Project 365 2019 Week 14

It’s been a quiet week, with my son away, very little work, a lot of running and a lot of rain.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 90 – Sunday 31st March – my son set off on the return leg of his German exchange in the middle of the night, having had no sleep. I had rather a disturbed night myself, but still had to get up at 6am (new time!) for my 16 mile marathon training run. My husband, daughter and I went on a little trip to Bristol for Mother’s Day, then my mum and dad came round to us for dinner. All of the kids got me small presents and the younger two made me cards. You can see my cards on Instagram.

Bristol, Mother's Day, Mum, Daughter

Day 91 – Monday 1st April – I was pleased to get a text from my son first thing (he’s not good at texting when he’s away), but not so pleased that it was because he’d left his coat on the bus. Sadly this is rather typical of my son. With no school run for me (the other two kids get the bus), it almost felt like the Easter holidays today, especially as ballet classes have broken up for Easter already.

This is how far I ran in March – 168 miles in a month and 364 miles for the year so far. To put that into perspective, last month was the first time I’d ever run more than 100 miles in a month, I really smashed it in March.

Running, Distance, Marathon training

Day 92 – Tuesday 2nd April – it’s got to the point with work now where I literally expect to have no work, and today was no exception. I had a few little chores I wanted to do around the house, but I did those last week and yesterday, and now there’s very little left to do. I really need to get some more work soon! In the meantime, I had yet another training run in the rain. Today I did something I’ve literally never done in five years of working at home – I just sat and watched TV for hours. It’s not like me at all, but it actually felt good to relax and unwind, knowing there was no pressure to be doing anything else.

The good news is that my son got his coat back this morning, although the weather in Germany is a lot better than the weather here!

Trainers, Running, Rain, Marathon training, 365

Day 93 – Wednesday 3rd April – my eldest decided not to go into school today. He has study periods all day on a Wednesday and says he works better at home. I was actually very impressed by the amount of revision he did. His good mocks results seem to have really spurred him on. In the evening I went to see an author at our local Waterstones. I haven’t yet read her book, but it sounds right up my street. I forgot to take a photo while I was actually there!

If I Die Before I Wake, If I Die Before I Wake by Emily Koch, Emily Koch, Book review

Day 94- Thursday 4th April – winter is back. I ran eight miles in torrential rain (and a bit of sleet) and temperatures just above freezing. My trainers were literally sloshing with water and all of my freezing cold, wet clothes were stuck to me. It wasn’t fun! If this level of dedication is worth a couple of pounds of your hard-earned cash for a local hospice, I would be very grateful for any donations, thank you!

Running, Marathon training, Rain, 365

Day 95 – Friday 5th April – I’ll be honest, I’ve found this week really hard. I’ve missed my son a lot and I struggle with not having much work. Every week I seem to have less work than the previous week. Today was the last day of term and my daughter finished school early, which was nice. But my husband was away for the night and my eldest went out straight from school and didn’t get home until after I’d gone to bed, so it was a lonelier day than ever. The guinea pigs were cute though!

Guinea pigs, Pets, Cedric, Wilfred, 365

Day 96 – Saturday 6th April – I ran 18 miles, with a parkrun in the middle. Just a 22 mile run to do next week, then I’m onto tapering. And my race number arrived this morning. It’s getting very real!

Running, Marathon training, 365


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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. sorry to hear about the work situation, fingers crossed it will pick up for you soon. Well done on all that running

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    • Thanks very much! The work is getting very frustrating. Typically I already know I’ve got a fair bit on Monday – the first day of the school holidays!

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  2. I enjoyed that book, and would have loved to meet the author. It is good to unwind and have a time to yourself, but understanding the lack of work is frustrating. Lucky that you son got his coat back. And wow, that mileage is impressive.

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    • Thanks very much, I’m very pleased with my mileage! Glad to hear you enjoyed the book, I’m really look forward to reading it!

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  3. amazing progress on ur parkrun!! I wonder how u manage to do it in the cold rain! Hope ur son is having a good time in Germany. How is the book, what is its genre? It has a very interesting front cover. It can feel pretty weird when after having to do so much work, one day you have nothing to do. But the normal days come and they come fast so savour the relaxing days when they come

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    • The book is a psychological thriller, which is my favourite sort of book! It’s not much fun running in the rain, but I just keep going!

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  4. It sounds like you had a lovely mothers day. Oh wow! Your daughter is nearly as tall as you now.
    You are really racking the miles up running!
    Good on you for just relaxing and just watching the TV. Sometimes we need a break!
    Well done your son. My teen is going to revision classes at school over the Easter holidays because I know she works better at school. x

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    • I had a lovely Mother’s Day, thanks. Yep, my daughter is very nearly as tall as me! Revision classes at school sound good. They didn’t offer them at my son’s old school and I don’t think they offer them at his current school either. x

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  5. Sorry to hear about work, hope it picks up soon. The wee guinea pigs are so cute. Way to go on the running. That’s incredible x

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    • Thanks very much, the work is really frustrating! I desperately need it to pick up soon. The guinea pigs are lovely! x

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  6. Well done on the running. N matched your soggy shoes today after refusing to wear boots on wet grass in the gardens we went to – I wrung his socks out!
    That book looks like my type of book too. Hope the work picks up. I’ve found last week of March and start of April has seen lots of work offers for the blog come in so would assume freelance stuff would be similar with new budgets (not that the blog ones are always worth doing/are nofollow links)

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    • Thanks very much, I’m pleased with the running, but I’m hoping to have less rain from now on! The lack of work is frustrating. I haven’t even had any blog offers. I would happily take a couple of nofollow links right now because I need the money!

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  7. gosh I would have though you had run more miles than that this years with all the long runs you are doing.
    It was sleety and wet here as well during the week.
    Home made cards are the nicest.

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    • I thought I’d run a really long way! It’s so much further than I’ve run in previous years and I’ve built up the distance significantly from one month to the next. I’ve never really been a fan of homemade cards because our family isn’t good at crafting. I think a homemade card needs to have a fair bit of time and attention, otherwise it’s not actually very thoughtful! I’m pleased to say that the kids did very well this time, so maybe homemade cards will be our new thing.

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  8. Sounds like you are doing really well regards running. I have always struggled doing it and was asthmatic as a child. #365

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    • Thanks very much, it’s going really well! It’s not for everyone, though.

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  9. Well done on all the training but I’m really sorry that work has got so bad for you. Glad that your son managed to retrieve his coat, I’m dreading my son getting like this! #365

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    • Thanks very much! Needless to say the work has picked up a bit now it’s the Easter holidays! You might be lucky and have a son who isn’t disorganised!

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  10. You are dedicated to the cause running in the sleet! I hope you raise all the money you want to. Your number turning up is fab! Sorry to hear about the lack of work, it would totally stress me out. I really hope it picks up soon for you.

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  11. Hope work picks up soon…although must have been nice to be able to relax and watch a bit of TV for once.

    wow well done on all that running and I am impressed with your dedication on running in the rain and cold!

    Glad your son managed to get his coat back!

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    • Thanks very much! Needless to say work has picked up now it’s the Easter holidays! It was actually surprisingly nice to sit and watch TV. I will be glad when the weather finally warms up for running. It’s only three weeks until the marathon and I have to wear my charity vest!

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  12. Work sounds frustrating, I have been manic trying to complete all my yasks before the Easter holidays so that I can relax and ocus on the kids. I’d love to meet more authors but I’m not sure many come to our local book shop. #project365

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