Project 365 Weeks 48 & 49

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, including a trip to The X Factor final for my daughter and I.

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 328 – Sunday 25th November – I don’t like Sundays! There, I’ve said it. I always have too many jobs to do, like shopping, sorting out the recycling and cleaning the guinea pigs. Luckily the guinea pigs are very cute. I got lost on the way to my son’s football match and missed his goal. Then I watched them throw a 3-0 lead away and get beaten 5-4. I should have stayed at home.

Guinea pigs, Pets, Cedric, Wilfred, 365

Day 329 – Monday 26th November – I am now at the point where I am permanently stressed about Christmas. I know we shouldn’t let us stress us blah, blah, blah. We do Christmas fairly low key compared to most people, but it doesn’t change the fact that I have to buy presents for 18 people, many of whom are hard to buy for and have no idea what they want. I saw these robins when I was buying cards and I was tempted to bring one home.

Christmas decorations, Robins, Christmas, 365

Day 330 – Tuesday 27th November – I found this in my spare room/ office. It might look like a piece of GCSE art, but it’s actually a photocopy of my eldest’s face. Thank goodness it was just his face!

Photocopy, Son, Teenager, Face, Portrait, 365

Day 331 – Wednesday 28th November – my husband and I took the day off work to do Christmas shopping. We didn’t complete it, but we did most of it, which is a huge weight off my mind. Now I just need to wrap it (and write the damn Christmas cards!). We stopped for lunch at Wagamama, which was a very good idea.

Pad thai, Wagamama, 365, Christmas shopping

Day 332 – Thursday 29th November – my daughter hasn’t been feeling well for a couple of days. She has a terrible cough and sore throat, but she has been soldiering on and going to school. And this really is some GCSE artwork – my younger son’s lips. I think he’s done a really good job of it.

Drawing, Art, GCSE art, Lips, Son, 365

Day 333 – Friday 30th December – a busy day of work and rushing around. My daughter and I are off to London for The X Factor final tomorrow. Having considered all possible ways of getting home afterwards, we realised we needed to stay in a hotel. I took a photo of the website, just in case I couldn’t find it!

Day 334 – Saturday 1st December – no parkrun for me as my daughter and I had an early start to London for The X Factor final. As we were walking to pick up our tickets, we saw a couple of the contestants who had already left the competition and my daughter had a photo with them. This is Brendan. We really had an amazing day, the final was far more exciting than I expected it to be.

Xfactor, Xfactor final, Daughter, 365, Brendan

Day 335 – Sunday 2nd December – we were on the train and heading home before 9.30 and I was back in time for my son’s football match. It was a difficult 2-0 win and my son didn’t score, which is very unusual. I’m rather jealous of the kids’ advent calendars my mum bought for them (I never have an advent calendar myself).

Advent calendar, December, 365

Day 336 – Monday 3rd December – got drenched on my run and then had a busy morning of work. This is the only photo I took today. Does anyone else have a child who puts empty cereal boxes back in the cupboard to avoid the ‘hassle’ of breaking them down for recycling?

cereal boxes, son, 365

Day 337 – Tuesday 4th December – yes, it’s shoes again. I went to watch my son play rugby. This is their last season playing together as a team (as they will be mixed in with the year 12s and 13s next year) and the season ends next week. This was a cup game they really wanted to win so they could get at least one more game next term. Sadly it wasn’t to be.

Rugby boots, Rugby, Son, 365

Day 338 – Wednesday 5th December – a busy day of rushing around, including driving for the best part of four hours in the evening. Went to pick up my Roaccutane prescription from the hospital (you can only get it from the hospital) and saw these houses in the back streets nearby.

House, Back streets, Cheltenham, 365

Day 339 – Thursday 6th December – another busy day of work. I’ve started sharing a Throwback Thursday on my Instagram every week, since rediscovering the photo book my mum gave me for my 40th birthday. Don’t have nightmares…

Baby photo, 1970s, Throwback Thursday, 365

Day 340 – Friday 7th December – I spent the day working at my client’s office, just proofreading. It’s pretty full-on, but I do enjoy it. I took this photo of the flooded road and pavement near home early in the morning.

