Project 365 2019 Week 13

It’s been another quiet week of work, but at least the weather has been sunny.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 83 – Sunday 24th March – yet another longest run ever! Today I ran 18 miles, and so did my husband, who isn’t even running the marathon. It felt good up to 13 miles, but 15-16 miles were tough. I’m glad I didn’t go to my son’s football match in the afternoon, as he described it as ‘the worst football match of the season’. I’m sorry to say it has a lot of competition for that title!

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Day 84 – Monday 25th March – a busier day of work, thank goodness! I also published a blogpost about a blogging wobble, which really struck a chord with a lot of other parents of teenagers. Most mornings, I post a photo of one of the windows around my house on Instagram Stories, with the day, time and temperature on it. I was both amused and happy to discover that my friends actually use this to check the weather!

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Day 85 – Tuesday 26th March – following my post yesterday, I got lots of good advice on how I could develop my blog to gradually take it in another direction. One of my favourite comments came from a real life friend, who said ‘You know more about running than you think you do’. There was a lot of support for running tips, so I started drafting and taking photos.

We had my eldest’s parents’ evening today. We’re used to hearing bad things about him, but this was a complete turnaround! He’s started working much harder, has done very well in his mocks and could be looking at some decent A Level grades. There may have been tears in my eyes when I heard that.

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Day 86 – Wednesday 27th March – I had a little bit of work, but not enough to keep me busy or to earn me enough money. The weather is nicer, I’m managing to hang a few things out on the washing line and the garden is getting more colourful!

Garden, Spring, Flowers, 365

Day 87 – Thursday 28th March – I did a 10 mile this morning, the longest midweek run on the entire training plan, and it felt good! I had even more driving around than usual in the evening, as my eldest had a school trip, then I had to drop him off at work. I hardly notice this tiny tree on the front garden for most of the year, but it does have the most beautiful blossom.

Blossom, Spring, Flowers, 365

Day 88 – Friday 29th March – we should have been leaving the EU today, who knows what will happen there? My son is going to Germany for the German exchange in the early hours of Sunday, so we’ve been getting his stuff ready. When a boy grows constantly, he doesn’t really have quite enough clothes that fit to get him through 10 days.

clothes, packing, son, German exchange, 365

Day 89 – Saturday 30th March – a very misty start to the day. I was pleased to get four of us out for parkrun today, especially as my son pushed himself and my husband to very good times.

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. 18 miles, wow! What a great result! Glad to hear that the parents’ evening was a lovely surprise for you, and that you son is doing well.
    Beautiful flowers – you garden looks so colourful!
    Hope your son’s trip to Germany goes smoothly.

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    • Thanks very much, I was really pleased with the 18 miles, and even more pleased with my son’s parents’ evening! I knew he’d done better than expected in his mocks, but was still so happy to see his teachers’ positive comments.

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  2. Wow! 18 miles! Good on your husband for running with you too!
    As much as I love you blogging about your teens I would still read if you blogged about running as I find it so interesting even though I don’t run, at all!
    Well done your eldest! The parents evening sounds wonderful!
    I hope your son has a great time in Germany x

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    • Thanks very much, my husband is amazing to keep running with me!
      That’s lovely to hear that you would sill read my blog if there was more about running in there. I must admit there are plenty of things I like reading about too that I don’t do and don’t have any intention of doing!
      I’m sure my son will have a brilliant time in Germany. x

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  3. I have to say, I love your window pics, on IG. I go looking for them, also because I remember you don’t sleep well, so I’m always curious what time you’ll get up lol. Well done on the 18 miles, sounds like your training is going incredibly well x

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    • Thanks very much, I had no idea that people liked my window pics on IG until the other day! Even though I wake up early every day, I don’t tend to get up until 6.
      The training is going really well, thanks. x

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  4. So pleased to hear you’ve got several ideas for your blog direction. Good going on the training.
    Thankfully N isn’t a fast grower (yet), but I think this summer will be an expensive one for next size up clothing compared to last year. Hope your son’s german exchange trip goes ok.

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    • Thanks very much. There might be some subtle changes to the blog over the coming months. I’ve had to buy so many clothes for my son over the past year. He’s pretty skinny, but he is actually too big for men’s small clothes now, which I find hard to believe. The only good thing is that his feet seem to have stopped or slowed right down (although he does get holes in shoes, so that’s not ideal!). I’m sure he will have the best time on his exchange.

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  5. Awesome! 18 miles! & I love ur shirt! Good to know that u got advice on ur blogging. I feel too you could write alot about running. Hopefully your son does well in his Alevels, i know the struggle. Hope he enjoys Germany!

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    • Thanks very much! It’s great having lots of friendly bloggers around, sharing their words of wisdom! It sounds like my son should do pretty well in his A Levels, as long as he does enough revision.

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  6. Lovely that your husband comes out running with you and well done on your achievements to date, you could probably blog a lot about routine and preparation to running, love the colourful picture of your garden

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    • It’s great that my husband is running with me on a Sunday. There are so many aspects of running I could write about and I’ve been trying to organise my thoughts! The garden is starting to look lovely now, although definitely still too many weeds and the grass is either dead or too long!

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  7. Well done on your eldest’s parents evening, fingers crossed he sticks with it all now. Your running is inspiring, so blogging about it seems to make perfect sense to me #365

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    • Thanks very much, I’m really hoping my son keeps working now. It’s only seven weeks until the first A Level. Thanks very much, that’s a lovely thing to say about my running. I’ve got a few things drafted now!

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  8. Wow 18 miles, that is awesome. Glad to hear that the parents’ evening went well and was a lovely surprise. Well done to your son. Those flowers are gorgeous, we still have none. Hope your son enjoys Germany x

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    • Thanks very much. I’m so proud of my son with how well he’s done in his mocks and it was nice to get a positive parents’ evening at last!
      Our garden is getting very colourful. Hopefully it won’t be too long until you have some flowers too. x

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  9. glad you are not letting your blogging blip end your blog. I am sure you will find interesting posts to write.
    !8 miles is amazing, maybe do a post on “My first marathon”? Great hat hubby is supporting you still.
    Hope the exchange trip is going well.

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    • Thanks very much. I’m not going to stop blogging until I have literally nothing left to write about! And I will definitely be doing a post on my first marathon. My husband has been a great support to me with the running.

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  10. I tend to have a blogging wobble about once a month. I will pop over and read your post. Well done on the running you are doing amazing. Love the beautiful colours of the flowers. Hope your son has a great time in Germany.

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    • Thanks very much! A blogging wobble every month is a lot! I’m really pleased with the running, thanks. Only a month to go! My son will have a brilliant time in Germany.

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  11. I think we all have a blogging wobble now and again. May you work out which way you wish to take it and it be fulfilling for you. #365

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    • Thanks very much. I’ve got a few ideas in mind, so I will see what happens with it.

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  12. Well done on the running! The fact that your friends use your post to check the weather made me smile!

    Well done on the eldest’s parents evening! That must have been lovely to hear!

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    • It was so good to hear really good reports at parents’ evening. He’s turned things around in literally the last few weeks. I was very surprised that my friends check the weather with my Instagram stories!

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  13. How lovely to hear positive things about your son when you weren’t execting them. I agree: you know so much about running, I wonder which direction you will head in… #project365

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    • It was really lovely to hear those things! He seems to have turned things around at school so quickly recently. Thanks, I do know a lot about running, but I’m also learning fast, as marathon training is uncharted territory for me.

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