Project 365 2018 Week 52

So that’s it, another year is over! I’ve now completed five years of Project 365, having wondered back in 2014 whether I even took enough photos to make it through one year.

Here’s our final week of 2018 in pictures…

Day 357 – Sunday 23rd December- a busy day of cleaning ahead of Christmas. Our Christmas tree looks particularly nice when it’s dark.

Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, 365

Day 358 – Monday 24th December – Christmas Eve! We don’t have much in the way of traditions, but we went out for lunch, which is most unlike us and was very nice. In the evening, my family came round for Christmas tea and my nephew spent the whole time beating my boys with cushions. Later, my younger son disappeared to his room with the door shut. He appeared at about 10pm with this beautiful Christmas card he had painted for me.

Christmas card, Son, 365

Day 359 – Tuesday 25th December – we had the best Christmas ever! For the first time we went to my brother’s house and he made the most amazing dinner. It was nice to be somewhere other than our house or my mum’s house, because our Christmas Day is often very similar. This photo was taken at our house, just before the kids got up.

Christmas Day, Christmas presents, Christmas tree, Christmas decorations

Day 360 – Wednesday 26th December – we usually get away and do our own thing without the wider family on Boxing Day. We often go to London, and this year was no exception. My eldest persuaded us to stop at Bicester Village designer outlet on the way, so we were there just after 7am and it was madness! We booked show tickets on the day and my daughter and I went to see School of Rock, while the menfolk went to see Book of Mormon.

School of Rock, London, 365

Day 361 – Thursday 27th December – we were all exhausted, but had to drive home from London pretty early for my niece’s birthday. This is the sort of sight that greeted me when we got back.

wrapping paper, Christmas, 365

Day 362 – Friday 28th December – my daughter and I finally made it to Spectacle of Light at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire. It was beautiful and I’m so glad we went to see it for ourselves, after I’d seen so many photos on Instagram. You can see more on my Instagram too.

Queen of Hearts, Sudeley Castle, Spectacle of Light, 365, Alice in Wonderland

Day 363 – Saturday 29th December – we paid a post-Christmas visit to my inlaws in Cheshire – and left my eldest home alone as he had to work. I struggled to get photos of our youngest nephew as he’s such a fidget. And I shared my Instagram Best Nine. People obviously like kids’ artwork and anything to do with my daughter dancing, plus photos of me in a dress!

Instagram, Best Nine, 2018, 365

Day 364 – Sunday 30th December – while my husband and kids went to see Man Utd, I went to meet two of my absolute favourite ladies – Tas from Not My Year Off and Tracey from The Williams World.

Friends, Bloggers, 365

Day 365 – Monday 31st December – one of the things my daughter really wanted for Christmas was to get her nails done. Those are her real nails!

Nails, 365

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. I do love your son’s card. Everyone here dreads the Boxing Day traffic around BV, it still brings the town to a standstill. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Sudeley did look beautiful. Happy New Year x #365

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    • Thanks very much, I was so pleased with the card! I can imagine how much you must dread the Boxing Day traffic around BV. We live close to a retail park and that can be bad enough!
      Happy new year! x

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  2. Aw what a wonderful festive season you have had, and so glad we got the chance to meet up whilst you were in Cheshire. Really makes me appreciate the wonderful blogging friends I have around me. Lovely to hear that you had the best Christmas ever, and how gorgeous are your daughter’s nails. Have a wonderful 2019 xx

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    • It was lovely to see you too! We’re so lucky to have such good blogging friends. Thanks very much. Happy new year to you all. x

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  3. Aww! That Christmas card really is beautiful! Well done your son. He is very talented. So glad you had a lovely Christmas. It sounds like you had a lot o fun.
    It’s so fab that you got to meet up with Tas & Tracey. They are lovely ladies.
    Wow! Your daughters nails are amazing! I would kill for nails like hers.
    Happy new year! Wishing you all the best for 2019 x

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    • It feels like we had the best Christmas ever! I was so pleased with the card my son painted. I would love nails like my daughter’s too. They grow so quickly!

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  4. Happy New Year Sarah to you and your family. i love the card your son made for you. Also love your family traditions and how you all go away together but do different things to please both your husband and yourself and the children

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    • Thanks very much! I was so touched by my son’s card! With the age difference between my eldest and my daughter, it’s always best to do different things, as they will never agree on anything!
      Happy new year to you.

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  5. Happy new year to you all. I love that photo of the card your son made, it’s wonderful. I love your traditions, they are perfect. Glad you had a nice time away x

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    • Thanks very much! We had a lovely time away. I was so pleased with my son’s car to me. x

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  6. your son’s painting is stunning, well done to him.
    Glad you had a great Christmas and something a bit different to the norm.
    Gosh that was an early start on boxing day.

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    • Thanks very much, my son did really well! It was a very early start on Boxing Day – my eldest was determined to get to Bicester Village and the rest of us were determined it wouldn’t eat into our day in London too much.

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  7. Well done on completing 5 years. I have often felt like quitting but glad I never did!

    Love your Christmas does look pretty!

    My nephew mentioned that place in Bicester…had never heard of it..he was saying we should go next time but I hate the sales rush!

    The card from your son is lovely!

    Happy New Year to you all!

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    • Thanks very much, I’m amazed that I’ve managed five years! I’ve never felt like quitting, but have felt quite disappointed about my photos sometimes, and definitely struggle to find things to photograph in winter.
      I do love my Christmas tree, it’s still up, but will be coming down today (5th January), I’m sure.
      I don’t like the sales rush either, but my kids were very excited about Bicester.
      I think I’m going to frame the card from my son, I love it so much.
      Happy new year!

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  8. What a wonderful end to a busy eventful year! Well done on 5 years of project 365, here’s to another 5+! Your son is very talented, the card is fabulous.
    I’ve visited Sudeley Castle many years ago, in summer, when the garden was in full bloom.
    How lovely to meet your blogging friends.
    Love your Top nine, all brill photos!

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    • Thanks very much, it really was lovely to meet my friends and I love my son’s cards. Sudeley Castle is a lovely place, but we never go inside, we just like the grounds!
      I can definitely see myself ding another five years of 365.

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  9. Sudeley Castle is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit: the lights look fab. I’d love to see School of Rock #project365

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