Project 365 2019 Weeks 22 & 23

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with A Levels and lots of concerts.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 146 – Sunday 26th May – we travelled to Wales to see my son in an athletics competition. It was well worth the journey, because he won the long jump and smashed his PB – jumping over 6 metres for the first time.

Long jump, Son, Athletics, Athlete, 365

Day 147 – Monday 27th May – bank holiday Monday. We didn’t do a lot. My husband and I went for a 12 mile run in the morning. My niece and nephew came round to help clean the guinea pigs, as my niece is doing a pet care badge at Rainbows.

Wilfred, guinea pig, pet, 365

Day 148 – Tuesday 28th May – half term. I was supposed to be working, but didn’t have any work. My eldest was revising, my daughter went to the circus with my parents and her cousins, and my younger son went to his athletics club in the evening. My niece and nephew had to come round to feed the guinea pigs again. Can you see my nephew?!

Nephew, Garden, 365

Day 149 – Wednesday 29th May – I got a lovely new phone – an iPhone 8 plus. I’d kind of gone off it after five hours of trying to set it up. It was eventually sorted at 11pm.

New phone, iPhone, iPhone 8 plus, 365

Day 150  – Thursday 30th May – it’s not my week for technology! This was the message that greeted me on my blog first thing in the morning. Apparently the SSL certificate had expired the day before. It should have updated automatically, but it didn’t.

Error message, Blog, Blogging

Day 151 – Friday 31st May – I woke up feeling stressed and it was a feeling I couldn’t quite shake all day. I think it’s partly down to running less as I’d got so used to doing a lot of running with the marathon. I’m still running four days a week, but it was five for the marathon. I still do a long run every weektoo, but it’s not quite as long. Work has also been frustrating this week. I’ve spent a lot of time chasing information and waiting for it. When you work freelance, if you sit waiting for information, you’re not being paid. But you still can’t leave your desk in case it comes in. I took this on my walk in the afternoon. I think I can see that I’ve got a better camera now.

Foxglove, Flower, 365

Day 152 – Saturday 1st June – Wychwood Festival! My boys decided not to come this year as it’s not geared towards teenagers. It’s for adults in their 30s, 40s and 50s or small children. It was a very hot day and we had a lovely time with my family, although we were slightly disappointed by the acts on stage, and also the new site, which is a lot smaller than the old site.

Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Sunset, 365

Day 153 – Sunday 2nd June – I started the day with a 12 mile run. We bought some new plants for the garden, which still has too many gaps, which gives the weeds space to grow.

Plants, New plants, Garden

Day 154 – Monday 3rd June – two A Levels for my eldest, back to school for my younger son and an inset day for my daughter. She was very upset because the display on her phone screen broke, several weeks after she cracked the screen. It was in such a bad way that we couldn’t type in her passwords to try and back everything up to move it all to my old phone. And in more bad news, my car has gone to the garage after breaking down at the weekend. We’re suspecting it’s going to be something catastrophic. It’s frustrating to be back down to one car again. But I won £90 on the lottery!

Lottery ticket, Lottery win, Winning ticket, 365

Day 155 – Tuesday 4th June – I went to see the Spice Girls in Coventry! I went with my old friend from work and her two daughters. We got drenched on the way there, but it was all worth it, because the Spice Girls were amazing. While I was away, my son took part in an athletics competition with school. He didn’t beat his PB, but he scored the most points of anyone from his school, so I was very proud of him.

Mel B, Spice Girls, Spice World tour, 365

Day 156 – Wednesday 5th June – it looks like the problem with my car goes back to when it set on fire when it was being fixed following my son’s accident. Thank goodness the previous owner kept the logbook up to date!

Logbook, Car, Mini, 365

Day 157 – Thursday 6th June – two more A Levels for my son, which means an earlier start to the day for me. I’m pretty busy with work and the much longer school run, so the only photo I took was my window for my Instagram stories.

Window, Instagram, 365

Day 158 – Friday 7th June – another day, another outdoor concert, another 90s band and more rain. I went to see All Saints (and supposedly Will Young) at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire. It had been raining all day and, less than half an hour into All Saints’ set, the thunder and lightning started. It was called off temporarily and then cancelled completely. We didn’t even hear Never Ever or Pure Shores! In other news, my son had his best A Level exam so far. Business studies is now finished and he has just two exams left.

