Project 365 2019 Week 10

My eldest had his A Level mocks this week. It’s crazy to think that in just over two months he will be doing the real things!

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 62 – Sunday 3rd March – my husband, brother-in-law and I ran Warwick half marathon. I ran at my marathon pace, which was 22 minutes slower than my PB. The weather was very wet and cold, but I still enjoyed it.

Warwick half marathon, Running, Marathon training, Medal, 365

Day 63 – Monday 4th March – I had a busy day of work, although most of my work was a bit different to usual and not very well paid. In the afternoon I went to watch my son playing football for the school. Sadly they suffered a massive defeat. To make matters worse, the weather was ridiculously cold. This is the sky above the football ground.

Sky, Football, Son, 365

Day 64 – Tuesday 5th March – it was a cold and quiet day with not a lot of work. The bright yellow daffodils in my garden are dying off now, but these white ones are all starting to come out.

Daffodils, Garden, Spring, 365

Day 65 – Wednesday 6th March – it was a rather frustrating work day, with a lot of waiting around and not much actual money earned. I said last week that I was thinking of buying yet another pair of trainers for the marathon, so I did! The new pair are identical to my current pair, which I have had for just over four months. You can see the effect running 400 miles has on a pair of trainers.

Trainers, Running, Marathon training, 365

Day 66 – Thursday 7th March – another cold and rainy day. I wanted to watch my younger son’s football match, but I had to help my husband out by dropping him off and picking him up for his MOT. Typically, my son scored two goals. He came home with wrecked football boots, so he will need some new ones before Sunday.

Football boot, Football, Son, 365

Day 67 – Friday 8th March – the mocks are over already. We will have to wait to see how my son got on. I ran eight miles in the morning, which is the second longest weekday run on my entire training plan. I’ll be honest, it felt a bit boring. I also felt stressed all day with trying to catch up with work and house stuff, not helped by hunger and tiredness. On the plus side, these pink flowers in the garden look very nice!

Flower, Garden, Spring, 365

Day 68 – Saturday 9th March – apologies, I hadn’t intended to share another shoe photo, but that’s what happened. My daughter ran her first ever rainy parkrun (although it did stop soon after we started running). Thank goodness her best friend was there for the first time in ages, because she hated the rain. Sadly my nice new trainers have now been christened. It was tempting not to wear them, but if they didn’t get dirty today, they would have just got dirty next time I wore them.

Trainers, parkrun, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. expensive week for footwear, but well done on actually buying yourself a new pair. hope the mocks went well and the real ones even better, see you tomorrow

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    • We spend so much time and money in Sports Direct between us! We will find out the mock results next week. It was really good to see you yesterday!

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  2. Ahh! I am thinking the same about my teen. She’s been doing her GCSE mocks for the past couple of weeks and in a few months they’ll be the real thing. Why do they have to grow up so fast!
    Well done with the half marathon!
    Those daffodils are so pretty. I hardly ever seem to see white ones around here.
    Ahh! With all the running you do I expect you go through a lot of trainers. The one’s I have, I’ve had about 2 years and they look practically brand new. lol x

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    • It’s scary how the time flies, isn’t it?
      I’ve got a lot of these white daffodils. I quite like them, but you can’t beat the really bright yellow ones.
      A pair of trainers used to last me a couple of years when I was just doing a couple of short runs a week. Now it’s about five months and these new ones will be destroyed even quicker than that! x

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  3. I am very heavy on my walking boots ( support my weak ankle better than trainers) which I wear all the time but like you I get hundreds of miles out of them, but those hundreds of miles are clocked up in months. Hubby’s last forever in comparison. Totally agree they only had to get muddy once.
    Hope the mock results are what he deserves and has worked hard for.
    Shame work has not been too constructive or lucrative, hope it picks up for you.

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    • You and your walking boots sound very similar to me and my trainers!
      We will find out about the mock results next week. Ideally I’d like them to be quite good, but not brilliant, so he knows he still has to work for them.

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  4. Bet the new football boots were expense. I’m pleased N plays tennis (rackets at the moment are cheap) as he can just wear whatever trainers. Well, he does have indoor ones as well as outdoor ones he can get really scruffy.

    Glad the running training is going well. I can’t even entertain the thought of walking 8 miles, let alone running them. I’d get bored (as well as being in pain)

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    • The football boots were expensive! They’re cheap for little kids, but the prices go up massively once they’re into adults’ sizes. He won’t grow out of them, he will just destroy them in about a year.
      I don’t generally get bored when I’m running, but for some reason I wasn’t really feeling it last week.

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  5. You keep the sports shoes industry alive. 🙂 Well done on running a half marathon, and to your son for scoring twice.
    The sky above the pitch looks dramatic. The shame about the weather last week, cold and rainy most days.

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    • It sometimes feel like we do keep the sports shoe industry alive. Hopefully we won’t need to buy any more for a while now. The weather has been really unpleasant this last week.

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  6. Loving the colours of the shoes. My hubby has bought a couple of trainers that have ended up leaking despite saying they are waterproof! #365

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    • That’s very disappointing about the trainers. These do let water in if you run through puddles or get rained on badly. My feet were soaking wet after the half marathon.

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    • Thanks very much! Sadly it doesn’t take long to start messing up a pair of trainers.

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  7. Well done on the half marathon Sarah, and sounds as if your training is going well. Hope your son gets the results he wants in the mocks, and I must admit I am glad we have a year off this year x

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    • Thanks very much! We will find out the mocks results next week. I can imagine you’re happy to have a year off! We’ve got GCSEs next year, so no year off for us for a while. x

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  8. Way to go on the half marathon, that is truly awesome. I am glad your training is going well. I hope your son gets the results he wants. I am not sure I own walking boots or trainers. xx

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    • Thanks very much! I love that you don’t own walking boots or trainers! I used to be like that (with the walking boots at least), I wore the same whatever I was doing. Now I definitely see that there is a time and a place for practical clothing.
      We will find out my son’s results next week. x

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  9. Well done on the eight miles, I tend to buys more than one of the same thing if I really love it. I can see why you brought the same trainers, hope they break in as well as the first. Monkey goes through so many pairs of shoes and boots, hope you managed to pick up some more. Hope your work picks up too xx

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    • Thanks very much, work has been even quieter this week! I was told eight or nine years ago that these trainers were the right ones for me and I’ve had countless pairs since. They used to last a couple of years, now it’s only a few months as I run so much. x

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  10. You must be glad the mocks are out of the way. It’s amazing how 400 miles has such an effect. I can see why you want to run another pair in before the marathon.

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    • It’s a relief that the mocks are done, now the revision starts for the real thing! Strangely the biggest problem with this particular pair of trainers is the upper rather than the soles – I feel like my toe is about to go through them. There’s no way they would make it to the marathon!

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  11. Good luck with the Mocks!

    Those trainers did pretty well for the amount of miles they covered! Love the colour.

    Well done on the marathon, especially in that weather! And the sky looks pretty formidable in that picture

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  12. We only have one pot of daffodils and it is so sad when they have gone 🙁 Love the colour of your new trainers #project365

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