Fix your annoying squeaky bed with these five handy tips

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Regular readers will know that sleep is not my friend. I have no problem getting to sleep, but I really struggle to stay asleep once the clock ticks past 4 (5 if I’m lucky). Which isn’t great, as we are constantly reminded about the importance of a good night’s sleep.

We are bombarded by adverts all promising the “best nights sleep you will ever have”. I know I tried a couple of products which, while they smelled very pleasant, did absolutely nothing for my sleep. Let’s face it, most of the ingredients for a blissful night’s sleep are all in your head.

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A good night’s sleep relies on a good quality bed frame and mattress. There are other external factors that will add or detract from sleep, but most of these are out of your control. Road noise, light, noisy neighbours or your own teenage kids (in my case) can all yank you prematurely from the land of nod.

To get a truly good night’s sleep you must train your mind to block out external noise and distractions. There are many tactics you can apply to get ready for sleep, some more effective than others. Not eating before bed, minimising screen time and maybe even a cup of sleepy time tea, all excellent tactics for uninterrupted sleep. But of course these are no good for anyone with my particular brand of insomnia, because I can get to sleep very well. My problems are all about the early morning.

Things that go squeak in the night

There is one spectre of sleeplessness that lurks in your bedroom ready to irritate the daylights out of
you and your family. This threat isn’t in your head though; it is very very real. It’s that shrill squeak of protest as your bed frame moves and twists. The creak of wood and metal as you roll over or adjust your sleeping position.

The dreaded squeaky bed is sure to keep you awake and wondering what can be done. In my case, my own bed is fine, but I do have the misfortune to sleep directly below my 18 year old son’s room and he can be very fidgety – and the ceiling seems to be very thin!

There are a few things that can cause a squeaky bed. But armed with these five handy tips you should be able to eliminate it.

Tighten the joints

The first thing you should do is tighten the nuts and bolts that hold your bed frame together. Over time they can come loose, making your bed squeak and creak as you move around on it. Tightening all fittings, as
well as adding missing washers to the nuts, should eliminate most of your bed’s squeaks.

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Use some oil

If your bed frame is metal, lubricating the joints with oil may be the answer. Over time, the metal can stiffen and oxidise, meaning the tolerances change, and your bed begins to squeak when it moves. Vegetable oil is fine, but WD-40 works best.

Old clothes

If lubrication and tightening haven’t fixed your squeak, it could be the mattress rubbing on the slats or bed frame. Putting some fabric on the contact points should reduce noise. Unwanted clothes like an old T-shirt work perfectly for this.

Wax it

If your bed frame is made from wood, wax could be the best thing for silencing the squeak. Once you have isolated the noisy joint, some wax or paraffin across the contact points should make the noise go away.

New bed frame

This is your last resort. But sometimes the bed frame is so old or far gone that no amount of waxing, oiling or tightening will solve the squeak. In that case, a new bed frame could be your only solution.

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t all about fancy gadgets or expensive sleep aids. A good night’s sleep relies on a quality bed frame and mattress. If your environment is noisy or distracting, do what you can to you to fix it. Hopefully, with these handy tips, you can eliminate at least one opponent of sleep, the dreaded squeaky bed.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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