Project 365 2019 Weeks 33 and 34

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with A Level results and a trip to Padstow.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 223 – Sunday 11th August – my family were supposed to be camping this weekend, but that fell through because my husband’s friend was ill. As a sort of compensation, I took my daughter to see filming of the next series of The Greatest Dancer in Birmingham. It is an enjoyable day (and she loved it), but there is an awful lot of hanging around and queuing.

The Greatest Dancer, Birmingham, Daughter, Day out, 365

Day 224 – Monday 12th August – a funny old day. I had to get up at 4.40am to take my oldest friend to hospital in Bristol. I was home before 8am, having driven for two and a half hours non-stop. Not bad for someone who hates driving! More driving in the afternoon as my daughter went to meet her friend in Worcester. We used to meet up as a family, but her friend’s mum wasn’t free, so I went for a walk along the river and for a sit in a coffee shop (not drinking coffee, of course!).

Day 225 – Tuesday 13th August – I had lots of work and my daughter practised ballet at home. She has an exam next spring, but she hasn’t worked on the syllabus for nearly a year now, so she needs to remember it! My younger son helped out at his athletics club, which was running sessions for younger kids. It’s nice for him to give something back after they have been so good to him.

pointe shoes, ballet, daughter, 365

Day 226 – Wednesday 14th August – my son volunteered at the athletics club again today. My daughter had two friends round. They were very good, I didn’t really know they were here. I got some new glasses! They’re too tight at the moment, so I will have to get them adjusted.

Glasses, New glasses, Selfie, 365

Day 227 – Thursday 15th August – A Level results day! My son absolutely smashed it. He’s never done particularly well at school and has never worked hard. But he revised hard in the last few weeks and he came out with brilliant results. We’re so proud of him (and this card is perfect).

A Level results, A Levels, Son, 365

Day 228 – Friday 16th August – we went to Padstow, my absolute favourite place, for a long weekend with the younger kids. We’re staying in an Airbnb for the first time. The rain was horrendous.

Rain, Padstow, Daughter, Husband, 365

Day 229 – Saturday 17th August – we ran Eden Project parkrun, which was an amazing course, but tiring! My sister and her family are also in Cornwall this week – and my nephew ran his first ever parkrun. The weather was much better today, so we had a walk on the beach at Rock.

parkrun, Runners, Eden Project, 365

Day 230 – Sunday 18th August – we started the day on the Camel Trail. I ran eight miles, and my daughter cycled with me, my husband ran 12 miles and my son walked six miles. In the afternoon we went for a five and a half mile on the South West Coast Path. On our walk, we stopped to skim stones. Skimming stones is one of my son’s absolute favourite things to do and he is very good at it.

Walking, South West Coast Path, Son, Husband, 365

Day 231 – Monday 19th August – we met up with my sister and her family for a wander round Padstow. In the afternoon we went to Adrenalin Quarry on the zip wire, before heading home.

Daughter, Jumping, Padstow, Holiday, 365

Day 232 – Tuesday 20th August – back to reality with a busy day of work. The only photo I took was my window for my Instagram stories (you can see more Padstow photos over on Instagram too).

Window, Instagram, Morning, 365

Day 233 – Wednesday 21st August – I took my daughter to get her nails done (using a voucher she got for CHRISTMAS) and my son to look for some clothes for work. Yesterday, he managed to get a shirt. Today he got some trousers. Hopefully he will manage to choose some shoes before he starts his apprenticeship next week! The only photo I took was of my amazing 58p flowers, which are still going strong.

Flowers, Garden, 365

Day 234 – Thursday 22nd August – with apologies to my more squeamish readers… My toe felt a bit sore while I was running this morning. This is the sight that greeted me when I took my trainer off. The nail on one toe had been digging into the next toe for six miles. Apart from that, I had a busy day of driving the kids around and cutting the grass, as well as working.

Bleeding toe, Running, Sock, Toe, 365

Day 235 – Friday 23rd August – my son had physio in the morning. She is really pleased with his recovery, so he doesn’t need to go back. The only disappointment is that she says he can’t start sprinting until the three month recovery period is up, which probably means he has to wait slightly longer still before getting back to sport.

In the evening, I took my daughter to see a show at The Barn Theatre in Cirencester. The show starred all teenagers and young adults and it is the best show I’ve seen with young people in it by a long way. But my photo is of my Natwest piggies. I have some strange conversations on Twitter sometimes, and today’s conversation led to me taking this photo.

Natwest piggies, Piggy banks, Natwest bank, Twitter, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Ouuuuch to your nail, hope the toe is recovering ok now. A massive well done on the A level results, sounds like they were amazing…and it’s over now…hurrah!! :). People rave about the Eden project. I’d love to go one day!!

