Project 365 2018 Week 51

It’s been a week dominated by my work and my son’s concussion.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 350 – Sunday 16th December – yes, it’s the rugby boots again! Today was all about the logistics of getting my son to and from a rugby tournament, but that all paled into insignificance when he got concussed after just a few minutes on the pitch.

Rugby boots, Rugby, Son, 365

Day 351 – Monday 17th December – no school for my son and lots of work for me. He feels wobbly when he stands up and can’t even cope with playing Fortnite because thinking makes his head hurt. This is the very tall Christmas tree in all its glory. My daughter was in charge of decorating. She seems to have hidden any of my more colourful decorations.

Christmas tree, Christmas, 365

Day 352 – Tuesday 18th December – another day at home for my son and another busy day of work for me. I’m determined to get everything done by the end of the week. I definitely don’t want to be working on Christmas Eve! The good thing about the house being decorated is I have an endless source of photos. We’ve got more Christmas decorations than ever this year, but this is an old favourite.

Christmas decoration, Christmas, 365, Snowman

Day 353 – Wednesday 19th December – my son was still off school, but gradually feeling better. In the evening, we went to see the other two kids in a school drama performance. They were both on stage very briefly, but it was still well worth watching.

Daughter, School play, 365

Day 354 – Thursday 20th December – my son went back to school and I went out for Christmas lunch with my main client, which was really enjoyable. I didn’t get a photo while I was there, so I took this one when I got home.

Christmas party, Santa hat, Selfie, 365

Day 355 – Friday 21st December – the end of term, at last! All of the kids finished school at lunchtime. The roads near us were terrible with Christmas shopping traffic. It took me 52 minutes to drive a mile and a half – I should have just walked.

Traffic jam, Cars, 365

Day 356 – Saturday 22nd December – it was Christmas jumper day at parkrun – and I can confirm a Christmas jumper is too hot for running! We went to a friend’s for a Christmassy housewarming in the afternoon and I had to keep driving my kids around for last minute Christmas stuff.

parkrun, Christmas jumper, running, 365

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Oh no! Your poor son.
    Your tree looks fab! So pretty and I love that snowman.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas x

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    • Thanks very much. My son seems back to normal now, thank goodness! Merry Christmas to you too! x

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  2. You look lovely for your christmas lunch out. Phew running in a christmas jumper. I couldn’t even wear one for work, it’s too hot in the office. Glad your son is better. Have a lovely Christmas

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    • Thanks very much, it’s a relief that my son is better. Running in a Christmas jumper was definitely too hot! Have a lovely Christmas too.

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  3. Those rugby shoes tell a story. Love your Christmas tree, and the snowman is absolutely fab. I can imagine running in a Christmas jumper must be very hot, though it is a pretty jumper. Glad to hear your son is feeling better.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family! xxx

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    • Thanks very much, it’s a relief that my son is better. We’re very pleased with our Christmas tree this year – I think we picked a good one! Merry Christmas to you too.

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  4. Rugby and your son aren’t always a good match are they! Glad to rwad that’s feeling better now. Love your snowman. Hope you all have a great Christmas #365

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    • No, rugby and my son definitely aren’t a good match! It’s a relief that he’s feeling better now. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas too.

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  5. Sorry to hear about your son, hope he’s made a full recovery. Hope you all had a very merry christmas. love the parkrun jumper, you need a t shirt for next year, i’ve bought a couple from Primark over the years. No way i’d have drive into town on christmas eve.

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    • My son is all better now, thank goodness! We had a lovely Christmas, thanks. I managed to get myself a Primark Christmas T-shirt for £1 which I wore on Christmas Day parkrun!

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  6. the draw back of letting your kids decorate the tree is you cannot improve it afterwards.
    Glad your son is feeling a bit better.
    I was surprised how quiet our shops were on Christmas Eve, but yes a queue like that is really irritating and you have no choice but to stay stuck in the jam once you get in.

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    • The good thing about my daughter is that she does a better job of decorating the tree than I do! My son seems to be fully recovered, thank goodness! The roads near us were really bad in the run-up to Christmas.

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  7. A very understated tree! Ours had about 20 bits of tinsel on it as well as dozens of baubles #project365

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