up to the waterfall that overlooks the city.

Waterfall, Nice, 365, Holiday, France, Son

Day 214 – Friday 2nd August – we flew home from Nice. We’d had such a lovely time – look out for blogposts over the next couple of weeks. Our flight wasn’t until 8pm. The day started with my daughter and husband going parasailing. I was very nervous about her doing it, but once they were up in the air, I felt fine about it. And she had the best time ever!

Parasailing, Watersports, Daughter, Husband, Nice, Holiday, France, 365

Day 215 – Saturday 3rd August – even though we were tired from our journey (we got back at 12.30am, which felt like 1.30am for us), we all got up for parkrun. It was a special day as it was my dad’s 100th parkrun, so the whole family went along. My daughter and I ran with him.

parkrun, grandpa, daughter, running, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It sounds like you have been busy.
    I think my two would love Ikea too. I’ve never visited one. They’re always way out of the way here and we don’t drive.
    I’m glad your son’s physio appointment went well. Well done to him with the park run!
    It looks like you had a fantastic time in Nice. It looks like the weather was perfect.
    Wow! Your daughter and hubby are brave parasailing. I couldn’t, I’m not a fan of heights.
    Congrats to your dad on his 100th park run x

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    • Thanks very much, we certainly have been busy. My son keeps getting faster and faster with his parkrun. And I’m very proud of my dad making it to 100! We had a fantastic time in Nice. I wouldn’t have dared go parasailing either, but it was something my daughter was desperate to do. x

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  2. That’s quite the busy week. Nice (and the other spots you visited) looks amazing!

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    • It was certainly busy. Nice was beautiful.

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  3. I’ve never been to Nice but it’s on my list of places to visit. I didn’t realise the UK had another heat wave. I wish my son was still a teen, he’s up and badgering me every morning to get up and make the most of our time on the road on holiday

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    • Nice is really beautiful and well worth a visit. I would be very happy to have kids who got up at the same time as me. We didn’t do as much in Nice as we’d planned to because the kids couldn’t get out of bed soon enough!

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  4. well done to dad on his 100th park run, and great time for your son, that is fast walking.
    Nice he can ask you not to share the photos and you respect that, being a teen is hard.
    The holiday sounds great, but yes it is hard to get timings and places that appeal to everybody. How nice for your daughter to experience the parasailing

    Post a Reply
    • The holiday was lovely, thanks. The parasailing was expensive and we initially said my daughter couldn’t do it, but we may never go on a holiday like this again, so we decided she could go for it.
      It was lovely to see my dad running his 100tb parkrun and my son’s walking pace is incredible! I would never share photos of my kids without their permission – in fact there’s are times when they would give permission and I still say it’s not right to share them.

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  5. Nice that you all ran and supported your dad’s 100th run! Nice looks lovely – sounds like it was a lovely break, although I bet it was super hot out there. Not sure I could cope with hotter than we had, and that was bad enough. I think we need more fountain places in towns like those.

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    • We wouldn’t have missed my dad’s 100th parkrun. It was lovely to be a part of that. Nice is beautiful. It was very hot, but no hotter than the really hot couple of dats we had here.

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  6. Sounds like you guys have been busy. I’m not an Ikea fan, hubby likes it. Glad the physio went well for your home. Well done on park run that is awesome. Looks like you guys had a great time in Nice. The weather looks amazing. Parasailing isn’t something I’ve ever fancied, well done to your husband and daughter. And of course, huge congrats to your Dad on his park run xx

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    • Thanks very much, we had a lovely time in Nice. I wouldn’t fancy parasailing ether, but my daughter said it was on her ‘bucket list’! She’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie. My dad has done brilliantly with his parkrun. x

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    • Thanks very much. It was a really good holiday. You would never guess my son had ever been injured. It’s crazy to think he’s not even halfway through his recovery yet.

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  7. I’d not heard of Claire MacKintosh so will look out for her books on your recommendation. The heatwave was soooo overwhelming but us going on holiday brought the rain! #project365

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    • Isn’t it always the way with holidays?! It was just the same with us last year after the very long heatwave!

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  8. Sounds like a busy couple of weeks! Glad your son is doing well with his recovery.

    Nice looks amazing and love the picture of your daughter in the fountains.

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    • Nice is such a lovely place. That is one of my favourite photos too!

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