Her first periods

My daughter had her first period last autumn. She was just 12 and a half. We were out in a restaurant (very rare for us) and she texted me from the toilet. I showed her how to roll up some toilet paper until we could get home. We already had supplies at home, following an earlier scare, so we had no worries there. She has coped brilliantly with her periods ever since.

I know that there are girls who start their periods as young as 9 (how horrendous must that be for them), but to me 12 still seems very young to have to deal with that hassle. Every time I see that my daughter has got her period again, I just feel sorry for her. Yet she has never once complained. She hasn’t mentioned any stomach aches and I haven’t noticed her behaving in a hormonal way (perhaps not surprising as I’ve never had problems with being hormonal either).

I started my periods at 14. I remember I had one, then it was eight weeks until my next one, then a whole NINE MONTHS until the one after that. But my daughter is already very regular. Which again feels a bit unfair to me. Why couldn’t she benefit from all those months without them? I haven’t added up carefully enough to know whether it’s every 28 days, but I know it’s there or thereabouts.

Her second period was when she had her Grade 4 ballet exam, which is a real problem as you’re not supposed to wear knickers for your ballet exam. But again she took it all in her stride.

I make sure she has a plentiful supply of sanitary towels and bags to dispose of them in and I take her used towels out to the dustbin. Other than that, she just deals with everything on her own.

She was ill recently and she got her period, which was very bad timing. She wasn’t going to the toilet much, because she wasn’t strong enough to get out of bed or walk around the house. Of course I didn’t realise at first, because she’s so good at dealing with these things, but she must have found it hard to get to her sanitary towels too. I ended up throwing away a couple of pairs of her knickers – one immediately and one after a couple of washes in Vanish.

I admire her for not getting worried or upset by blood stained knickers. Of course, I wouldn’t get cross about them. But I also know that when I was her age, I would have been upset by them.

I realised it’s rather silly that all her knickers are white or very pale colours. She needed some darker ones.

‘Do you want me to get you some dark coloured pants?’

I was about to finish the sentence with ‘for when you have a period’, but she’d already said ‘Yes!’.

So maybe it does bother her more than I think it does. I’ve told her she must always talk to me if anything is worrying her or upsetting her – or if she needs anything.

But on the whole, she has coped brilliantly with her first few periods, way better than I ever would have imagined.

How did your daughters cope with their first few periods? Are they more resilient than we were at their age?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It sounds like she has coped brilliantly. My teen has been having periods for a good few years now and she does well. I hardly know she’s having them now. I am dreading my youngest starting though. She doesn’t cope well with things like this.

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    • Thank you, I’ve been really impressed with how she has coped, because periods really aren’t a pleasant thing at all! Hopefully things will go more smoothly for your youngest than you expect them to.

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  2. Oh I am not looking forward to this at all. My daughter is nine now and a friend was only saying recently that her niece had started her periods at 9 and that does seem so young. I did wonder if I need to explain about periods to my daughter now just in case as I would hate it to happen and to scare her. Hopefully, we have a few more years yet. It sounds like your daughter has it all under control which is amazing as it isn’t the nicest thing to have to go through at that age.

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    • Oh my goodness, 9 is very young! Maybe have the talk at 10? I really didn’t expect my daughter to start so young because I was 14 and she’s a skinny little thing. I’ve been very impressed with how she has coped with all, but would hate to think of a girl of 9 or 10 dealing with it.

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  3. I could have written this post Sarah, as Katie also started last Autumn and has been pretty regular. I am encouraging her to use an app to track them, as we go away in 4 weeks and I don’t really want them impacting her on holiday (though I can’t do anything about that). I bought her some black underwear from Primark which she seems happier about. I started my periods in year 6, and I am glad Katie got to year 8 before she started hers x

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    • Wow, you must have been pleased that Katie made it all the way to year 8! I do feel very sorry for girls that start while they’re still in primary school. The app is a good idea, I hadn’t even though of that. Black underwear is definitely the way forward! x

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