Project 365 2019 Week 11

We’ve got another teenager in the house and it’s been a very quiet week of work.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 69 – Sunday 10th March – I did my longest run ever – 15 miles! There will be plenty more ‘longest runs ever’ to come over the next few weeks. In the afternoon I went to meet two lovely blogging friends, Suzanne from Chicken Ruby and Mary from Over 40 and a Mum to One. Later in the day, we had the most random and sudden snow storm I’ve ever seen.

Running, Marathon training, 15 miles, 365

Day 70 – Monday 11th March – a lovely sunny day, although still with the bitter wind. I’m cheating with this photo because it was clearly taken yesterday.

Friends, Bloggers, 365

Day 71 – Tuesday 12th March – work has been getting gradually quieter over the last couple of weeks, but it’s been virtually non-existent this week. It really needs to pick up soon! I liked the contrast of this daffodil in our garden against all of the dead stuff.

Daffodil, Garden, 365

Day 72 – Wednesday 13th March – we don’t bake in our house, but as it’s her birthday tomorrow, my daughter wanted to make some cornflake cakes for her friends. We were allowed one each too and they were delicious!

Daughter, Cakes, Birthday, 365

Day 73 – Thursday 14th March – my daughter’s 13th birthday! She always gets very excited about her birthday, which is lovely to see. She was very lucky, with lots of nice presents. We went to Pizza Express after school, then my mum and dad came round for birthday cake.

Birthday presents, 13th birthday, Pumba, Daughter, 365

Day 74 – Friday 15th March – another very quiet day of work. My little niece and nephew came round for birthday cake in the evening.

Birthday cake, 13th birthday, Daughter, 365

Day 75 – Saturday 16th March – my daughter has never been to a hairdresser before or had a proper haircut. She’s dreamed of having a blow dry and asked for one for Christmas. She cashed her voucher in today and got her hair blow dried ready for her friends coming round later. I thought it would take about 40 minutes, but apparently they usually take an hour. My daughter’s hair took two hours!

Daughter, Hair, Long hair, Blow dry, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I have hair envy, I could never get my hair that long. You looked amazing on Sunday and not at all like you’d run 15 miles in the morning! Hope your daughter had a lovely birthday #365

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    • Thanks very much, it’s amazing how a shower can make a person look better after a run! I could never get my hair that long either, I always dreamed of waist length hair.

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  2. It seems crazy that some of the UK has had snow this past week. We’ve had none.
    I hope work picks up for you soon.
    The cornflake cakes look fab! It’s been years since we made any. I think we need to.
    Happy birthday to your girl. It looks like a fab pile of presents.
    Your daughters hair is beautiful! With the length I can imagine it taking hours to do.

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    • The snow lasted literally minutes, it was very strange! I think we will be making more cornflake cakes soon, they were delicious. My daughter had a lovely birthday, but I had no idea her hair would take that long to do!

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  3. Big well for doing a 15 miles run, that is impressive! How lovely to meet up with Mary and Suzanne. Love your triple selfie.
    The cornflake cakes look tasty. Eddie was asking me to make him some just yesterday, I really should make a batch.
    Happy belated birthday to your daughter! Her hair looks lovely.
    I’ve been to a hairdresser only once in my life. 🙂

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    • Thanks very much, it was lovely to meet up with Mary and Suzanne and I think the photo turned out very well! Wow, you are even more impressive than my daughter with the hairdresser! Nobody can believe she’s never been before. This wasn’t really a proper hairdresser as they don’t do cuts, only blow drys!

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  4. I would love hair like your daughters! Its beautiful. Sounds like she had an amazing birthday. Well done on the thirteen miles I am super impressed. Hope that you all had a great time when you met up its so nice to actually meet the friends we make online. x

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    • I would love hair like my daughter’s too! She had a really lovely birthday. It was so nice to meet up with Suzanne and Mary. I met up with Suzanne last year, but I haven’t seen Mary for years. x

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  5. Kool week you had! I’m curious to know how the sudden snow storm looked like. The cornflake cakes looks great! I hope your daughter had a great birthday! Love the cake & her hair!

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    • The snow storm was so quick that I didn’t even have time to photograph it! It didn’t help that I was driving at the time. My daughter had a lovely birthday, thank you.

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  6. Your daughter’s hair looks lovely. Sounds like she had a lovely birthday. We always have a caterpillar cake for H’s birthday – it’s what he likes best.

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    • She had a really lovely birthday, thanks. We’ve had a lot of caterpillar cakes over the years! My kids are happy with any sort of chocolate cake though.

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  7. Wow her hair is so long and lovely, and is it even a birthday if Colin the Caterpillar doesn’t make an appearance. Sounds as if she had a lovely few days celebrating turning 13 x

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    • She certainly made the most of her birthday and milked it as much as possible! My younger son literally couldn’t care less when it’s his birthday, I don’t know how they can be so different. x

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  8. a 15 mile run followed by a visit is amazing, I would be flat in a heap afterwards ( not that I could run 15 yards let alone 15 miles) Admire the dedication you pout in.
    Happy belated birthday to the teen. I love to bake and a home made cake is a part of all the grandchildren’s birthdays. Hope her friends enjoyed the krispie cakes.

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  9. Thanks very much, I was pretty tired after the run, but it helped that we were sitting down chatting in the afternoon.
    Baking is unheard of in our house! My daughter likes the idea of it, but never actually does it, so making krispie cakes was quite a big deal.

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  10. Hope your daughter had the best birthday. Her hair looks amazing. She has gorgeous hair. You look fabulous and well done on the run xx

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  11. Loving the look of those chocolate cakes a reminder that Easter is on it’s way #365

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    • It seems like we’re waiting forever for Easter this year!

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  12. Well done on the 15 mile run!

    Happy 13th Birthday! My eldest turns 13 in June…can’t believe how quick that seems to have come round!

    Such beautiful hair!

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    • Thanks very much! The time does fly, doesn’t it? I can’t believe my baby is a teenager.

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  13. Your daughter’s hair looked gorgeous. I’ve never had mine longer than just past my shoulders – I don’t think it’d ever go longer than that.

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    • Thanks very much, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Mine goes to just past my bra strap and that’s its limit! I always wanted waist length hair, but it never happened.

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  14. Love R’s hair it looks great. sounds like she had a fab birthday, it was lovely to meet up with you again, feels a long time ago now,

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  15. Incredible hair! I have to cut my daughter’s as she is a nightmare having it washed and combed! #project365

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