Project 365 2019 Week 4

It’s been a much more straightforward week than last week (thank goodness!). Apologies for the high proportion of shoe photos, when it’s not even shoe week.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 20 – Sunday 20th January – already the last day of my daughter’s panto! I went along to watch for a third time. After a slow start, she grew to love the panto and there were tears when it was over. I wonder when she will need this stuff again. Will it be the end of this year or the start of next year?

Make-up, Hairspray, Panto, Daughter, 365

Day 21 – Monday 21st January – I was pleased to get lots of work done. After our week in our panto bubble, it was back to normality with ballet and Scouts. The ballet shoes were in perfectly good condition a week ago, but a week of panto seems to have completely destroyed them.

Ballet shoes, Ballet, Panto, Daughter, 365

Day 22 – Tuesday 22nd January – officially my first marathon training run. Although it was exactly the same as the runs I always do on a Tuesday! I’ll be mixing up my routine later in the week.

Running, Marathon training, 365

Day 23 – Wednesday 23rd January – we woke up to the lightest dusting of snow. Definitely not enough to have fun in or cause disruption, but enough to look pretty. I did some ‘body conditioning’ for the first time in preparation for my marathon.

Snow, Leaves, Garden, 365

Day 24 – Thursday 24th January – I was aching so much after the body conditioning that I couldn’t run! Went to see my son’s school football match. It was good to go and watch, but they didn’t play well and lost 3-1. My son is the striker and he didn’t even score their one goal.

Football boots, Football, Son, 365

Day 25 – Friday 25th January – a quiet day of work, which I don’t mind once in a while, especially as I know I’ve got lots of work coming up over the next few weeks. I had time to finish this stunning book – review coming up on the blog soon!

The Colour of Bee Larkham's Murder, Book, Reading, 365

Day 26 – Saturday 26th January – we started the day with parkrun as ever. I’m proud of my daughter as she has now managed four consecutive parkruns in 2019. She has only managed about one every four weeks for the last couple of years. My son played football for the school again this morning. They won 2-1 and he scored a goal, so that was an improvement.

parkrun, daughter, running, 365

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  1. It must be a relief that the panto has ended. The ballet shoes definitely need a replacement.
    I’ve read lot of good reviews of that book, and it’s on my ever-growing must-read list.
    We had a bit of frost too last week, it looked pretty. Eddie is hoping there will still be enough snow this winter to make a snowman.

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    • I think I’m hoping for enough snow to make a snowman too! We’re sad panto is over, but life is certainly easier without it.

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  2. I bet your daughter was gutted that the panto ended.
    Oh dear! Those ballet shoes do not look good at all.
    Good luck with the marathon training.

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    • Thanks very much, she was very sad that the panto was over. She will definitely be getting some new ballet shoes this week!

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  3. Glad the panto went well, hopefully everyone getting back into normal routine again. I’m so glad N’s tennis is indoors – no standing around outside in the cold!

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    • Thanks very much, the panto was a really good experience. Standing out in the cold isn’t much fun, but I’ve been doing it Saturdays and Sundays for eight years now, so I’m pretty much used to it!

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  4. I’ve never run a marathon so I’m interested to see just how much training it takes. My friend is running one this year. That’s an impressive start to the year on the park run front and I’m glad the panto went well. Luckily my eldest isn’t currently playing football for a team but he’s just requested one so I’m wondering if that will be us soon on a Saturday morning!

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    • Having a child play football for a team is such a great experience for them, which makes up for all the standing around and cold for parents. I wouldn’t change it. I’ve nevrr run a marathon either, although I’ve run lots of halfs. I’m sure it’s going to be hard work!

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  5. It must have felt a bit strange coming out of the panto bubble. Those ballet shoes have really taken a beating haven’t they? Will be interested to follow the marathon training. I have no idea what body conditioning is, but it sounds like it was hard work.

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    • It was a bit strange when panto ended, but then it’s straight back to four dance lessons a week, so we’re still busy! I had to look up body conditioning- it’s strengthening exercises, mainly for the core and legs, to help build up your strength for running.

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  6. glad she enjoyed the panto and her shoes will need replacing and well done on 4 park runs.
    I suppose they can’t win all the football matches.
    The body conditioning sounds hard if it made somebody as fit as you ache.

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    • Thanks very much. The body conditioning is a different kind of exercise to what I’m used to, so it took its toll! Sadly my son’s football team doesn’t win many football matches at all at the moment.

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  7. glad the football improved at the end of the week. What a cute Kath Kitson bag, they don’t have the themed bags as much over here, tend to be more floral. Lol at the ‘shoe week’

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    • Thanks very much. The football is in a bit of a rut at the moment, I can’t remember the last time his club team won a game. The Cath Kidston designs are constantly changing these days. I’m a sucker for an animal design or a London design.

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  8. I had no idea that ballet shoes wore out so quickly. Dancing has always been something I’m passionate about. #Project365

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    • They weren’t brand new shoes before the panto started, but they were in good condition. I was surprised at what a bad state they’d got into in such a short space of time!

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  9. Glad your son had more football success at the end of the week and well done to your daughter on her Parkruns. Can’t believe panto is done for her for another year, those poor ballet shoes #365

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    • Thanks very much. That was a very short panto! The ballet shoes wouldn’t have lasted much longer.

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  10. I think it must be bittersweet about the panto being finished. I do think the ballet shoes need a replacement, they are well used and how exciting new pointe shoes. It does look so pretty with frost and some dusting of snow I think xx I

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    • It is sad that the panto is over. She’s got her new ballet shoes already, thank goodness. x

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  11. Oh wow those ballet shoes didn’t last long did they!

    Must be sad the panto has ended but guess less rushing around now.

    Good luck with the marathon training!

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    • It was sad the panto was over, we’re just back to normal rushing around now, rather than panto rushing around! To be fair, she had had the ballet shoes for a while, but there were no holes before she started panto!

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  12. Hope you’ve recovered now from all the panto fun. The marathon training sounds like it’s going well and kudos to you for getting out in this collld cold weather!

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  13. I can’t believe the state of the ballet shoes in only a few weeks! Sign of how much fun she’d had! #project365

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