Project 365 2019 Week 29

It’s been a busy week, with a lot of coming and going for the kids.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 195 – Sunday 14th July – my husband and I went for a 13 mile run in the morning, just for fun! My daughter packed up her stuff for camping the next day and we had a visit from my niece and nephew. The only photos I took were of the garden and the wonderful wildflowers I planted for, wildflowers, garden, 365

Day 196 – Monday 15th July – the first day of the summer holidays for my younger son and off to camp for my daughter. Life feels a bit strange without my daughter and the school run. The day seems rather too long. Although I did discover that less responsibility meant more time sitting in the garden reading, so it’s not all bad! I took this photo on my afternoon walk (walk number two of three in the day).

countryside, walking, summer, 365

Day 197 – Tuesday 16th July – my younger son went away early in the morning to meet his German exchange family, who are on holiday in England. It involved a long train journey, but my husband went most of the way with him. And my daughter came home from her camp. No photo of my human boys, just my favourite furry boys.

Guinea pigs, Pets, Wilfred, Cedric, 365

Day 198 – Wednesday 17th July – I had to have a filling in a wisdom tooth. I’m not a person who is scared of the dentist, but I can safely say it was one of the most horrendous experiences of my life. My daughter had an athletics competition in the evening, but she was still tired from her camp. My husband and son got home at about 9.30pm.

Day 199 – Thursday 18th July – my workload is going down again, so it was a pretty quiet day. The only photos I took were off a Marmite jar I smashed on the kitchen floor and my window for Instagram stories. The Marmite jar definitely wasn’t a photo worth sharing!

Window, Instagram, 365

Day 200 – Friday 19th July – the end of term and last day of year 8 for my daughter. It has been another good year of school for her, and she is sad that it’s over.

Daughter, Year 8, End of term, School, 365

Day 201 – Saturday 20th July – I tried to run parkrun a bit faster today and think I got my fastest time this year, although I still can’t get below 23 minutes. My son walked it again and managed to walk it in 37 minutes! That’s faster than my dad’s PB.

parkrun, selfie, running, runner

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Those bargain flowers look fab! I could do with some for my garden.
    It must have been strange not having your daughter at home. Hooray for the reading and all the walks.
    Anything to do with wisdom teeth is horrific! I had mine out years ago and can still remember the pain afterwards!
    Well done with the park run especially to your son. x

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    • Thanks very much, I’m so proud of my son and his progress. I’m also very pleased with my bargain flowers! I had two wisdom teeth out a few years ago. I remember not being able to eat much for a few days, but as I was under sedation the actual procedure was a lot less traumatic than this filling! x

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  2. Sounds like your kids are going to be all over the place over the holidays if this week is anything to go by. Well done on the PB

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    • Thanks very much. The kids will be going various places over the holiday, it can be very hard to keep track of who is home sometimes!

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  3. that is a fast walking pace, takes me twice that to walk 5 miles.
    Glad they all enjoyed their time away at different things.
    love your idea of fun, running 13 miles, that is my idea of hell.

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    • That was 5k (3 miles), but definitely a very fast walking pace. I think I was being slightly sarcastic by saying I ran 13 miles for fun. 13 miles should be reserved for races only, not Sunday mornings when I’m not even really training for anything.

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  4. Glad your son is healing fast. Enjoy taking things a bit quieter – you work so hard so you do deserve to take it easy now and again. Can’t believe another school year is over.

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    • Thanks very much. You would literally never know my son had been injured to look at him. This school year has gone so quickly.

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    • The Marmite made a right mess! I was just grateful I didn’t have a school run that day. It is a really nice setting for a walk, although there is sometimes some litter and fly tipping, which is a real shame.

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  5. Sounds like a quieter week.

    It was my daughters last year of year 8 on Friday too!

    Sorry to hear the dentist visit was awful!

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    • Thanks very much. The school year has really flown by, hasn’t it?

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  6. So true about the days feeling rather long. Still I’m happy to wake up via my girls at 8am rather than an alarm clock. #365

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    • Wow, 8am is incredible! I wake up of my own accord around 5. I’m always happy if I manage to wake up after 5, that feels like a small victory.

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  7. Yay!!! More running for fun! The flowers look so rich and amazing! The furry boys look so cute and furry. Your son must’ve liked the family alot if he’s taking the long train ride to meet them. You could’ve posted the picture of the smashed Marmite jar; it would’ve been interesting to look at some destruction 😛

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    • Thanks very much. My son got on very well with the German boy and his family, so it was lovely for him to catch up with them. I suppose the smashed Marmite jar would have made a change!

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  8. oh dear to the marmite jar, hopefully it all stuck together rather than having bits of glass flying around. Your bargain flowers look great. I feel your pain with the dentist, the actual implants were far less of an ordeal than a couple of fillings i had to have done at the same time

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    • It was amazing how far the marmite jar spread! I’m so pleased with my bargain flowers. I don’t envy you all the work you’ve had done on your teeth. I’ve never really been upset by the dentist before, but that filling was horrendous!

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  9. You are incredible. I am not sure how long it would take me to do that. Your running is something I hugely admire. I am glad everyone enjoyed their time away xx

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    • Thanks very much, that is a lovely things to say! x

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  10. I love wild flowers they sound like a bargain. I am sorry to hear about your tooth. I am not good with dentists! Lovely that you and your husband have something you enjoy doing together. Well done on getting your time down and it sounds like your son is healing well x

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  11. I hope the filling has settled down now (I used to be a dental nurse but never lost my phobia). I wouldn’t have minded the Marmite pic, I once posted a smashed Pimms bottle thanks to Zach #project365

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