Project 365 2019 Week 2

After the lovely, relaxing break that was Christmas, I’d forgotten how full-on real life actually is. I think the word which sums up my week would be ‘frazzled’. But I’m pleased to have had a reasonable amount of work this week, as it often takes a few weeks to pick back up after Christmas.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 6 – Sunday 6th January – just as professional pantos are finishing, my daughter’s amateur panto is now days away. She had a long rehearsal today and came home with a pile of costumes, including a toddler-sized leotard she has to squeeze herself into. Exactly three weeks since his concussion, my son did his first sport – a football match, which they lost 2-0. I was just happy that it didn’t have any negative effect on his health.

Panto, Daughter, 365

Day 7 – Monday 7th January – back to school for two of the kids. My younger son goes back tomorrow and said he would get up at 8am. He got up at 11.15. My poor car finally went into the garage for repairs. I probably won’t see it again until the end of next week and the issue with the insurance still isn’t resolved.

Shoes, school shoes, Daughter, back to school, 365

Day 8 – Tuesday 8th January – my younger son went back to school and I had a pleasant work day with just the right amount of work (I usually have either too much or not enough). It looked and felt a bit like spring today. I absolutely live for spring and summer, so that is very good news for me, even though I do appreciate that spring is actually a long way off.

Tree, spring, buds, 365

Day 9 – Wednesday 9th January – my daughter came home from school yesterday devastated because she’d lost her watch. It’s a TomTom fitness watch we’d got her for Christmas and it was her favourite present. We’d bought it for less than half price in a flash sale, so it would have been very expensive to replace. But at 11am today, she sent me this photo.

Watch, Fitness watch, Daughter, 365

Day 10 – Thursday 10th January – I had to go for an interview to be a licenced chaperone, even though my licence won’t come through in time for the panto! It involved a lot of preparation and I was glad to get it out of the way. As I said, I live for spring, so I was very pleased to see these daffodils coming into bud in the garden (excuse all the weeds and general mess behind them!).

Daffodils, Garden, Flowers, 365

Day 11 – Friday 11th January – I took this on my afternoon walk today. I always think railways make interesting subject matter for photos. We very rarely go out to eat, but we went to Pizza Express this evening, funded largely by Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

Level crossing, 365

Day 12 – Saturday 12th January – my daughter is sticking to her resolution to do parkrun and every week and was really pleased with her time today. I was pretty pleased with mine today too.

parkrun, parkrun selfie, running, 365




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    • Such a relief that she found her watch, although I think it’s likely she will lose it again as it keeps coming loose. I can just imagine how many photos of railways you’ve got!

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  1. Good news on finding the watch, I miss my daughters show rehearsals, now that she’s away at uni. The weather has been strange here, freezing cold one minute and mild the next, although we have no daffodils, but they may be because the puppy last year probably dug them all up! Asa has had many concussions over the years playing both American Football and Rugby, and it does make me worried every time he plays, but he’d be far grumpier without playing!

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    • That is a worry having repeated concussions! I would never stop my son doing any of his sport because it has so many benefits for him, but I must admit I wouldn’t feel too sad if he decided not to play rugby at uni!

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  2. Glad to see your daughter managed to get her watch back (where was it?). Good luck with the panto! Frazzled as the word of the week would probably describe us as well.
    It feels it’s too early for daffodils, though the weather has been mild so far.
    The railway shot is super; love the building in the background.

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    • Thanks! I tried hard to get the building in the background of my railway photo. Our daffodils are usually in bloom in February, although I had one out on Christmas Eve a few years ago! My daughter’s watch was in the school office. Somebody had handed it in, thank goodness!

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  3. glad she found her watch, and well done on her getting up for park run.
    we spotted a few snow drops yesterday starting to emerge as well.
    hope you have your car back.

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    • It was such a relief that she got her watch back! She was certainly more reluctant to get up for parkrun this week, but I think she was pleased that she did. Hopefully I will get my car back before next weekend, it’s been a bit of a struggle without it!

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  4. I hope the panto is going well and it’s good news that your son is OK after his concussion.
    I’m glad you have the right amount of work. It did feel like spring earlier in the week.
    Ahh! I am so pleased your girl found her watch. What a relief for you all. Good on her continuing to do the parkrun! x

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    • I was so relieved that she got her watch back! My daughter is a bit up and down with this panto, but she’s enjoying it on the whole. Just a few more days to go! X

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  5. I am glad your daughter found her watch although sorry she was so upset. I am with you on the Springtime and Summertime and managed to spy some snowdrops the other day. I do love it when the daffodils come up. I really need to cash in some of our club card vouchers. Hope you have managed to sort out the car in time for the weekend x

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    • Thanks very much. Still not got the car, but I was expecting that! I really hope my daughter doesn’t lose her watch again. The strap seems a bit dodgy. Cashing in Clubcard vouchers is a great thing to do in winter!

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  6. I wish you all the best to be without the car right now and hoping that it should reach you soon! Its really bad to loose our favourite stuff and I am really happy to know that you guys got your stuff back where 99% cases domt recieve them! stay blessed

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    • Thanks very much. My daughter is lucky that she goes to a nice school where people will hand things in.

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  7. That is good news on finding the watch. I hope the panto goes well. The weather has been quite mild but with some days of heavy frost, nothing like I’d expect. I hope your son is doing ok, such a worry. Hugs xx

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    • My son seems to be fine, thanks goodness! I think we’ve only had three days of frost so far this winter, and one of those was in October! x

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  8. May the panto be a huge success. It sure sounds like it will be fun.

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    • Thanks very much, I really hope so!

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  9. Oh wow so nice of someone to hand the watch in and she got it back!!

    I have spotted a few daffodils around and does make you happy…although think we are just about to experience some real cold first! Hope you car is sorted soon!

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  10. phew to findng the watch, she must be so relieved to have it back. glad to hear there have been no further sporting injuries and that work is going well for you

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  11. Lots of positives this week. I’d love a lay in until almost noon! #project365

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