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    • Thanks very much, we’re so proud of the A Level results. The Eden Project is beautiful and so interesting too – well worth a visit!

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  2. Well done you with all the driving.
    That picture of your daughter doing ballet is beautiful. It always freaks me out a little how they stand on their toes. Ouch!
    Well done to your son again! It is amazing when they do so well. My Sunday photo is one of my teen’s card. We had to get her a funny one too.
    Oh gosh! That rain looks rotten. I’m glad the rain didn’t ruin your weekend.
    Wow! Has your girl got springs in her feet! She sure can jump!!!
    I’m glad your son has recovered well. Just a little more of a wait for him to get back to the sports.
    Ahh! I had one of those pigs. The one in the green dress, many years ago! What a blast from the past.

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    • Thanks very much. Your doughter did so well with her exams too.
      Standing en pointe is pretty painful, but it’s not quite as bad as it looks as the shoes have blocks in them. It’s all her dance training that makes her jump so high.
      I don’t often let rain put me off going out, but that rain when we arrived in Padstow was awful. Thank goodness it calmed down!

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  3. Congratulations to your son on his results.

    Your toe must be sore. Hope it’s healing up well.

    Your Natwest piggies made me smile. As I type this, I have the baby piggy one on my windowsill (we’re using it as our baby fund bank).

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    • Thanks very much, we’re so proud of my son. I did briefly donate the pigs to my kids, but then I took them back as I was worried about them getting broken!

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  4. Lol that twitter conversation was truly random. I guess that’s what twitter is so good at.

    Running at the Eden project sounds lovely, although it definitely is hard work just walking around there ,let alone running.

    Well done to your son on his results.

    Is your daughter’s exam a pointe work one? I’m not sure they had those when we were children, or if they did we never did them or got told about them

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    • Random conversations are my favourite thing about Twitter! There’s nowhere near as many as there used to be in the old days.
      The exam does include pointe work. It’s intermediate foundation, which is the first professional exam so that kids can go on to teach. It’s optional and very few kids choose to take it. She could have taken it last autumn, but the other girls were much older, so she chose to delay it. The downside of that is that they’re no longer studying the syllabus in class and she will end up taking the exam on her own.

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  5. I love that picture of your daughter jumping especially her hair standing up like that. Sounds like a busy couple of weeks, but a lot of fun. Ouch to your nail!

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    • Thanks very much, it has been a good couple of weeks. I have to take so many photos of my daughter to capture the perfect picture!

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  6. must have been a hard course for you to think it was tiring, but did not slow you down for the day. Hubby and friend love to skim stones.
    Well done for braving out in the driving rain.
    Ouch to the toe.
    Amazing how one conversation can get you thinking it through further.

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    • It was a really hard course, but I still loved it! There is something addictive about skimming stones. My husband and son love it, but I just can’t get it right!

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  7. I have a set of those piggies all wrapped up and in the loft. They are worth a bit of money now. Sorry the weather wasn’t great on your trip although the views look great on the park run. Congratulations to your son on his results you must be very proud. Hope your toe is on the mend x

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    • Thanks very much, I’m really proud of my son! The weather wasn’t too bad after the first day, thank goodness. And a couple of days of running with a plaster on soon sorted out my toe!

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  8. The ballet pointe shoes is my favourite I do miss not using my pointe shoes. Well done to your daughter on the perfect feet. That is awesome news about your son, way to go. Sorry about your toe, I hope it’s ok. Lovely photos xx

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    • Thanks very much. The toe is fine now. I love to see my daughter en pointe and she is getting better at it all the time. x

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  9. The swans must love that spot, I haven’t seen so many in one place. Love the perfect en pointe and the big jump – both beautiful photos. Big well done to you son for great results at A=levels. And ouch @ your foot, that looks so painful.

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    • Thanks very much, we are so proud of my son and his A Levels. I love taking photos of my daughter dancing – and she loves me to take them. The toe is all healed now, thank goodness!

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  10. Well done on your son for volunteering. And well done on your older son with his A Levels! He certainly did smash it!

    Love that action shot of your daughter jumping!

    Hope your toe is ok now!

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    • Thanks very much, my son did brilliantly with his A Levels! My younger son really enjoyed his volunteering. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but he will volunteer for the full week next year, now that he knows it’s fun. I love taking photos of my daughter jumping!

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  11. Fantastic A level results, I assume he’s now finished his clothes shopping for his new job. That rain looked awful and windy too no doubt, glad you got out for the Eden PArk run and spent some time on the beach

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    • We’re so pleased with the A Level results! He didn’t really finish his clothes shopping – he just bought one shirt and one pair of trousers and is wearing old stuff apart from that, as well as his dad’s shoes!

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  12. Congratulations to your son on his exam results! Ouch for your poor toe. Loved the ballet shoes pic. #project365

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