Project 365 2019 Week 26

Here we are at halfway through 2019 already. How did that happen? This week has seen a milestone birthday in our house.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 174 – Sunday 23rd June – my husband and I headed out very early in the morning to see the balloons taking off from Cheltenham racecourse for Cheltenham Balloon Fiesta. Sadly there were only about eight of them, compared to about 50 the previous day (when we didn’t see them!), but it was still lovely too see.

Hot air balloons, Cheltenham balloon fiesta, 365

Day 175 – Monday 24th June – a fairly uninspiring day of work and driving people around. I had an eye test and wasn’t surprised to discover I need new glasses. Unfortunately as they’re varifocals, they’re going to be really expensive. I’m putting off making a decision and spending the money. The only photo I took was my window for Instagram stories.

Window, Instagram stories, 365

Day 176 – Tuesday 25th June – a very rainy start to the day (you can see the water literally pouring off the gutter) brought transport stresses with it. We still only have one proper car (although my husband’s highly impractical sports car is back on the road after three years) and only have one working bike. It’s not ideal in torrential rain when you all need to get to different places at the same time.

Rain, Rainy day, 365

Day 177 – Wednesday 26th June – I got through my work quickly today because I had some chores to do to prepare for my son’s 18th birthday. I decided to hide these massive balloons in the shower in my ensuite. I was confident he wouldn’t go in there as he’d already been in to nick my husband’s razor earlier in the day!

Balloons, 18th birthday, Shower, 365

Day 178 – Thursday 27th June – happy 18th birthday to my biggest boy! Where did that time go to? We started the day with presents, then my son, his girlfriend and my husband went out for lunch for the biggest pizza I have ever eaten. I was still digesting it on Friday morning! My son had his prom in the evening, so we had various teenage boys round beforehand.

Birthday, 18th birthday, Presents, Pumba, 365

Day 179 – Friday 28th June – I was woken at 3am by various teenagers coming home. I wasn’t even sure how many. It turns out we had five extra teenagers staying over and most of them were in no hurry to leave. They sat playing Mario Kart on the Wii for hours. I don’t think the Wii has been turned on in the last three years. It was a lovely warm and sunny day, so I will share a nice photo of some flowers with you rather than teenage debris.

Flowers, Garden, 365

Day 180 – Saturday 29th June – a very hot start to the day. I ran seven miles, with a parkrun in the middle. Later on we’ve got a family barbecue to celebrate my son’s 18th birthday.

parkrun, running, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh no, running in this heat. That’s a commitment, but also a little bit crazy. 🙂 I feel like a half-deaf fly today, crawling around. The balloons are beautiful.
    We also had a lot of rain in Tuesday.
    Happy belated birthday to your son! 5 extra teens in the house, eek, no wonder you tried to escape in the garden.

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    • Thanks very much! It was a lot of extra teens (and noise!) in the house, but an 18th birthday and prom are once in a lifetime. It probably was a bit mad running in the heat, but I ran slightly slower than usual.

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  2. Happy belated birthday to your son. A whole new world about to open up in front of him
    Nice that the boys came back and felt relaxed enough to stay.
    Running in this heat you must be mad!!

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    • Thanks very much. It will be interesting to see whether it is any different parenting him now he is an adult. His friends were all basically too tight or broke to pay for a taxi and we live closest to the prom venue!

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  3. The hot air balloons look fab! Such a shame to miss them the previous day.
    Ugh! How frustrating to not have enough cars/bikes especially in that weather.
    Happy 18th birthday to your son! It sounds like he had a great day!
    My girls are the same with the Wii. They never bother with it for ages then randomly fall in love with it again. x

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    • Thanks very much, my son had a lovely birthday. It has been frustrating at times not having the car, I will be very glad to get it back! It’s amazing that the kids still enjoy the Wii from time to time, considering how old it is. X

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  4. what a weird week with the weather. All the best birthdays are in June, the photo’s on insta and facebook look like he’s had a fab 18th. Great night for the prom also

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    • Thanks very much, he had a lovely birthday. We have two birthdays in June in our house, so it must be a good time for them!

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  5. Sounds like your eldest had a lovely birthday – must be strange to think that he’s an adult now. Hope you get the transport sorted out soon.

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    • He had a brilliant birthday, thanks. It is strange to think of him being an adult. I suspect we will have slightly different expectations of what being an adult should entail. I will want to see him taking more responsibility, while he will think it means he can have more fun!

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  6. Wow! The Fiesta sounds amazing!! I’d love to be there to watch the racing balloons. It’s best to provide for your eyes what they need otherwise they may get worse. Happy belated birthday to your son! It looks like he partied ALOT!

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    • My son had a brilliant birthday, thanks. I will definitely get some new glasses soon, it’s just a lot of money to be spending!

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  7. Blimey I don’t know how you coped with so many teenagers about. I think I’d have to run for cover and hide away till they are gone. lol

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    • It wasn’t my favourite thing ever to do! It was OK, but I wouldn’t be in a rush to do it again.

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  8. Awww Happy Birthday to your son. Time seems to go by so quickly doesn’t it? You are very brave letting so many teenagers stay but it sounds like he had a great time. I am hoping we have seen the end of the rain now. I would love to go and see the balloons one day although I would be disapointed if there were only eight. xx

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    • Time certainly does go quickly. I felt like I didn’t have much choice about letting the teenagers stay round. It wasn’t something I particularly wanted to do, but I felt like it would have been a bit mean to say no on his 18th birthday. It was a bit disappointing that there were only eight balloons! We’d actually had more fun chasing them around in the evenings. x

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  9. Congrats to your son on becoming an adult! Time goes so quickly… I love watching hot air balloons floating across the sky #project365

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  10. Sounds like a lovely week of birthday celebrations! Happy 18th!

    Shame you missed the 50 balloons but these look pretty impressive too! We had some rain but missed out on the torrential downpours

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  11. What a lovely week of celebrations. The balloons are fabulous. I don’t envy you running in that heat. Hope the celebrations went well and he had a great birthday xx

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