Project 365 2019 Weeks 24 & 25

It’s been another busy couple of weeks, with another half marathon, the end of the A Levels and another incredible long jump performance.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 160 – Sunday 9th June – started a rare sunny day with a 12 mile run, including a large hill. It was definitely the hilliest run I’ve ever done. My watch told me my ascent was 799 feet.

Running, Runner, 365

Day 161 – Monday 10th June – it started raining in the early afternoon and just rained and rained and rained. This is the view outside my front door.

Rain, Rainy day, 365

Day 162 – Tuesday 11th June – a busy day of work, with yet more rain. I go for the same walk once or twice a day and always say hello to these ponies. I don’t think they were enjoying the rain.

Ponies, Horses, Rain, 365

Day 163 – Wednesday 12th June – my husband’s 46th birthday! It was Pumba’s first time doing birthday duties in the new lounge. I think he likes his new spot.

Day 164 – Thursday 13th June – my son had his last two A Level exams! He is pleased with how they went and I’m pleased with how hard he worked and how he took it all in his stride. He’s now got about 10 weeks of summer to enjoy before he starts his apprenticeship. I had a ridiculously busy day of driving, starting with taking my husband to the railway station at 6am. I then took my eldest to school at 7 and my younger son at normal time. I picked my younger son up and took first my daughter, then my son to athletics club. My last lift of the day was my husband from the railway station at 9pm.

This flower in my garden shows how much it has rained lately. The rain has weighed it down.

Flower, Rain, Garden, 365

Day 165 – Friday 14th June – another very rainy day. This is the level of the water on a full height kerb just down the road from me.

Rain, Puddle, Weather, 365

Day 166 – Saturday 15th June – after becoming county champion in long jump last week, my son went to the regional competition today. We just wanted him to have a great experience and maybe get another PB. We weren’t expecting what happened. He got a massive new PB and finished second in the region. And my husband and I tried a new (very hilly) parkrun on the way there.

Long jump, Son, Athletics, Athlete, 365

Day 167 – Sunday 16th June – my husband and I ran the Cheltenham Challenge half marathon. It was tough, but absolutely brilliant. The ascent was 1326ft – much more than last week’s hilliest ever run. I will be back next year!

Cheltenham Challenge, Cheltenham Challenge half marathon, Medal, Half marathon

Day 168 – Monday 17th June – my son’s first week without school, revision or exams. He is taking it easy. In true teenage style, he woke up late and then asked for a lift. I won’t be giving him too many lifts while he’s off as I need to work. The only photos I took were screenshots of my blog to show the problems I was having with it. Luckily it’s all sorted now.

Blog, Screenshot, Blogging, Blog problems

Day 169 – Tuesday 18th June – I had some bad news about my car, which needs a whole blogpost to itself. Safe to say I won’t be seeing it for a while longer yet. My daughter got me to take lots of photos of her en pointe for school.

Daughter, Ballet, Pointe, 365

Day 170 – Wednesday 19th June – with the problems I’ve been having with my blog (all sorted now) and the endless rain, I haven’t really been feeling it with photos lately. The only photo I took today was this one – this is what happens to your change from athletics club when your son is a long jumper.

Change, Money, Long jump, 365

Day 171 – Thursday 20th June – I’m getting used to having my son at home all the time. If I’m honest, it’s slightly disruptive. I’m spending more time working in the spare room, rather than the kitchen (where it is lighter and the wifi is better) to get away from him and his noise. The only photo I took was my morning window photo for Instagram stories (I post one of these every day and they are surprisingly popular, I even get complaints if I forget!).

Window, morning, Instagram, 365

Day 172 – Friday 21st June – the sun came out and it warmed up! On the longest day of the year, dare we hope that summer might be about to start? There was much excitement in the evening when we spotted several hot air balloons and decided to chase them. They were getting prepared for Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta tomorrow. As you can see, I got pretty close to one of them.

Hot air balloon, Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta, Balloon, Gloucestershire, 365

Day 173 – Saturday 22nd June – sorry, it’s my face again! It was a very hot morning at parkrun today. As my son doesn’t have an athletics competition, he joined my husband, daughter and I. For once, I finished first out of the family.

parkrun, hot weather, sun

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I am so glad the rain seems to have stopped for a bit. What cute ponies. They don’t look too bothered by the weather.
    Happy belated birthday to your hubby. Pumba does look strange without the fireplace behind him.
    Well done your son with the long jumping and you and your husband with the half marathon!
    Oh no! Not more trouble with your car. Such a shame it doesn’t seem it was that long since it was last fixed.
    It is strange having kids at home. I have found it really odd having my teen here.
    Lovely to see so much of your face. Well done on coming first out of your family on the park run x

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much. I’ve been so fed up of the rain. I’m not sure how Pumba will cope if someone has a lot of presents as there’s not much space in his new place! It has been another successful sporting week, especially my son with his long jump. The situation with my car is driving me mad! x

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  2. The rain has been depressing but so glad it has eased up now and getting some sun!

