Project 365 2019 Week 8

It’s half-term and, is usually the case for us, it hasn’t been the most exciting week, although my photos are generally better than usual.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 48 – Sunday 17th February – the end of week 4 of my marathon training, and an 11 mile run. We didn’t do much else apart from that.

Running, Training, Marathon training, 365

Day 49 – Monday 18th February – the first day of half-term and I had very little work. This would be a blessing, if I’d actually known I wasn’t going to have much work! As it was, the highlight of the day was taking my daughter to have her HPV jab, because she missed it when she was off school ill the other week. After getting our new blinds last week, work is continuing on updating our lounge. My daughter and husband repainted the wooden TV cabinet at the weekend (the brown blind is on a side window and we definitely need to replace it with a white one!).

TV cabinet, Lounge, 365

Day 50 – Tuesday 19th February – my son had an unusual art project to do this week, so I decided today would be a good day to get it done. He had to create a piece of ‘land art’ outdoors. I’m really impressed with what he created, with no planning at all.

Art project, GCSE art, Son, 365, Countryside

Day 51 – Wednesday 20th February – the work on our lounge continues. Today the builder who did our ensuite bathroom last year came round to remove our gas fire. It was pretty ugly, but it was a lifesaver when our boiler broke last year. My daughter is very bored of half-term. All of her friends are away and I have to work in the mornings. In the afternoon, we went to town to get my son new school shoes and a new school blazer, after he destroyed his shoes and grew out of his blazer.

Fireplace, Lounge, 365

Day 52 – Thursday 21st February – my daughter is finding half-term quite hard. Her friends are all away and, with me working, she’s spending most of her time working on a geography project. She asked to go to Birmingham or Bristol today, so I opted for Bristol as I can drive there. At the last minute, the boys decided to come too. I didn’t really want all three to come, as they usually argue non-stop. They were actually very good, the weather was warm and sunny and it was a nice break from the house.

Bristol, 365

Day 53 – Friday 22nd February – a bit of a manic day. I have to go into my main client’s office to work once every two months and I have no control over when that actually is. It was today. I’m usually home by 3, but today I didn’t leave the office until 4.25, which is the longest I’ve ever left the three kids on their own together. I then had to get them to the dentist for 5.25. The office is in one town, we live in another town and the dentist is in a third town! By some miracle, we made it. In the evening, my daughter and I went into Cheltenham briefly to look at the buildings for Light Up Cheltenham and to go on this big wheel. I’ll admit, I was quite scared! I think I would have preferred to go on in the day as the views would have been better.

Big wheel, Cheltenham, Light Up Cheltenham

Day 54 – Saturday 23rd February – I’m cheating with this photo because I took it last night at Light Up Cheltenham. I ran parkrun in the middle of a six mile run. As I’m now running more slowly to train for my marathon, I ran parkrun with my daughter. I now have a day of chores which I haven’t managed to do during the week.

Light Up Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Fab photos!
    The TV cabinate looks great. It’s wonderful what a lick of paint can do.
    What a clever idea of your boy with his art project. It looks very arty!
    Eek! To the school shopping. My teen’s blazer has holes coming in the elbows and is really worn but I am not buying one as she only has a few months left at school.
    Aww! Your poor daughter. Such a shame she was stuggling with half term.
    It sounds like a bit of a rush on Friday. I am guessing the kids got on and survived each others company while being left together.

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    • Thanks very much. I’m very impressed with the cabinet, although I thought it was fine before! The kids did OK on their own, although my daughter texted to say that her brother wouldn’t help her get the guinea pigs out! My younger son hardly ate anything without me there to help him. Of course his siblings wouldn’t help him!

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  2. Sounds like a mixed week. Sorry to hear your daughter struggled with half term. Well done on an 11-mile run!
    Love your son’s outdoor project. It reminds me of Andy Goldsworthy; his natural materials projects are amazing.
    The big wheel is beautiful, but a bit scary too.

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    • I was really impressed with my son’s artwork. He just seemed to work it all out very quickly, despite doing no planning beforehand. The wheel looks stunning and I’m glad I went on it, but I was definitely scared!

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  3. Ah light up Cheltenham sounds good. There seems to be so many of those events going on, but we only ever have one in Oxford in November. Loving the art work – I think doing land art might have made me more interested in art han I was.

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    • My son didn’t like the idea of the land art beforehand, but as soon as we got to the hill he just really threw himself into it and I was very impressed with what he produced. His scientific brain obviously paid off this time!

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  4. Love the light up picture, great colours on the building. Think I might prefer the big wheel at night if I had to go on it, less aware of the height you are at, I just don’t go on things that move.
    Glad the three of them managed not to fight to much while they were out for the day, and driving with three of them would be cheaper than public transport so good choice to drive.
    The marathon training sounds like it is going well.

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    • I was pretty scared on the big wheel! It was too wobbly for my liking, but I’m glad I went on it anyway. I think they were pretty good when I was at work, but the kitchen was definitely a mess when I got home!

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  5. I would never have thought that the cabinet has been upcycled and not brought white. It looks great. Your sons art project looks really good too, it’s an unusual request for homework. Light up Cheltenham sounds like great fun and really like the big wheel. Although I’m with you and probably would have perfered the daytime x

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    • I’m so pleased with how the cabinet turned out. I never would have thought of painting it. I was really impressed with my son’s art and the way he tackled it. He really threw himself into it with a lot of enthusiasm. x

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  6. That outdoor artwork looks fab, I thought it was a ‘real’ installation when I saw it initially. You’re so lucky to be close to Bristol. Love the up cycling on that cabinet #365

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    • I thought he did a great job with the art. He’s got a really scientific brain, which was a big help in this case. Bristol is just a nice distance from us. It’s easy enough to visit for a couple of hours.

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  7. Sounds like a bit of an up and down week. Sorry to hear your daughter struggled with being off for half term, that isn’t easy. Well done on the run that’s fab. The big wheel looks fab too. I love the outdoor project too x

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    • My daughter used to be happy just watching TV while I was working, but she doesn’t watch much these days and just wanted either me or her friends to entertain her! I really loved the outdoor project. I keep wondering if it is still there. I’d like to go back and look, but I would feel sad if it’s gone. x

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  8. Light Up Cheltenham must be a new thing. I don’t recall it happening when I was a student there.. #365

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    • It’s pretty new. I can’t remember if it started last year or the year before.

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  9. What a shame your daughter’s friends were all away, I know how much Katie struggles when hers go on holiday. Light up Cheltenham looks lovely, and well done on going on the big wheel x

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    • Thanks very much, I was a bit scared! In the past my daughter would have just watched TV the whole time, but she seems to have moved on from that, which isn’t a bad thing! x

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  10. Looks like the living room is coming along well. I’d have rather gone up on the wheel in the daytime too. Whilst I can see it might be pretty with the lights, I’d rather have the view.

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  11. The cabinet has turned out really well!

    Aww can imagine how hard half term must have been if her friends are away.

    That big wheel looks amazing and the land art looks pretty cool. Didn’t realise Land Art was a thing!

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  12. I’m impressed at their dedication to schoolwork during the holidays! Love the art project #project365

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