Project 365 2019 Week 16

It’s the second week of the Easter holidays and my husband had a few days off work! This literally never happens. He only takes time off for actual holidays, any birthdays that fall on weekdays in the school holidays and one day for our wedding anniversary.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 104 – Sunday 14th April – I started the day with a 22 mile run, the longest run on my training plan. I won’t say it was easy, but it wasn’t too hard either. I didn’t do much else after that, as I was pretty tired. The training gets easier from now on. My son played both rugby and football, but I didn’t get to see him.

Marathon training, Running, Selfie, Marathon training the 22 mile run

Day 105 – Monday 15th April – we went for a trip out to Bicester Village (not my choice!) and Oxford. It was lovely to be out of the house and not either working or worrying about not working. My uncle and auntie live in Oxford and I always assumed I’d been to the city centre as a child. It turns out I hadn’t! I didn’t recognise it at all and I thought it was wonderful. This is my husband, daughter and younger son walking in Oxford. You can just about see my eldest in front of them. There are more photos of Oxford on my Instagram.

Oxford, Day out, Daughter, Sons, Husband, 365

Day 106 – Tuesday 16th April – I had a bit of my new freelance job to finish off, so had to work today. Then, when I thought I was finished, some more of it came in. I don’t function well after 1pm because of my insomnia, but I had to get it finished. It was proofreading too, which is pretty intense and requires total concentration. I don’t drink anything containing caffeine, so I tried eating some chocolate to make me more alert. I’m not sure if it worked, but I got the work finished!

Work, Freelance, Proofreading, 365, Chocolate

Day 107 – Wednesday 17th April – my husband, the two younger kids and I travelled down to Cornwall. It was a last minute decision based on the lovely weather that was forecast. My eldest couldn’t come as it’s not long until his A Levels. We are staying in a lovely hotel in Rock. We have never stayed in Rock before, but it is just a short ferry ride from Padstow, my favourite place in the world. It felt just like coming home. I was amazed at how busy it was in April. We spent a lot of the day walking and had tea at Rick Stein’s fish and chip shop. This photo was taken from Rock, looking over to Padstow. I love how far the tide goes out in the Camel Estuary, it means the landscape is constantly changing. You can see more photos of Padstow on my Instagram over the next few days, on my Silent Sunday post and especially this post.

Camel Estuary, Padstow, Rock, Cornwall, 365

Day 108 – Thursday 18th April – I started the day with a five mile run before breakfast, then we all had a walk on the beach at Rock before heading over to Padstow. We went a walk on the South West Coast Path in the afternoon and it was very warm, sunny and windy! We stopped at Rest A While tea garden on the coast path and I had a cream tea. You can see how windy it was from this photo. We set off for home just after 6 and got back very quickly. My eldest was very pleased to see us, as he’d been lonely.

Cream tea, Padstow, Cornwall, Holiday, 365

Day 109 – Friday 19th April – a very hot and sunny day! I went for a seven mile run and then did a bit of gardening. I’m not keen on gardening, but needs must. I’ve tried planting some mixed ‘summer flowers’ to encourage the bees to come to the garden. This is one of my favourite tulips. We don’t seem to have many this year.

Tulip, Garden, 365

Day 110 – Saturday 20th April – I ran five miles this morning, including parkrun. This is people walking down to the start line. There were probably at least 600 runners there today. It was nice to see my son running again after the long football and rugby season.

parkrun, 365

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  1. How lovely that your husband has some time off work.
    Well done with the running! 22 miles is amazing!
    It sounds like you had a lovely trip away!
    It sounds like there was a great turnout for the park run! x

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    • It was so lovely to have my husband off work for a change and really good to get away for a couple of days. There were over 600 people there for parkrun this week! We thought it might be a bit quieter at Easter, but quite the opposite! x

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  2. I live so close to BV but never go there unless I’m meeting up with Suzanne or getting my son shoes, Oxford is lovely, but always so busy. We spent some time over in Rock on our last Cornish trip, but I’m with you, I adore Padstow #365

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    • I’m not surprised you don’t go to Bicester Village very often, it doesn’t have much ordinary stuff there! I was amazed at how busy Oxford was on a Monday. I can never get enough of Padstow!

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  3. How nice that your husband had time off for holidays to spend time with you. Oxford is a lovely place to visit, so much to see and do, and never enough time.
    I’ve never visited Bicester Village, only once stopped at the train station there, when we were looking at one of 16+ schools for Sash.
    I’m a bit envious of your trip to Cornwall. I love Cornwall, but we won’t see it until much later in the year.
    The tulip is very pretty.

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    • Bicester Village is a rather unusual place. It’s fascinating, but there’s not much affordable stuff there. I definitely need to go to Oxford again. It was so lovely to visit Cornwall, even though it was such a flying visit.

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  4. Padstow and Rock for a short break would be fab. I’ve been to both, but I’ve never done the ferry trip across. My tulips haven’t done anything this year either.

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    • They are both lovely. The ferry is so easy – I think we get it every year! I’m sure I have less tulips than usual this year.

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  5. It looks lovely down at Rock, glad you found somewhere almost as nice as your favourite Padstow. I’ve only ever visited Oxford the once, keep meaning to get back there one day

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    • It’s great because Rock is literally just over the water from Padstow, so we could do both. I will definitely go back to Oxford one day, I really had no idea that it was so beautiful.

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  6. As an Oxonian it’s interesting to see how others view Oxford. Padstow is also a lovely place to spend time and Rick Stein’s food is lovely. I recall eating a fish pie there. #365

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    • I was amazed at Oxford, it really is beautiful. As a vegetarian, I’ve never been anywhere posher than Rick Stein’s chip shop, but I really do love it there!

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  7. I would be no good as a proof reader as I tend to skim read.
    A few days away sounds nice, and last minute makes it better.
    I would be tired after running 22 miles as well……well no I wouldn’t as I would never make it….so no wonder you are.

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    • I absolutely love proofreading, but it can make life quite difficult because I spot typos everywhere and can’t bear to read anything with them in! It was lovely to get away, thanks.

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  8. It looks lovely there. It really looks lovely. I’ve never been there before. Sounds like a lovely time over the holiday’s xx

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    • It’s a long way away from you, so it’s not surprising you haven’t been. It was so nice to visit again. x

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  9. Oh my goodness 22 miles thats brilliant. I think you definitely made the right call in going to Cornwall its so pretty and the weather was amazing. Glad to hear that some work is coming through. We really need to tackle the garden being away a fair amount has meant that we have not been at home to sort it and it now looks like a jungle… eek!

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    • Our garden is a bit like a jungle too, it’s so hard to stay on top of it. It’s such a relief to have a bit of work now. I was really pleased to run 22 miles.

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  10. How nice your hubby had some time off and you got away for a few days!

    Well done on the 22 mile run! I want to visit Cornwall…maybe in the summer.

    Love that tulip..looks so delicate.

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    • It was so nice to get away. I hope you get to visit Cornwall in the summer. I like this tulip because it’s so unusual! It’s the only one I’ve got like that.

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  11. I have been to Oxford a couple of times in the last few months and love the history and beautiful buildings. Not been to Bicester Village… #project365

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