Project 365 2019 Week 1

Here we are again.  A new year and my SIXTH consecutive year of Project 365 – a photo every day for a year. I think I have missed literally about two photos over the last five years. That’s not bad considering I’m not an obsessive photo taker and I don’t actually include my favourite photography subject (my kids) on my blog.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 1 – Tuesday 1st January – running two parkruns on New Year’s Day is a big thing in the parkrun community and I was determined to do it this year. Our home parkrun doesn’t run an event on New Year’s Day, so we had to travel further afield for it. I loved every second of it!

Gloucester City parkrun, Parkrun, New Year's Day parkrun

Day 2 – Wednesday 2nd January – back to work for my husband and officially back to work for me. But as a freelancer, I find that things tend to come in rather slowly at the start of the year, so I actually did very little work. The day started with this beautiful sunrise.

Sunrise, 365

Day 3 – Thursday 3rd January – I had more work to do, which was a bit of a juggling act with the kids. My daughter has had a tough couple of days, so I was glad she was able to meet up with her friends for a while and also had a panto rehearsal. She chose today’s Throwback Thursday for my Instagram – my brother and I in about 1977.

Toddlers, Siblings, Throwback Thursday, Instagram, 365

Day 4 – Friday 4th January – the last day of the school holidays and the kids got up at 10am, 11am and 12pm! I don’t generally share blog-related stuff on my Instagram, but I have some friends who are going through a tough time and I really think this book that I reviewed would be perfect escapism, it’s such an uplifting and feel good read. So I put it on Instagram too!

On the Bright Side, Instagram, Hendrik Groen, Book review, 365

Day 5 – Saturday 5th January – apologies for sharing two parkrun photos in a week! This streak of lightning is my daughter. She’s decided that she wants to get to 100 parkruns this year and woke up happy to do parkrun. Normally when she does it, she moans! She ran with my dad, but then shot off at the end for a sprint finish.

parkrun, daughter, running, 365

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    • Thanks very much, we loved our New Year’s Day parkrun. I’m hoping to see my daughter out running a lot more regularly this year. Happy new year!

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  1. The two park runs sound like a lot of fun!
    That is such a pretty sunrise.
    So sorry your daughter has had a tough couple of days. I hope things are better now for her. Good luck to her for getting 100 park runs this year x

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  2. Six years is very impressive! I am just hoping to be able to do this one… Like the sound of the book I am wanting to try to read more this year as its something I don’t do enough of. Very impressed with the park runs. Happy New Year x

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  3. Looks like your daughter is floating in the air, great capture! Doing two parkruns in one day, and especially on New Year’s day shows a great determination. You look fab. And what a cutie you are in that photo with your baby brother. The sunrise is beautiful. Happy new year!

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    • Thanks very much, I absolutely loved doing two parkruns in a day! I usually snap my daughter as she runs for the finish line and take some truly horrendous photos, but that one turned out OK!
      Happy new year!

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  4. Happy New Year and well done on completing 2 park runs on one day. I look forward to seeing how R gets on with her challenge to complete 100

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    • Thanks very much! So far she seems quite motivated with her 100 parkruns aim, so I really hope she can keep it up when she’s tired from school. Happy new year!

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  5. Six years is very impressive. I’m not sure how many I am. Well done on the runs and good luck to your daughter trying to get to her 100. Such great photos. Happy new year x

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    • Thanks very much, I bet you’ve done many years too! I’m hoping my daughter stays enthusiastic about getting to her 100 parkruns. We know if she runs every week, her times will start to improve and that should motivate her.
      Happy new year! x

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  6. Your baby photo is so cute. A big well done on the two park runs in one day and sorry to hear about your girls rough day. Hope she’s feeling much better now x

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    • Thanks very much, she is feeling better, thank goodness! I was worried that it might drag on, but she was OK by the third day. x

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  7. What a great challenge your daughter has set herself, I hope she makes it. Three generations of you doing it is impressive.
    Two park runs in one day, well done.
    Great throwback Thursday picture,

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    • Thanks very much, I love that three generations of us do parkrun. My dad would never have run without it. My daughter seems pretty motivated at the moment, so I hope she keeps it up. I was so pleased to do the two parkruns in one day.

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  8. Good going on the park runs this week. I think I’m on year 5, although obviously now only doing 52 rather than 365. I take so much fewer photos now though.

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    • Thanks very much, I loved doing the parkruns! I think I take far fewer photos than most bloggers and I do sometimes struggle to come up with something. All of my best photos are of the kids!

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  9. Crikey 100 in one year that’s so many. I would struggle to run even one. #365

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    • She’s not going to run 100 in one year, she’s just going to reach the 100 milestone. She’s currently on about 68, so will have to be pretty regular this year to get there.

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  10. Happy New Year, its so lovely to catch up with how everyone is doing, I have missed this little community. Well done on completing 2 park runs in a day, and good luck to your daughter in the 100, although if she has your determination, I am sure she will be fine.
    One of the things on my list for 2019 is to read more, so I may give that book a try.

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    • Happy new year, it’s good to have you back! It is a lovely book and well worth a read.
      My daughter is very determined with a lot of things, but not usually with her running, so it will be interesting to see if she sticks with it. Of course I hope that she will!

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  11. Happy new Year and well done on getting to your 6th Year of 365!

    2 park runs in one day, that must have been tiring at the end of it!

    That sunset really does look lovely and hope your daughter manages to achieve her 100 park runs this year.

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    • Thanks very much! I actually felt on top of the world when I got to the end of my second parkrun. We will see if my daughter keeps up her parkrun enthusiasm now she’s back at school and tired.

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  12. I hope I manage 6 years of Project365! Love the throwback pic and the silhouette of the tree. #project365

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