All Saints, Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire, 365

Day 159 – Saturday 8th June – a cold and rainy parkrun and my fastest one for a while, at 23:15. That is also my best position for a very long time.

parkrun, runner, 365


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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Busy two weeks, with concerts and sports events. Love the photo of your son mid-jump. Nice capture. The guinea pig is very cute. The foxgloves are beautiful but deadly. I have a couple growing behind the summerhouse, they self-seeded there. Sorry to hear about your car, but well done on winning the lottery!

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    • Thanks very much, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks. My nephew has a special stick for touching the foxgloves! I think my car is going to be away for a long time.

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  2. Well done your son! It sounds like the althletics is going well, especially the long jump.
    hehehe! It sounds like you’ve been having lots of fun with your niece and nephews! Nope can’t see him hiding at all in the bush. hehehe
    Ohh! What a fancy new phone! It sounds like a right faff to set it up.
    What a let down that the Wychwood Festival acts weren’t that great. I am glad you had a good day though.
    Well done on the Lotto win!
    How annoying about the car! I hope it’s fixed soon!
    I used to love All Saints! That is rotten that it was cancelled!
    It sounds like your son’s Alevels are going well. Good luck to him for the rest.

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    • It was a nightmare setting my phone up, but it’s all worth it now. I think it will be a long time until the car is fixed, unfortunately. My son only has two A Levels left. I’ve been so pleased with how hard he has worked and I really hope he has done himself justice with them.

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  3. Well done to your son with his athletics I hope he’s enjoying his fame. That’s a great lotto win, what are you spending it on? Sorry to hear about the car, I did chuckle earlier this week when you were planning how to get everyone everywhere in one car, hope it’s back soon. Spice Girls sounded like it’s been a great tour, heard a few people complaining about the sound quality but it doesn’t seem to have put anyone off.

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  4. Well it’s seems to have been a successful sporty couple of weeks. I’d be like that with a new phone too – mine could do with replacing really. It’s not quite on its last legs, but close. Hope the car doesn’t take too long to fix.

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    • It’s been a really good couple of weeks for sport, thanks. I suspect I won’t see my car again for another month!

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  5. I feel that way about my daily walks, missed them like hell, but getting back into them.
    Well done to son on his winning jump.
    We did not get a service history with our car but I like to get them if possible
    Really annoying to be without them as they become essential
    Festivals and concerts not my idea of fun but glad you enjoyed them rain and all

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    • I absolutely love concerts and always go to a few a year, but not usually quite as many in a week! I was so proud of my son for his jump, he just keeps getting better and better. Glad you’re getting back to your walking now. It is hard when you can’t exercise as much as you’d like.

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  6. I have hardly been to any concerts. The Spice Girls one looks fab. Glad you had fun. Way to go to your son, that is awesome xx

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    • Thanks very much, he did brilliantly! I have been to so many concerts over the years, I could never count them. I love going to them. x

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  7. Well done on your sons athletic wins!

    Congrats on getting the iphone 8 plus. I have that phone and the camera is pretty decent.

    Sorry to hear about your daughters phone! But well done on the lottery win

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    • Thanks very much, we’re so proud of my son. I’m really pleased with my new phone and glad we got my daughter’s sorted! A broken phone is very stressful when you’re 13!

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  8. Oh no! Such a shame about the concert, I love All Saints but at least you got to enjoy the Spice Girls, my boss was there the same night. Well done to your son with his PB #365

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    • It was very disappointing about the All Saints concert, but so glad I got to see the Spice Girls! I would have been gutted to see that one. I hope your boss enjoyed it too.

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  9. The weather sure has been crazy – pity the concert was cancelled. I do hope you get refunded or another set of tickets as compensation. Technology too can be frustrating when it plays up. Lovely to hear you had a great time at the Spice Girls concert and that your child is breaking their personal bests #365

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    • Thank you! We had a brilliant time at the Spice Girls. We will get a refund for the All Saints concert, which is good!

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  10. Wow what a busy couple of weeks! I hope the exams are going well? I really wanted to go and see the Spice Girls but didn’t manage to get tickets. I love how active you all are as a family. Well done on the place on the park run and your little boy for getting a personal best. x

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    • The exams apparently went well, thanks, and they’re all finished now! I was so pleased to be able to go and see the Spice Girls as I loved them when I was younger. I love that we are all active too. We couldn’t imagine life without constant sport! x

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  11. Some real highs and lows this fortnight! Such a shame that the concerts/festivals didn’t quite live up to expectations except Spice Girls (VERY jealous!). Tech problems and car too 🙁 Glad the athletics and exams have been going well #project365

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