Project 365 2019 Week 12

It’s been a hectic week, with a lot of extra meetings for school and various other things. Sadly work has been quieter than ever though.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 76 – Sunday 17th March – the day started well with a 16 mile run, yet another longest run ever. Then I went to watch my son’s football and unfortunately they lost again, but at least my son scored. Later in the day, things started going wrong. My eldest was behaving like an absolute brat and couldn’t see it. I was still feeling upset by his thoughtless behaviour 24 hours later. In the meantime, my daughter fell down the stairs while carrying the hoover (something she has been told not to do). The hoover fell onto her arm and we ended up at A&E. It’s not broken, but she’s in a lot of pain.

marathon training, running, selfie, 365

Day 77 – Monday 18th March – my daughter’s arm felt a bit better. I caught this sunrise first thing. I don’t think there was anything else worth reporting all day.

Sunrise, Sky, 365, Silhouettes

Day 78 – Tuesday 19th March – I’ve been feeling a bit down for the last few days, due to my eldest’s silly behaviour and also my lack of work. I had a bit more work today and it really made a huge difference to my mood. Spring officially starts tomorrow (although in my book it started on 1st March) and my magnolia tree is looking beautiful. I had a meeting for each of my boys in the evening.

Magnolia tree, Blossom, 365

Day 79 – Wednesday 20th March – normal service is resumed on the work front, with nothing! In the afternoon I went to my son’s school to pick up his mock A Level results. Marathon training is a six days a week thing. Wednesday is the worst day of the week for me, because I have to do an hour of body conditioning. I find it both boring and painful, but it must be doing me good, right?

Dumbells, Weights, Body conditioning, Marathon training, 365

Day 80 – Thursday 21st March – another quiet day of work. Thursday evenings are always a rush as I go to a tap dance class where my daughter does her ballet. I only have a few minutes to take her home and get back for my own class. I’m still as crap as ever at tap dancing.

Tap shoes, Tap dance, 365

Day 81 – Friday 22nd March – my eldest had a school trip and had to be at school at 6.45am, luckily my husband took him! I had zero work again, then only my younger son got home from school at normal time. The other two needed picking up from different places at the same time, so my younger son agreed to walk to meet his sister. It was a three mile walk in total for him, I was so impressed! This was my lunch today. Us vegetarians struggle to get enough protein, which can be a problem when you’re training for a marathon six days a week.

Quorn sausages, Cheese, Lunch, 365, Vegetarian, Protein

Day 82 – Saturday 23rd March – my husband and I ran Worcester parkrun for the first time, which was very nice. Then we went to watch my son play football in Worcester – the last school football match of the season. Sadly they lost again, but he scored a really good goal.

parkrun, Worcester parkrun, Worcester Woods, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Well done with the running! 16 miles is amazing!
    What a rotten day on Sunday. I hope you girls arm is feeling better now.
    That is a pretty sunrise!
    I hope the mock A level results were OK.
    That is lovely your son helped out by picking your daughter up. x

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    • Thanks very much, the arm is fine now, thank goodness! The mock results were better than we expected. I was so pleased with my son for picking my daughter up. It was a great help. x

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  2. Oh, what a week for you! Hope your daughter’s arm is better now. Well done on 16 miles’ run, and to your son for scoring in both games.
    The sunrise is beautiful. And I have a magnolia tree envy. I love magnolia, but I don’t have space in the garden for another tree.

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    • The arm is better now, thank goodness! My son was happy with his goals, despite the results.
      I absolutely love my magnolia tree, it is so tall! It’s just a shame the blossom doesn’t last a bit longer.

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  3. That’s so nice of your son to get your daughter.
    We don’t see much white magnolia round here. It’s lovely to see it al out isn’t it. Everytime I hear you talk about tap I think I’d like to try it. I think I’d have been quite good at it – I know a couple of basic things. But the thought of having to wear tight clothes to go to lessons is cringey. I never did it as a child because it clashed with brownies, so I did modern dance instead (which wasn’t my thing!)

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    • It was really lovely of my son to help out like that.
      I bet you would be good at tap. You don’t have to wear tight clothes – people in our class wear whatever they like. Some of the older ladies just literally wear their everyday clothes. I wear running stuff of course!

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  4. how lovely of your son to walk and collect his little sister.
    Personally think I might have been tempted to say to eldest to make his own way home, brat behaviour deserves no rewards ( but then I dont know how feasible that is)
    Glad her arm is ok, maybe lesson learned over the hoover.
    Glad the marathon training is still on track.

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    • I don’t reward brat behaviour, but unfortunately my eldest’s school is nine miles away and there is no public bus he can get, so if he is unable to get the school bus, I have no choice but to pick him up. My younger son picking up my daughter was a great help.
      She definitely won’t be carrying the hoover up and down stairs any more!

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  5. well done with all the running, can’t believe you’d run 15 miles the day we met up with Mary, we were both shattered just walking around the docks lol. Hope your eldests behaviour has picked up and that was lovely of the middle child to collect his sister on foot

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    • Thanks very much, I do tend to recover from the running pretty quickly, although it usually hits me in the evening. I’m pleased to say my eldest’s behaviour did improve after a couple of bad days. I was so pleased with my younger son for picking his sister up. He didn’t even question it!

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  6. That’s so nice of your son to get your daughter. It’s good to see they do these things. We don’t have any blossoms around yet, it is nice to see. I loved tap, but not as much as ballet, I did it a few years back as an adult as it’s one of the dance classes that do allow adults. I love following your daughters dancing xx

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  7. Well done on the training, I admire your dedication. Thank god your daughter hadn’t broken her arm! sorry to hear that work is still quiet, I’m finding the same with blog work 🙁 #365

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  8. Ah dancing now that is one exercise regime I can actually get along with #365

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    • I wish I was good at it! I do enjoy it, but I’m terrible.

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  9. I have always wanted a Magnolia tree its so pretty!! I am sorry about the slow work, is there anything you can do? Sounds like the running is going really well. I hope your daughter is okay? Why do they always do the opposite to what we tell them?!

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    • My daughter is fine, thank goodness! There’s not a lot I can do about the slow work, other than wait! It always picks up after a few weeks or a couple of months.

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  10. Sorry to hear your eldest’s behaviour upset you!

    Wow that is a lot of training!

    Glad your daughters arm wasn’t broken but can imagine how painful it must of been!

    Loving the magnolia tree! Really want one in our garden

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    • Thanks very much. I suppose bad behaviour is to be expected from a 17 year old from time to time. The training is really full on! It was a relief that my daughter’s arm wasn’t broken. We’re very lucky with the magnolia tree – it was here when we moved in and is as tall as the house.

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  11. The marathon training really is demanding isn’t it? I hadn’t thought about diet, but I guess it’s important too. I love the magnolia tree picture.

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    • The training is really demanding, but I love it. Diet is really important to get enough calories, but also for me because I have IBS I have to be a bit more careful. Thanks, the magnolia tree is stunning!

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  12. Shame the football team keep losing but at least he’s scoring goals! How worrying for your daughter. I broke my foot falling downstairs 10 years ago #project365

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