Road, Flood, Rain, 365

Day 341 – Saturday 8th December – my daughter had a music exam early in the morning, which meant I couldn’t do my usual parkrun. So I ran another one instead. It had far less runners than ours and I was NINTH OVERALL AND FIRST LADY. I don’t think I will ever get over that.

parkrun position, running, parkrun, Gloucester North parkrun


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  1. The guinea pigs are very cute.
    That photocopy of your sons face could be a piece of artwork. I could just imagine it in a frame.
    It sounds like you had a fab time at the X-factor finals. My teen loved Brendan!
    YES! My two put everything back in the cupboards to save putting it in the recycle bin. Lazy so and so’s.
    Well done on the park run! 9th place is fab!

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    • The photocopy is definitely artistic, isn’t it? The X Factor final was amazing. It’s so lazy putting the boxes back in the cupboard. Grrr! I was so pleased with the parkrun!

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  2. Well done on the park run. I have to admit I’ll put cereal boxes back in place when they’re empty if I can’t fit anything in the recycling bin. I will eventually put them in though.

    Post a Reply
    • Thanks very much! My boys just can’t be bothered to break the boxes down, then they wonder why I haven’t bought any more cereal. If I see five boxes in the cupboard, I’m not going to buy any more, am I?

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    • Thanks very much, I was so pleased with the parkrun. We absolutely loved The X Factor final. I’ve been watching the show a bit less in recent years, but my daughter is still hooked on it!

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  3. Love the photo of you and the clown. i miss scenes of old buildings, everything is new in Dubai and there is little character there. All my afterschool activities were a logistical nightmare, i feel for you. Well done on the parkrun though. I always buy my own advent calendar, the cat and dog get one also

    Post a Reply
    • I think I need to start buying myself an advent calendar! I forget that there’s no old buildings in Dubai. That must feel strange. I was so pleased with the parkrun!

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  4. That is an incredible drawing. Hope he does well. I did chuckle at the photocopy of your son’s face. I love the little robin too he’s so cute. I bought similar in the Norwegian Gnome which I am now obsessed with. Way to go on the Park Run that is incredible. The after-school activities is a nightmare xx

    Post a Reply
    • I can’t see the after school activities getting any easy for a few years yet. I’m used to them, but I still find them exhausting! I was so happy with my parkrun result. I think my son’s art is brilliant, but he always plays it down. X

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  5. Glad you both enjoyed X Factor, the overnight stay sounds sensible.
    We have had a lot of flooding round here the last few weeks and the rivers have been scary high.
    It was always the toilet roll inner my kids could never remove from the holder or put in the bin if they did.

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    • We loved X Factor and the overnight stay was definitely the right choice! My kids don’t get rid of the toilet rolls either!

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  6. Oh how exciting you go to see the final live! My eldest has been watching it but I generally lose interest after the auditions.
    That artwork is really good!

    I keep meaning to go to Wagamama…have never been!

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    • Wagamama is delicious! I’m sure you’d love it. Thanks, I think the artwork is brilliant. He amazes me because he can actually make portraits look like the person they’re meant to be, which I could never manage.
      The X Factor final was really exciting. I generally lose interest at some point too! Although this series was quite short, so I think there was less time to get fed up of it.

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  7. The guinea pigs are very cute. Are they not cold on the ground?
    The robins are lovely too. I haven’t watched the X-factor in years, so don’t know who Bredan is. I imagine it was a fun event for fans.
    The Hotel Chocolat advent calendar looks very tempting.
    That clown is a stuff of nightmares, isn’t it?
    Love the flooded road photo with reflections in the puddles.

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  8. My kids aren’t old enough or tall enough to reach the cereal cupboard but we have the problem with toilet rolls: no one changes it except me! #project365

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