Project 365 2019 Week 27

It’s been an eventful week and it certainly didn’t go quite to plan.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 181 – Sunday 30th June – my eldest went to Amsterdam for a short holiday with his girlfriend. The rest of the day didn’t really go how we’d hoped it would. My younger son had an athletics competition. He expected to win the long jump, although not to get a PB, after peaking a couple of weeks ago. He hoped to improve on his triple jump, and maybe win that too. Instead, he suffered a horrible injury on his first jump and ended up going to hospital by ambulance. He has broken a small bone in his pelvis.

Ambulance, Son, Long jump, Athlete, 365

Day 182 – Monday 1st July – unsurprisingly, my son was off school. He woke up in pain and had to be helped out of bed. As the day went on, he grew in confidence with using his crutches. I was amazed with how much progress he’d made in the space of a few hours. The only photo I took was of my running mileage for June. Not pictured is my last run of the month – seven miles, taking me up to 89 miles for the month and 675 miles for June.

Running, Distance, Mileage, Runner, 365

Day 183 – Tuesday 2nd July – my son astounded us all by going back to school. I really didn’t think he was ready for it, but he was sure he would be fine. When he was lying on a hospital bed on Sunday, only able to be moved from bed to bed using a board, I questioned whether he would make it back to school at all before the end of term.

In the evening, we went to his school sports celebration evening. I was very pleased that he picked up the athletics award. He also got a special mention by the head of PE for making it to the team for nationals, even though he is now unable to take part.

Athletics certificate, Son, School, 365, Players' player

Day 184 – Wednesday 3rd July – my eldest came home from his holiday, he’d had a really good time. My daughter had her first athletics competition and her brother went along to give her some tips. He was like a celebrity at the stadium, with everyone stopping to ask how he is getting on. We’re hoping my daughter might have some sort of ‘long jump gene’. This is her first attempt. She still has a bit of work to do to catch her brother up.

Long jump, Daughter, Athletics, 365

Day 185 – Thursday 4th July – a hot run and a quiet day of work. My son is improving by the day and we managed a short walk in the evening. He is already walking mainly without crutches. But he can’t lift his knee or swing it to the side and sneezing is absolute agony for him.

Running, Runner, Selfie, Hot weather, 365

Day 186 – Friday 5th July – my eldest went to his friend’s house for the day, so I got my peaceful house back, although I didn’t have any work at all. At the end of the day, this came home! It is five weeks since it broke down, and it has been at the garage for over a month. There is a very long story attached to it all.

Mini, Car, Breakdown, Repairs, 365

Day 187 – Saturday 6th July – I was very proud of my younger two kids for volunteering at parkrun today. Obviously my son will be unable to run (or even walk) it for a while, and my daughter (and her friend) needed to do something for the community as part of a school project. It is the first time either of them have volunteered. My eldest also ran for the first time this year, and my husband got a PB.

Daughter, Friends, parkrun, volunteering, 365, The year 8 challenge

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I hope your son is recovering well! Good on him for going back to school. It must have been such a worry for you.
    Well done your daughter with the long jump too!
    Hooray for your car coming home! It’s about time. x

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    • My son is doing brilliantly with his recovery. It really was a worry when he first got injured. It’s such a relief to have the car back after all this time. x

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  2. Glad your son is recovering well. Hope he’s getting over not being able to go to nationals, but I guess there’s next year. Your daughter’s got long enough legs to do well in long jump. What does her dance teacher say about her taking up athletics? Mine was always moaning about some of her favourites doing things like skate boarding and horse riding.

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    • After the initial upset, my son has coped really well with not going to nationals. It is this week, so he may get upset later in the week. I was amazed by how long my daughter’s legs looked in that photo! The only problem with athletics and dance is that the sessions clash a bit. We’ve tried to avoid a clash, but it hasn’t worked out quite like that. From next spring her athletics will be later in the day and then it won’t be a problem.

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  3. Glad your son is recovering well, young bodies mend quicker than old one. Hope he does not try pushing it to soon and causer more issues.
    Nice to see the full family at Park Run in one way or another.
    Glad the car is home, though I am sure the bank balance will have suffered.

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    • My son is doing brilliantly. He knows he’s not allowed to do sport for three months – and his coaches know it too – but we have to be careful that he takes the rest of his recovery carefully. It’s so good to have the car back! Most of it was covered by insurance, so the bank balance didn’t suffer as badly as it might have done.

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  4. Glad your son seems to be recovering well. You must be over the mood to get your car back after all this time.

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    • My son is doing remarkably well, thanks. I do wonder whether if he hadn’t done that particular competition whether it would have happened at the next one instead. It’s such a relief to have my car back!

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  5. Oh No, what a disaster to break a bone, and how frustrating it must be, especially given the fact he was invited to the team for nationals.
    Glad to hear he’s recovering well, and is back to school, and even coaching his sister in the long jump.
    Kudos to your two youngest to help at the Park run.

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    • It was a real disaster for him, but I’ve been very impressed by how he has dealt with it. Not going to nationals is a huge blow. He has bounced back really well and it’s good that he has been able to help his sister out and volunteer at parkrun.

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  6. Yay to the car finally being back!

    Sorry to hear your son got an injury but wow thats pretty impressive that he only had one day off school!

    Good on your kids for volunteering at the park run! I need to suggest to my eldest to do some volunteering somewhere

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    • Thanks very much. It’s such a relief to have the car back! My daughter loved volunteering, my son wasn’t quite so keen, but he did it!

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  7. Well done to the family for all the sport achievements this week, your poor son, sounds really painful, I’m surprised he was up and about so quickly but knowing teens it’s to get the well deserved attention from his mates

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    • Thanks very much. It was a good week apart from the injury! I was so impressed with my son for going back to school quickly. I really wasn’t sure whether he would make it back to school this year!

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  8. Sorry to read about your son ending up hospitalised. Great that he is on the mend. I used to do a lot of volunteering. I hope they enjoy doing it.

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    • Thanks very much. It was horrible for him, but he is recovering remarkably well.

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  9. I hope your son is recovering well and the pain isn’t too bad. Hats off to him for going to school. Such a worry for you. That is fab for your daughter and the long jump, I’m not surprised with her dancing and ballet leaps she already did. And that is great news about your car. it’s about time xx

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    • My son is doing remarkably well and isn’t in pain any more. My daughter has to learn not to do ballet leaps when she’s trying to do long jump! It is such a relief to have the car back. x

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  10. Woah!!! What an intense week! Your son has got spirit, going back to school in such a short period of time. Your whole family is very enthusiastic about sports which is amazing

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    • Thanks very much. We do love our sports! My son is recovering so well, I’m really proud of him.

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  11. Oh no, I panicked when I saw the ambulance pic! You are all so sporty so I hope recovery is quick! #project365

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    • Thanks very much. He is making a remarkable recovery, but still isn’t allowed to do sport for three months.

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  12. Oh my goodness your poor son. Sounds like he has been doing a great job at coping though and very driven on getting back to school. So the question is which side of the family do they get the long jump gene from? Glad you have finally got your car back. x

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    • Thanks very much, it’s such a relief to get the car back! My mum was apparently good at long jump when she was young and I was reasonable at athletics when I was young, but nothing like my son!

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  13. Oh Sarah what a nightmare for your son, I presume it’s going to be a long healing process? Well done to your daughter with her long jump and glad the holiday went well for your eldest #365

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    • Thanks very much. It is going to be three months until he is allowed to do sport again, although his progress so far has been remarkable. I’m really hoping he will come back as strong as ever.

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