Project 365 2018 Week 50

The week started with two days of no work at all, then work turned manic.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 343 – Sunday 9th December – a visit to the neighbours for coffee and mince pies (I don’t actually like either of them!) was an excuse to give the Christmas jumper its first airing. I’m a bit grumpy about Christmas and I love pandas, so what could be better? A rare Sunday without football, so my daughter and I went to see Nativity Rocks at the cinema, which was very enjoyable.

Christmas jumper, 365

Day 344 – Monday 10th November – our tree isn’t up yet, but my husband was feeling the pressure of other houses in the village having outside lights up, so he’s decorated the front of our house. I think it looks lovely.

front door, Christmas decorations, christmas lights, Christmas wreath, 365

Day 345 – Tuesday 11th December – it’s been a quiet couple of days of work, so I’ve been making the most of it by getting on top of my wrapping. I’ve got a big job to start work on from tomorrow. A client sent me a bottle of wine for Christmas. They usually send me chocolate, which I love. I’m teetotal, so the wine wasn’t quite as welcome!

wine, Christmas gift, client, work, 365

Day 346 – Wednesday 12th December – my eldest went out last night (on a school night, I didn’t agree!) and came home very late. He also brought a friend back to stay over. The friend could set my boys a very good example of how to be tidy.

Bed, Spare room, 365

Day 347 – Thursday 13th December – a busy day of work. I wrote last week about my younger son’s habit of leaving empty cereal boxes in the cupboard. It came back to haunt him this week, as I didn’t order any cereals for the Tesco delivery last night, because I genuinely thought we had lots of them. I replenished them today.

Cereal boxes, Coco Pops, Son, 365

Day 348 – Friday 14th December – my younger son had an inset day. He went out with my husband in the afternoon and they unexpectedly came home with a Christmas tree. THIS Christmas tree. To give you an idea of scale, my son is 5′ 10″. Needless to say, it needed a bit cutting off the bottom. We then had to go and buy some more lights because the tree is so massive.

Christmas tree, Son, 365

Day 349 – Saturday 15th December – a cold and rainy day. My husband and I made parkrun into a ‘parkrun sandwich’ – the middle part of an eight mile run, as we don’t have time to do a long run tomorrow. My parkrun was 40 seconds slower than last week, but that’s not bad as part of an eight mile run. You can see how wild the wind was from my hair!

parkrun, selfie, running, 365

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Love your panda jumper, haven’t seen this design anywhere. The front of the house looks very festive and stylish. And lol @ the size of the tree. Can you regift the wine or serve to your guests? Also handy to have a bottle when you need it in cooking.

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    • Thanks very much, I love my jumper too! We’re going to open the wine for Christmas Day. I’m sure there will be plenty of takers!

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  2. I am with you on Christmas, for me once the magic has gone for the kids then it is a pointless venture.
    Our tree is not up yet either but is only a small fibre optic one anyway. That is a TALLLL tree hope your house is big enough for it.
    We bumped into a park run this morning and I thought of you.
    Oops at running out of cereal, but doubt it will alter his behaviour

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    • The tree has actually fit in surprisingly well! It looks very nice. Thanks for thinking of me when you saw the parkrun! You’re right about the cereal, I don’t think it will actually alter his behaviour.

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  3. That was awesome doing a parkrun sandwich Sarah, and I can just imagine how cold you must have been as Hywel came back from his parkrun absolutely frozen. That tree looks a whopper. We have ours up now, as I know you are my fellow ‘put it up as late as possible’ companion lol x

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    • It’s a good time to put the tree up! It doesn’t feel late at all to me, it’s still up for well over a week before Christmas. I loved doing my parkrun sandwich! x

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  4. I love your Christmas jumper.
    Aww! That’s a shame you being sent wine but the thought was there.
    Wow! That Christmas tree is huge. lol

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    • Thanks, I love my jumper too! The tree really is huge. It did need a bit cutting off the bottom!

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  5. For some reason your last two photos arent showing on the blog my end. I love the christmas jumper, we have a bit of a thing for Pandas in our house, because child 4 couldn’t say Alexander, his brothers name and said Ali Panda instead. the outside of the house looks lovely and I had to laugh at your son running out of cereal, will this teach him a lesson?

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    • I know you liked pandas, but I didn’t know why! That is so sweet. Hopefully that will teach him a lesson about the cereals, but who knows?!

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  6. That is some amazing tree, I love it. And the Christmas jumper. I just love the magic of Christmas and the anticipation. Even before I had kids. The outside of your house is beautiful. I bet the park run was freezing. You are awesome xx

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    • Thanks very much! The parkrun was cold! I’m not big on Christmas and it takes me a while to get into it, but I think we’re ready for it now. x

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    • Thanks very much! We did have to cut a bit off the bottom of the tree!

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  7. Loving that Christmas jumper!! And the decorations outside the house look nice

    That tree definitely is huge!

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    • Thanks very much. The tree is very tall indeed! We did have to cut a bit off the bottom!

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  8. What a huge tree! We have an artificial one but am nostalgic for the real ones of my childhood #project365

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