Project 365 2019 Week 17

The kids went back to school and I’ve had a cold all week. I’m never ill and I always tell my kids that a cold isn’t an illness, it’s an inconvenience. I never usually slow down or rest with a cold, but I must admit this one has been more inconvenient than usual!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 111 – Sunday 21st April – Easter Sunday started with a 12 mile run for me. With only two weeks until the marathon I’m tapering (running less to give my muscles chance to rest ahead of the big day). We then went round to my mum’s for lunch, where my niece, my nephew and my eldest all went totally wild. There was a talent show that the judge (my niece) won, a potion that my nephew spent two hours making, newspapers set on fire by my eldest (using the light of the sun and my daughter’s glasses) and a lot of water thrown out of upstairs windows. It was a pretty standard kind of get together for my family.

Running, Marathon training, Runner, 365

Day 112 – Monday 22nd April – Easter Monday was back to giving the kids lifts, a bit of revision for the boys, and my husband was working (at home, at least). My daughter did some of her dancing/ gymnastics/ acrobatics in the garden, accompanied by moans that she hasn’t got a proper trampoline.

Daughter, Dancer, Trampoline, Gymnastics, 365

Day 113 – Tuesday 23rd April – the kids all went back to school. My younger son was straight into year 10 mocks and it’s now less than a month until A Levels for my eldest. My daughter had a dance competition against other schools in Bath, so it was a long day for her. I travelled down to Bath to watch. My daughter and her team really did themselves proud (there wasn’t a single person in the whole competition conveyed as much emotion on their face as my daughter did), but they just missed out on making it to the finals.

Bath Forum, Theatre, Bath, Dance competition, Daughter, 365

Day 114 – Wednesday 24th April – we’ve got a new lounge carpet! We’ve been gradually updating our lounge since the start of the year. We only recently decided to get a new carpet. It feels very nice, but it’s one of those which changes colour depending on the direction of the pile. It’s going to take some getting used to and part of me misses the old carpet.

Carpet, New carpet, Lounge, 365

Day 115 – Thursday 25th April – I’ve had a cold all week and this morning I skipped running. This is most unlike me, as I usually find that running with a cold makes me feel better. With only 10 days until the marathon, I can’t risk myself getting any worse. There’s no way I could have run a marathon today. This is a photo of the clematis in the garden, which is looking stunning at the moment.

Clematis, Garden, 365

Day 116 – Friday 26th April – I felt a lot better, so went for a six mile run as planned. I’m pleased to say that work has picked back up a bit this week. And I won these headphones in a Twitter giveaway! I rarely enter competitions, so was very surprised to win.

Headphones, Prize, Running, 365

Day 117 – Saturday 27th April – I ran with my daughter at parkrun and really can’t wait until I’m back running it a proper pace! I totally failed to take any photos there today, so I thought I would share this one – Newport’s weather forecast for the marathon next Sunday.

Weather forecast, Newport marathon, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh I didn’t realise you run less before a marathon but when you think about it it makes sense!

    Good luck with the exams and such a shame your daughter missed out on the finals.

    The clematis looks stunning!

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    • Thanks very much. It has been a bit strange to me to cut down my running, but it’s all about resting the muscles and conserving energy. My daughter was devastated to miss out on the finals.

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  2. Your Easter get-together sounds totally wild. I’d be exhausted from all the fun. Sorry to hear you’ve had a cold all week, hope you feel better soon.
    The clematis is very impressive, it’s like a tapestry over the stone wall.

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    • The clematis does look amazing. The people who owned the house before us planted it and we’ve managed not to kill it! Things always go a bit crazy when my kids get together with my niece and nephew. I think possibly my niece and nephew are crazy 100% of the time!

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  3. That’s a shame your daughter’s team didn’t get to finals. Maybe next time.

    Hope the mocks have been going ok. Seems so long til N will be doing them, but I’m sure it’ll whizz by.

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    • She was gutted not to make it to the finals, but it was their first time, so I think there are things they can learn for next time.
      I’m told the mocks have gone ‘OK’. I will find out more at parents’ evening in a couple of weeks. The time really does fly. One minute they’re at the start of KS2, then suddenly they’re in year 6, then you blink and they’re in year 9. My eldest will be leaving school in three weeks!

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  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear you have not been well. Sometimes you need to rest a bit.
    hahaha! Easter Sunday sounds like madness but a lot of fun for the children.
    Glad to see your girl is still using her small trampoline. Imagine what she would do on a full size one.
    Good luck to the boys with their exams.
    I love the new carpet. I would love one that colour but I don’t trust my girls or myself not to spill things on it.
    Well done on your win! They look like very fancy headphones! x

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    • Resting is not one of my strong points! My daughter is so desperate for a full size trampoline, but my husband won’t let her have one. We’re being very strict with the new carpet. We didn’t really spill stuff on our old either. x

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  5. I didn’t realise you run less before you do a marathon. Good luck. I love that photo of your daughter flying gracefully through the air. Those are very cool headphones xx

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    • I love the photo of my daughter too! I think I’m going to give her the headphones for her running as I had a good pair for Christmas.
      You have to cut down your running before a marathon to rest your muscles and give them a chance to recover. x

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  6. I bet your mum is glad to see you all leave again!!! But sounds like they all had fun.
    What a shame about the dancing final, but still did well to get that far.
    Oh dear for next weeks weather.

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    • I think my mum loves the chaos, but it took a while to clear up! Next week’s weather is pretty much what I’m looking for – fairly cool and cloudy. I don’t want hot sun, I don’t want rain and I don’t want it too cold to wear a vest!

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    • It’s getting really close! I’m amazed at how calm I am. My daughter was gutted not to get to the finals, but they all did so well.

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  7. Ooooo well done on the twitter win. Marathon is so so close now and I am sure you will smash it Sarah. You have worked so incredibly hard, and will be cheering you on, virtually x

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    • Thanks very much! Was very pleased with my Twitter win. Really hope I can smash the marathon. I’m so excited about it. x

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  8. I do hope that the cold disappears before the big run #365

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    • Thanks very much. It’s a bit better, but it hasn’t actually gone yet!

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  9. sorry to hear you’re full of cold and it has impacted on your training. I had no idea you ran less before a big race. The weather looks good for the weekend, you really wouldn’t want it hot like it was over Easter.

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    • The weather is much better for the marathon than it was at Easter, although possibly slightly cold for a vest! It’s very strange not running this week, but that’s what you have to do to make sure your muscles are fully rested and recovered for the big day.

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  10. Well done on your competition win! Sorry about the cold and your daughter missing out on the final. We have a carpet like that in H’s room (it may even be exactly the same), it’s taken a bit of getting used to, but H likes it. I find it difficult to vacuum.

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    • It is impossible to hoover at the moment! I hope it will calm down. My daughter was disappointed about the final, but she’s over it now.

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  11. My friends husband has been marathon training, I had no idea you were meant now to reduce the distances. I am keeping everything crossed for you getting the run you want. the picture of your daughter is amazing. Looks like she’s very good at acrobatics. x

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