Project 365 2019 Weeks 19 and 20

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks for us.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 125 – Sunday 5th May – the day I’d been waiting over six months for – my marathon day! I really enjoyed it and it went every bit as well as I’d hoped, despite the bad cold. You can read all about it here. My husband and daughter travelled down with my brother-in-law and I and it was so good to have their support. My sister and mum had organised a ‘surprise party’ for us afterwards, which was lovely.

Newport marathon, Marathon, Selfie,365

Day 126 – Monday 6th May – thank goodness it was a bank holiday! I slept badly, my legs were aching badly and I felt generally under the weather. However, I did manage to cut the grass and go out for two walks!

Newport marathon, Medal, Marathon Tshirt, 365

Day 127 – Tuesday 7th May – my legs were still aching, but gradually getting better. I have a lot of work on and went for three walks! I took this photo on my afternoon walk.

Walking, Countryside, sun, 365

Day 128 – Wednesday 8th May – my kids really did themselves proud today. My son won three out of five events in sports day, coming second in his other two events. He picked up the boys’ athletics trophy for his year group. Then my daughter won the school talent show with a dance she’d choreographed herself!

Trophy, Athletics, Son, School, 365, Then my kids went and smashed it

Day 129 – Thursday 9th May – work was really busy today, which was nice. Long may it continue! This is the balloon and card my sister gave me, and the tulips and card my my mum gave me for running the marathon. As well as being impressed with me for the actual running, they were very pleased with the amount of money I’d raised for the hospice, in memory of my sister’s friend (over £650).

Balloon, Flowers, Tulips, 365

Day 130 – Friday 10th May – a very busy day! I had a meeting with a new client first thing, then went to work in my main client’s office for five hours. Considering I only usually work four hours a day, that’s quite a lot for me. My son had an athletics competition, and did better in triple jump than he did in long jump. In the evening, my daughter and I rushed off to her rehearsal for her dance show. Between 9.30am and 8.15pm, I was only at home for about half an hour. The only photo I took all day was my ‘morning window’ for my Instagram stories.

Window, Plant, Morning, Instagram, 365

Day 131 – Saturday 11th May – another busy day. I volunteered as tail walker at parkrun again, which means walking at the pace of the slowest person and finishing last. Today I finished in 1 hour and 13 minutes! My daughter’s ballet school put on a rare show, which kept me busy all afternoon and into the evening. I chaperoned the first performance and watched the second performance. My daughter was in five dances and she was stunning in every one of them. I was so proud. Oh, and I danced in the show too with the adult tap class. The less said about that, the better! While my daughter was dancing, my son was at another athletics competition and smashed his long jump PB. He has jumped the second furthest this year in the county for his age group!

Tail walker, parkrun, volunteer, 365

Day 132 – Sunday 12th May – what’s the best thing to do a week after a marathon? Run a half marathon of course! (This may not always be the best thing, but running Tewkesbury half marathon was the right thing for me.)

Tewkesbury half marathon, Half marathon, Finish line, Selfie

Day 133 – Monday 13th May – my younger son went on a residential geography field trip, I had a lot of work and the sun came out! I ate my lunch on this crappy chair in the middle of the garden. My husband decided to repaint it last year, then didn’t like the colour, so it is now half painted.

Garden, chair, book, 365

Day 134 – Tuesday 14th May – another warm, sunny day with lots of work again.

Sky, Summer, 365

Day 135 – Wednesday 15th May – even though I’m busy with work, the lack of a school run and running means I had time to do some gardening this afternoon. For the record, I love having a garden, I absolutely hate gardening, but the weeds were out of control! My son came home from his trip in the evening.

Garden, Flowers, Weeds, 365

Day 136 – Thursday 16th May – I went running this morning and will be back to regular running now, after three weeks of doing very little (apart from the marathon and the half marathon, of course!). We had my younger son’s parents’ evening and it was the longest one ever. All of his teachers were very nice about him, apart from one. He got an 8 (old A*) in most of his year 10 mocks, a 9 in two of them and two slightly lower grades, so we’re very happy with his achievements.

Year 10 exam, Son, Parents' evening, School, 365

Day 137 – Friday 17th May – my eldest’s last day of school! Where did those 14 years go? He went to school dressed as a Colombian gang member, complete with fake tan, sharpie ‘tattoos’ and a briefcase containing suspicious-looking Belvita boxes wrapped in parcel tape. But I’ll share this photo from his very first day of school instead.

