Project 365 2019 Week 9

The kids are back at school, after a couple of inset days, I’ve been running a lot and work has been rather quiet. The photos have definitely gone way downhill since last week.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 55 – Sunday 24th February – today was a good day. I did a 13 mile run on my own – the first time I’ve ever run 13 miles without it being an actual race. My husband ran the Bourton 10k (his first ever 10) in the very good time of just over 46 minutes, which I like to call ‘two fast parkruns’. Then my son’s team won their football match 4-2 (their first win in ages) and my son scored all four of the goals!

Running, Marathon training, 365

Day 56 – Monday 25th February – my younger son went back to school, but the other two kids had an inset day. I shared my blogpost on why I’m running my marathon for charity and was overwhelmed by the support. My son had a school football match, which wasn’t as good as yesterday’s match. They lost 3-1, although my son scored the goal. The February heatwave continues. I did actually see this get up to 18 today.

Temperature, Weather, Heatwave, 365

Day 57 – Tuesday 26th February – the other two kids went back to school. I didn’t have a lot of work. The temperature got up to 19 degrees today.

Country walk, Countryside, Weather, Sun, 365

Day 58 – Wednesday 27th February – my younger son had an inset day today. He actually needed it, the two football matches had taken it out of him and he was really aching yesterday. In the evening I went to see one of my favourite authors, Clare Mackintosh (author of I Let You Go, I See You and Let Me Lie) talking at Waterstones in Cheltenham. It was a really lovely and interesting event.

Books, Clare Mackintosh, Waterstones, 365

Day 59 – Thursday 28th February – all of the kids were back at school today. It won’t last for long as my eldest has A Level mocks next week. The February heatwave is over and we had lots of rain.Our fence half blew down in the autumn and it finally got replaced today. It actually belongs to my neighbours, so they paid for it and it’s made our garden look a lot better. They had to pull a few weeds up to get the fence in, which was a win. Although a few of my beloved daffodils did get squashed.

Fence, New fence, Garden, 365

Day 59 – Thursday 28th February – I’m really enjoying my marathon training and now running five days a week, totalling more than 30 miles a week. I ran 111 miles in February, which is the only time I’ve EVER run over 100 miles in a month – and it’s a short month! That takes me to 196 miles already this year. To put that into context, I ran 53 miles in total last February, taking me to a total of 117 miles for the year to the end of February.

Running, Distance, Marathon training, February, 365

Day 60 – Friday 1st March- Clearly the trainers I bought following Stroud half marathon won’t make it all the way to the marathon, so I’m breaking in a new pair. I may still buy yet another pair to break in too!

Trainers, New trainers, 365

Day 61 – Saturday 2nd March – I started the day with a six mile run, with a slow parkrun in the middle. I went to see my son play football for the school and it was another bad game – this time a 0-0 draw. My husband is continuing to work on the lounge at the weekend. We’ve now got a white blind on the side window and he’s painted the window frame white – it was still dark brown from when we moved in five years ago.

Lounge window, New blind, 365

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  1. Well done on your running total for last month Sarah, and I bet the changes in your living room are making a huge difference. The evening at Waterstones sounds fun x

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    • Thanks very much, I’m really pleased with the running! The lounge is looking better and better. x

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    • I was so pleased with our sporting day on Sunday. The daffodils were a small sacrifice to make for a nice fence.

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  2. Well done on your running and your son scoring 4 goals! That is fab.

    The fence looks great and loving the colour of the trainers!

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    • Thanks very much. My son did so well with his football. My trainers won’t stay that colour for long, unfortunately!

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  3. Wow, that’s a lot of running. And a lot of good sporting stuff going on. I still have Claire’s first book on my bedside ‘to read’ pile from whenever I bought it. Oops!

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    • You definitely need to read the Clare Mackintosh book, you will love it! It was definitely a good week for sport.

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  4. Lots of running, in fact it sounds like a successful sporting weekend for the whole family. That window does look better for being white.

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    • The window looks so much better being white!

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  5. You’re such a sporty family! I’m in awe, as we are complete opposites. Well done for your running total, for your DH doing 10K and son’s team winning on Sunday.
    Thanks goodness, we didn’t have any Inset days in our schools.
    I don’t think I’ve read anything by Clare Mackintosh, though I must have seen her books in shops. Is she writing in different genres? The family book looks like chick lit from the cover, while the other one’s cover is similar to most psychological thrillers’ covers.

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    • We do love sport in our family! She is writing in different genres, well spotted! She has written three psychological thrillers. The family book is a collection of her writing for Cotswold Life magazine. She actually started out as a parent blogger!

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  6. Well done with the running!
    The weather was so lovely the past week. Such a shame it’s been wet and grey over the weekend.
    The window frame looks so much better white. The blind looks fab too x

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    • Thanks very much, I’m so pleased with the white window and blind. It was so nice having the lovely weather. I hope it’s back soon! x

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  7. Oh my goodness over a hundred miles in February thats amazing, it sounds like you are doing really well. My friend was talking to me about breaking running shoes in the other day. I can not get over how crazy the weather was last week I only saw it go up to 16 but that was enough when you think we had snow this time last year. Really like the look of the new fence x

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    • I loved the warm weather, it really did feel like summer! To be honest, running shoes don’t need too much breaking in, but it would be crazy to run a race in brand new ones (although I did do it once, so I’m now more careful to buy news ones earlier!).

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  8. I am always in awe of your running, you do so much, but looks like you love it. Such a great success for your sporting family. Looks like such a good weekend. I love the window, it looks great xx

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    • I absolutely love the running. It will be weird when I’ve done the marathon and I have to scale it back. We’re really pleased with the window. x

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  9. That is certainly a lot of running that you’ve packed in this year. Sports was never my forte at school but I understand how healthy it can be. #365

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    • We love sport in our family. I couldn’t imagine life without it, but I know it’s not for everyone.

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  10. That is a good running total. Must be nice to be successfully building up the miles when out by yourself with nobody but yourself to motivate you.
    We might have the same problem with our fence shortly, well next doors but we share it. It has been pointed out to them that the posts are broken and one good storm will see it down.
    I could live all year with the temperatures we have had,

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    • It is really nice to be building up the miles. I suspect I will miss marathon training when it’s all over. My neighbours were very good about dealing with the fence, I’m pleased to say.

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  11. it’s amazing how a new fence can change the look of a garden, i did wonder if ours may blow down but no reports from our tenants yet. Well done on that run and to your son for his 4 goals, hope the mock A levels went well this week

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    • Thanks very much, he did very well with his four goals! My eldest has seemed happy with his mocks, so we will see what the results tell us in a couple of weeks.

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  12. We’ve now had rain for a week so I’m looking back at the warm weather pics and trying to remember! #project365

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