    Well done on the runs and your sons PB!

    Happy belated birthday to your hubby and sorry to hear the car is having issues!

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much, it’s been another good couple of weeks for sport. I am so fed up of my car and its issues.

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  3. a massive well done to son for doing so well in both events, you must be enormously proud of him.
    That sounds like a hilly half marathon.
    Yes having them off gets some getting use to, the noise and interruptions are not good when you work from home but hopefully working from the study he will respect that you are working.
    Hope he gets the exam results he deserves.

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much, I’m really proud of my son. I do get to the point where I adjust to having all three of them at home in the school holidays, so no doubt I can adjust to having one home!

      Post a Reply
  4. So many events jammed into two weeks, for you all. Your hilly runs sound so impressive! Happy belated birthday to your husband! Big well done to your son for coming 2nd in region, that’s a great achievement!
    Your daughter looks graceful, en pointe. Love the colourful balloon and the friendly pony, greeting you.

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much, it was a good couple of weeks! I loved the hilly run and was so proud of my son for his long jump.

      Post a Reply
  5. Well done to your son for his long jump achievements. The end of the week’s weather has been so different to the start. Madness

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much, my son has done brilliantly with his long jump lately. Here’s hoping the weather can stay good now!

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  6. Once again, you never cease to amaze and surprise me by more marathons and training runs. You have a lovely lawn. The ponies look sad but adorable. Happy belated birthday to your husband!
    That’s alot of driving in one day! Your son must be so glad to be free from exams. I know how that feels.
    Cheers to you for winning against your family!

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much, it’s been another couple of busy weeks of sport! My son is very pleased to have finished his exams.

      Post a Reply
  7. I love seeing your daughter dance pictures. The balloon photos are amazing. What a wonderful sight. Well done on the medals. That is an amazing achievement for your son xx

    Post a Reply
    • Thank you! I love seeing photos of my daughter dancing too, although it takes hours to take them as she is very critical of herself! I absolutely loved following the balloons around and I am so proud of my son! x

      Post a Reply
  8. Just shows how much rain we have had in the past fortnight. Aw I love that Pumba has a new spot in the living room, and sounds another sporty few weeks for you all. And hurrah for the end of the A Levels x

    Post a Reply
    • The rain has been ridiculous lately! Definitely another couple of sporty weeks for us all. It’s really nice to have the A Levels over (although I suspect my son is slightly bored now!). x

      Post a Reply
  9. You must be very proud of your long jumper, what an achievement. Love seeing flowers with raindrops but I could so do with a long spell of warm weather now. Great balloon capture too #365

    Post a Reply
    • I’m really proud of my long jumper! I can’t wait to see how he gets on at nationals, even to just be there will be a huge honour. I am so ready for some warm, dry weather now!

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  10. It sounds like the rain didn’t stop your runs and pbs #365

    Post a Reply
    • I don’t like rain, but I would never miss a run for it!

      Post a Reply
  11. Oh the rain has been so depressing, so many of the flowers in our garden have been ruined. thats amazing about the personal best and second in the region. You must have been very proud indeed. I would really like to see the ballon festia one day.

    Post a Reply
    • I was very proud of him! It was an incredible achievement and I’m so glad I got to be there. That’s a shame about your flowers. The rain really has been horrendous.

      Post a Reply
  12. Lots going on. Well done on the half marathon and to your son on his long jumping. So glad the rain has gone for now at least.

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much! I do really hope we’ve seen the back of the rain now.

      Post a Reply
  13. The rain seemed as relentless as the heatwave was last year! We finally sem to have found the sun now though… Not sure I’d fancy running in the heat but my son has announced he wants to take up jogging (think I wil ask you for advice soon) #project365

    Post a Reply
    • Good luck to your son! Feel free to ask me for advice any time.

      Post a Reply
  14. the driving around sounds a nightmare and what a contrast in weather between the two weeks. I think Pumba looks quite happy on his new birthday chair.
    Sorry for the late comments, I’m on catch up after travelling for 3 weeks.

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