First day of school, Last day of school, Brothers, 365

Day 138 – Saturday 18th May – my husband, younger son, daughter and I all ran parkrun. I ran it at a proper pace for the first time in three months, which was good fun. Of course I wore my Newport marathon top.

parkrun, running, selfie, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m glad you had a good time running the marathon. The surprise party sounds lovely! Well done for raising all of that money. Those tulips from your mum are gorgeous.
    It sounds like you have been really busy. The dance show sounds like a lot of fun especially you dancing. hehehe
    Ahh! I hate long parents evenings. We have my youngest girls in a couple of weeks and I’m not looking forward to it as we’ll have to see every teacher she has. It sounds like your younger son is doing great at school.
    I love the sound of what your eldest wore for his last day at school. I think if anyone tried it here they wouldn’t get through the gates. lol

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    • Thank you! The surprise party was such a lovely thought and I had no idea they were going to do it. The less said about my dancing, the better! But the audience loved it. Our little group is aged 23-70!
      Good luck with your daughter’s parents’ evening! I think we’re done with them now for this year.
      I think my son was sailing quite close to the edge with the costume, but they do cut them a bit of slack for year 13.

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  2. What an exciting week! I have a feeling there will be a marathon every week that you will take part in with that bright smile on ur face! congrats for ur children’s amazing achievements. And congrats on raising money for the hospice!

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    • Thanks very much, what a lovely thing to say! It was a really good couple of weeks for us all.

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  3. so much going on athletically this fortnight and wow at a lot of the PB’s and achievements, well done to all involved.
    I am with you – detest gardening, luckily hubby does it or else all that would get done will be the grass getting cut.
    Funny how you do 14 hears at school down there, in Scotland they do 7 years in primary and a max of 6 in secondary, Fifi just starting her last year when her exams finish in a fortnight. Seems no time at all.
    The surprise party was a lovely gesture, and well done on the charity money.

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much, it’s been a good couple of weeks for us! My husband does various jobs around the garden, but won’t do weeding, so that ends up being my job! I never realised that they do a year less in school in Scotland!

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  4. You’re an amazing sporty family! Big well done to you all – to you for running a marathon (and then doing 2 walks the next day!), to your son for winning 3 out of 5 events and your daughter for winning the school talent show!
    Did you enjoy Nine Perfect Strangers? I’ve seen this book in the shops, and am quite tempted to buy it.

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    • We do love sport in our house and it’s been a good week for us. I did enjoy Nine Perfect Strangers, although it was slightly far-fetched. I would definitely recommend it though.

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  5. Reading that has tired me out, I didn’t realise just how much sport and dance you and your family did. Well done on both the full and half marathon

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    • Ha ha, thanks very much! We do a lot between us. The only one of us who doesn’t do sport is my eldest.

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  6. It’s great to hear that you had a good time running the marathon. It is incredible. The surprise party sounds lovely and enjoyable. Well done on raising all of that money, what a great amount. I love the colours of those tulips from your mum. The dance show sounds like a lot of fun. I do miss these types of things. I have the primary school parents evening this week. I now welcome those over the high school one. Well done to your younger son, sounds like he is getting on well x

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much, my son is doing really well! The dance show was lovely and you know how much I loved running the marathon! Hope your parents’ evening goes well. X

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    • Thanks very much, that’s such a lovely thing to say. It seems crazy that my son has left school. In a few weeks, I will be parenting an adult!

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  7. Wow Sarah what a fantastic 2 weeks which I am sure you will remember for a long time. How an earth did you manage to mow the lawn, AND go for 2 walks the day after your marathon !! I couldn’t move after our day in Amsterdam. And your baby leaving school, what a mixture of emotions. Loved that your mum organised a surprise party for you, and huge well done on the amount raised x

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    • Thanks very much! The surprise party really was a surprise and such a lovely thing to do. Walking after a long run is a good thing to do, but would definitely have preferred not to cut the grass! X

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  8. So pleased to read that the race went like a dream despite the cold. It sounds like your family are excelling at everything. #365

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    • Thanks very much! We’ve had a goood couple of weeks.

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  9. Congratulations on the marathon that’s fantastic news especially as you were poorly before hand. Sounds like work has really taken off which is great and a very successful couple of weeks all round for the whole family. Hope your son had a great last day – it’s crazy how fast it goes! Xx

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much! It was a really good couple of weeks for us all and I was so pleased with how the marathon went. x

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  10. Sounds like a busy couple of weeks with lots of successes! Well done on the marathon! Not sure I would have been able to go for walks and mow the lawn after that!!

    Well done on your daughter winning the talent show and your son winning events in the sports day!

    and well done on a good parents evening!

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    • Thanks very much, it was a really good couple of weeks for us all! I definitely wouldn’t recommend mowing the lawn after running a marathon. Walking is good, though!

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  11. Well done on the marathon and half marathon! A brilliant achievement especially as you weren’t in perfect health #project365

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