Project 365 2019 Week 32

Back to normal after our holiday, with work, cooler weather and endless driving the kids round.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 216 – Sunday 4th August – I felt very tired all day, still recovering from getting home from holiday. After taking so many beautiful photos in Nice (you can see some of them on Instagram), the only one I took was of the flowers in the garden. Look how tall one of them is!

Flowers, Garden, 365

Day 217 – Monday 5th August – back to reality. I’ve got some new work to do, which is good. I had to take my daughter to get new school uniform, which wasn’t a lot of fun. Spent £117 on a blazer, a skirt, two blouses and a PE hoodie. Took this photo of Gloucester Cathedral on the way back to the car.

Gloucester cathedral, Gloucester, 365

Day 218 – Tuesday 6th August – my new piece of work is keeping me busy. I had to take my son to town in the afternoon to pick up his glasses and I finally ordered my new ones. They’re expensive and I’ve been trying to find a way round it, but realise I just have to bite the bullet.

This came in the post. It annoys me. My entire family (apart from me) are Man Utd members, so they can get to at least one game per season. Being a member means you get all this crap in the post. They don’t want any of it. It is so environmentally unfriendly. I don’t know why you can’t have the option to pay a lower rate and not get all the stuff. (They do give it to charity, we would never throw anything away.)

Man Utd membership, Man Utd, Family, 365

Day 219 – Wednesday 7th August – I’ve been trying to get the boys to help me out a bit more while I’ve been working. I have never done this before. Both of them have walked to the supermarket for me this week. I’ve also got my eldest to give my daughter a lift and to get the recycling boxes in. They are still incapable of clearing their own breakfast and lunch things away properly. But I didn’t take a photo of those – these are flowers in the garden which are definitely late summer flowers!

Flowers, Garden, 365

Day 220 – Thursday 8th August – another day of work. This cardboard tube is Wilfred’s favourite place to sit (he’s the short haired one). Unfortunately for Wilfred, Cedric thought he would like to join him in the tube! A few seconds after this was taken, I noticed that Wilfred’s nose was running and panicked. I was straight on the phone to the vet. He’s eating and drinking, so they’re not too worried and he has an appointment for Saturday.

Guinea pigs, Pets, Cedric, Wilfred, 365

Day 221 – Friday 9th August – my son had his second physio appointment and has made good progress. He is now allowed to do some gentle jogging, which he is very happy about. When we went for a walk in the evening, it started to rain, so he broke into a run to get back home quicker (although he is walking in this picture).

Walking, Husband, Son, 365

Day 222 – Saturday 10th August – I’m pleased to say that Wilfred got a clean bill of health from the vet. She thinks he might have inhaled something and sneezed it out! Yes, it is the back of my son again. The physio recommended he run half of the parkrun, but he ran it all at a slower pace than usual.

parkrun, son, 365, running

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  1. What pretty flowers you have in your garden.
    That’s great news about the new work to do, not so much about the uniform shopping. I still have that to do. All new for my youngest as we can’t use anything from her old school. Ugh!
    That is a bit of a waste with the Man Utd stuff.
    Good on you for getting the boys to help out a bit more. My girls help around the house and I think it’s great for them to learn to do skill that they’ll use later on in life!
    That’s great news about your son. I hope he doesn’t push himself too much too soon. x

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    • Thanks very much. You’re my inspiration for getting the kids to help out more! I just wondered what on earth I was doing working to earn money and rushing around to get all the chores done, while they’re literally sat there doing nothing! Uniform shopping is a nightmare, I hope it’s not too expensive for you. x

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  2. Expensive uniform shopping for just a handful of items. I feel the same about junk that gets automatically included that you don’t want. I have a diet I sometimes do and they always send vile water flavouring, plus a big diary book thing and shake bottle and shaker. I never use any of it and always request it doesn’t get sent, but it so frequently does. My nephews would probably quite like the Man Utd stuff though.

    Good news for your son from the physio. Hope he doesn’t overdo it.

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    • Very expensive uniform! Luckily she looks after things well, doesn’t grow too much and rarely loses anything – in two years at the school she has only lost one PE hoodie. You would think companies would be getting the message about excess ‘stuff’, but they don’t seem to be!

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  3. Glad your son is making improvements in the right direction. Poor Wilfred, glad all is good now. I’d forgotten how expensive school uniform was. Your holiday photos looked great

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    • I’m so pleased with my son’s progress. It’s crazy to think he still can’t do sport until the start of October. It was such a relief about Wilfred. If I hadn’t looked at him when I did, I would probably never have seen his runny nose and would have saved myself money on the vet – and a lot of worry!

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  4. Glad your son is on the mend. School uniform shopping is expensive. I was surprised though that the secondary school jumpers were considerably cheaper than the primary school ones (about £8 different) from the same shop.

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    • Wow, that is very surprising! My daughter’s uniform is particularly expensive as even the blouses have to come from the uniform shop and they’re £36 for a pack of two!

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  5. The flowers in your garden are so bright and cheerful! Good news about your son, that he’s allowed to do jogging now.
    The Cathedral is grand and imposing. Shame about the plastic tat from Man Utd, but I suppose a charity shop would be happy to have it?

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    • My son is so happy that he’s allowed to job now. We always give the Man Utd stuff to a charity shop. I hope they can use it and it doesn’t just end up in a bin! There’s not as many kids who support Man Utd now as there used to be.

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  6. I do love all the pretty flowers you have in your garden. That’s great news about the new work. Glad you are kept going but hopefully not too busy. Uniform shopping is a nightmare. I am done, but it wasn’t pleasant. Glad your boys are going to start to help more. They will thank you in the end. That is good news about your son xx

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    • Thanks very much! The boys failed to help with the garden yesterday, but that’s because I asked them, then went out! The flowers in my garden have been brilliant this year. I’ve got a pretty good balance with work at the moment. It often dries up over summer, so I’m very happy to have it. My son is so happy he can run again! x

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  7. Yeah, that flower is really tall! The cathedral looks amazing. Man United is quite dedicated in giving merchandise but I get how it can be a headache. Pets have a strange habit of stuffing inside narrow spaces. Great to know your son’s health is improving

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    • Thanks very much, I’m so pleased for my son. It is a stunning cathedral. I’m sure some people must like the merchandise, but I wish Man Utd would give us a choice about it!

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    • My son is very pleased. Football training starts today and he can’t go along and ‘just watch’, because we know he wouldn’t be able to resist kicking a ball! Secondary school uniform shopping is ridiculously expensive. Luckily my daughter probably won’t need much more ever! She’s going into year 9 and her growth is starting to slow down, so will probably only need a new skirt every year now.

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  8. Glad Wilfred is ok!

    Loving the flowers in your garden. That is annoying about the things they send you when you don’t even want them. Like you say they should offer the option of a price without them.

    Glad your son is doing well and managing to run now.

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    • Thanks very much, it was such a relief that Wilfred is OK. My son is loving being able to run again.

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  9. I haven’t even given any thought to school uniform! I’m glad your son is on the mend and impressed he can manage to run already! #project365

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    • Thanks very much, he is making really good progress. I always think about uniform early in the holidays.

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