The cleaning nightmare

I’m not a fan of cleaning. The whole Instagram cleaning and organisation phenomenon has passed me by. Because it’s still cleaning, right? I would go as far as to say that I hate cleaning.

But I still do it. Because I don’t want to live in a dirty house.

I’m lucky that I have a husband who is very good at cleaning and tidying. I do the bulk of it, because I’m not the one who works 14 hours a day, but he still pulls his weight. He has a remarkable ability to clean up the kitchen after dinner and get everything into the dishwasher. What times him five minutes and one dishwasher load takes me half an hour, two dishwasher loads and A LOT of moaning.

My dream is to have a cleaner, but the unpredictable nature of freelance work means I can’t really justify the cost. There are times when I’m flat out working, but there are other times when I don’t have much to do. So of course I should be cleaning the bathroom or mopping the floor. Mopping the floor in particular makes me irrationally angry.

Maybe having a cleaner occasionally or temporarily would be a good idea, especially in a situation like end of tenancy cleaning. You know you want to get your deposit back, so you want to be sure the cleaning is up to standard. I’m pretty sure that my cleaning wouldn’t be up to standard in that case!

The other day I came up with a genius idea and put it to my husband. Sadly he hasn’t actually agreed to it. Because I am busy working and busy with the kids, I only really get the basics done. So the kitchen is clean (thanks to my husband), the bathrooms are clean (thanks to me) and the carpet is clean (mainly thanks to me paying my daughter £4 to do it!).

But the mopping doesn’t get done anywhere near as often as it should, nor do the cobwebs or the dusting. They’re the sort of thing I do only after three days of very little freelance work, when I’m on top of all the other admin which comes with being mum to three teenagers.

Anyway, I digress – my genius idea was to have a cleaner in quarterly just to do those jobs. Because I might do them in between, but if I don’t, at least I know they would be getting done thoroughly every three months. And you only see the dust and the cobwebs in certain lights, right? But as I say, I’m still waiting for my husband to agree with my genius idea.

In the meantime, I still hate cleaning. Hell will freeze over before Mrs Hinch makes me do it and Marie Kondo can take her ‘joy’ and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. If you know of any cleaners in the Gloucestershire area who are both cheap and good at their jobs, let me know!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. 20 years ago I would never have considered cleaning for a living but that is the direction life moved me and for all some weeks it can seem tedious it is also very flexible with no boss checking when you come and go or breathing down your neck when you are there.

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    • It’s good to know it’s a flexible job. There is definitely something good about not having a boss breathing down your neck. That’s why I like freelance work! I dislike cleaning my own house, so I could never do it as a job.

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  2. I can’t stand cleaning either but I must say I have tidied up my the boys t shirt drawers the way Marie Kondo does it, they are so much neater now.
    We once had a cleaner who came twice a week but she wasn’t really doing much in the hour that she was here so we stopped it. The cleaner was my other half’s idea and he keeps saying we should get someone again (but I think this is because he doesn’t want to pull his weight and help out)

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    • one two hour session would be more beneficial than two one hour sessions. much more would be achieved

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    • I definitely need to sort out my kids’ clothes! I do that quite often. The younger two are growing so fast at the moment.
      We’ve had a cleaner briefly a couple of times. The first time she resigned because she was pregnant and the second time they kept moving the goalposts – it went from one cleaner to two, then they started turning up for less and less time. I would really love to have a cleaner though!

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  3. I don’t mind cleaning but it’s all the deep cleaning stuff you have to do, like windows, skirting boards and yes the cobwebs. But I guess if you kept on top of those jobs then it wouldn’t need deep cleaning. But I definitely think an occasional cleaner would work really well x

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    • We do very little deep cleaning in this house! My husband will do the oven about once a year. The windows get done less than once a year. I must say I sometimes do the skirting boards with the hoover. I’d like a cleaner all the time really, but I think an occasional one would be a really good help. x

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  4. Haha, I feel your pain! I also hate cleaning and no internet fad will ever persuade me otherwise! I think we’ll get a cleaner when finances allow it and when we’ve got the house the way we want it. But that won’t be for a while yet!

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    • Fingers crossed for you. I’ve always wanted a cleaner, but my husband is very unwilling to part with the money. Part of the problem is that he enjoys doing jobs at the weekend (not usually actually cleaning) because it’s a change from work and he likes being at home. As I’m at home all the time, I have a different view on that! x

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