Project 365 2019 Week 15

The Easter holidays are well underway, my son is finally home from Germany and of course I’ve got more work than I’ve had for the last month.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 97 – Sunday 7th April – my husband and I took my daughter and her two best friends to Alton Towers for the day. I really don’t like Alton Towers and didn’t want to go, but the girls had such a lovely time that I almost enjoyed it myself. The only rides I went on were The Wicker Man and the rapids. The girls managed 10 rides!

Wicker Man, Alton Towers, Rollercoaster, Daughter, 365

Day 98 – Monday 8th April – the first day of the Easter holidays, so of course I had more work than I’ve had for a while! My eldest did a fair amount of revision for his A Levels and my daughter mainly moaned that she was bored. So that’s a pretty standard school holiday kind of day for this family. I’m cheating with my photos, with another photo from Alton Towers yesterday.

Alton Towers, Garden, Lake, Reflection, 365

Day 99 – Tuesday 9th April – as predicted, after about four weeks with very little work, I was very busy today. I also have the first new job I’ve had in ages. My son finally came home from his German exchange in the evening! It’s so good to have him back, the house feels complete again. He’d had a brilliant time. Have you ever seen such a neat suitcase? All of this stuff is dirty, yet it was packed immaculately.

Suitcase, Packing, Son, German exchange, 365

Day 100 – Wednesday 10th April – my boy obviously needed to recover from the German exchange – he didn’t wake up until 12.45! His suitcase was full of chocolates and biscuits from Germany – some that the family had sent over and some that he’d bought for us.

Biscuits, Chocolate, German chocolate, German exchange, Son, 365

Day 101 – Thursday 11th April – the sun came out! Although there was still ice on the ground when I went running in the morning. My boys are both supposed to be revising – one for A Levels in a few weeks and one for year 10 mocks as soon as he goes back to school. Neither of them are doing anywhere near enough. I’ve got a new freelance job, so am fairly busy with work and my daughter is working hard on her year 8 homework!

Tulips, Garden, 365

Day 102 – Friday 12th April – I got up at 5.30 to start work and did half an hour before breakfast. Then I did my chores and went running before getting back to work. I kept going until 3, which is a lot for me! The work is proofreading and editing, so I need to be really alert for that. Because of my insomnia, I start to struggle to work between 1 and 2pm.

Work, Writing, Proofreading, 365

Day 103 – Saturday 13th April – I have a ’20 minute light run’ on my marathon training plan for today, before my longest training run (22 miles!) tomorrow. Parkrun is either a 30 minute light run or a 23 minute fast run, so I couldn’t really run it today. I volunteered instead, which is something I should do more often. Unfortunately it was absolute;y freezing and I was underdressed. Don’t be fooled by the sun!

Parkrun, Volunteering, Volunteer, Selfie, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I’m so impressed at how neat your son’s suitcase is inside.
    10 rides at Alton Towers, just wow! I have never been there, for me even Legoland rides are too much. 🙂
    Beautiful tulips. Glad to hear you’ve got more work, even if the timing could have been better.

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    • I was amazed by my son’s suitcase! I’m really not a fan of Alton Towers, but my daughter loves it.
      It is a relief to have more work, thank goodness!

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  2. It’s just typical. When all the kids are home you have lots of work.
    Ahh! I loved Alton Towers when I visited but it was years ago, way before I had kids and Nemisis was the big ride.
    Well done your son with his packing. Very organised!
    It has been so sunny this past week but still so cold. x

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    • I used to like Alton Towers when Nemesis was the big ride, but I can’t cope with it any more! I was very impressed with my son’s packing. It has been far too cold this week. x

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  3. That’s impressive packing. N has just packed his own suitcase today for our few days away – he was only missing 1 jumper and t shirt, but managed to get the rest all done.

    Bet a park run seems so easy compared with your long marathon training runs.

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    • My son wouldn’t actually get his own stuff out to go away – or not without me telling him exactly what to get out, but it’s easy to put stuff back again. It’s a lot neater than I would ever do.
      Even 13 miles seems easy now after all my long runs!

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  4. I am impressed with your sons packing and the gifts coming back in piece. I didn’t realise you’d been on any rides at Alton Towers, I just thought you’d been the bag holder

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    • I was amazed by the packing! I was mainly the bag holder, but I did want to go on the Wicker Man as I’d seen a documentary about it. I also went on the Rapids, which isn’t scary at all.

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  5. That’s very impressive packing even if it did all need washing. I’ve not been to Alton Towers to actually go on grown up rides for years. Don’t think I’d be brave enough any more #365

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    • That’s exactly me at Alton Towers these days, but my daughter and her friends loved it at least. I was amazed by the packing!

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  6. That suitcase is impressive, must have a tidy mind.
    Glad you are busier with work this week.
    That is two more rides than I would have been on

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    • Thanks very much, I think he must have a tidy mind! I was pretty impressed with myself for going on two rides. It was tempting not to go on anhy but that’s a long way to go without going on any rides.

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  7. That is one neat suitcase, I am impressed. I love rollercoasters and this sounds fab. The kids aren’t quite there yet though. I do love the tulips, they are lovely. Glad you are a bit busier, shame about the timing xx

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    • I think you’re the only person who has said they love rollercoasters! What a shame your kids aren’t keen. Mine have liked them from a very young age! x

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  8. 10 rides is pretty good…I used to enjoy alton towers when I was younger and now not so much. Can’t stand the queues!

    That packed suitcase is pretty impressive and a much better job than what I could do!

    Those tulips are lovely!

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    • I used to love Alton Towers when I was younger, but I really dislike it now! We were lucky that the queues were all pretty quick. We waited an hour for the Wicker Man, but everything else was less than half an hour, in some cases considerably less!
      I could never pack a case as well as that!

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  9. Ah yes the sun can certainly fool us at times in the UK. I’ve volunteered a lot in the past and agree it can be enjoyable. #365

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    • Hopefully the sun will stick around for a while now. Volunteering is definitely a good thing to do.

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  10. Can I borrow your son to teach my children how to fold laundry and pack neatly??? I hope he enjoyed the German exchange: will you have a visitor soon?

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