Last minute ways to save money at Christmas

Christmas is just days away… Maybe you’re really organised and have had anything bought and wrapped for weeks? Or maybe you’ve still got a few last things to buy? In that case, here’s a few tips on last minute ways to save money at Christmas.

Even if you haven’t  finished your shopping, by now you should have a good idea of what you’ll be spending, as well as on whom and on what. You have your budget ready after your visit to Creditfix, so here’s how
you can stay within it and maybe even have some money left over for the January sales (if you’re not totally shopped out!).

Look for all the vouchers and discounts you can

If you get into the habit of looking for discounts or online vouchers every time you’re about to go shopping, then you’ll strike it lucky at least half of the time. Even if you get 5% off here, or free delivery there, it’s a few
pounds left behind in the pot, right?

When you’re done, you’re done…

As soon as you’ve bought each person their present, cross them off the list as you know they’re finished. They don’t need anything else, not even that silly £2 bit of tat that you know they’ll love. Regular readers will know this is something which particularly bothers me – it might seem a bit mean, but they won’t miss what they’ve never had.

Leave a few things to the last minute

You might need nerves of steel for this one (I know I don’t have them myself), but if you hang on until the end of this week, you may well see the prices of the things you want coming down. Of course, if there’s some really essential presents that you need to get for special people, don’t take the risk. Save this gamble for less-important items and be prepared to choose something else entirely if your first-choice is sold out.

You can even leave some presents until after Christmas Day

This is a controversial one, but we have actually done it before. Once the big day is over, prices will definitely start to tumble and plenty of shops are open on Boxing Day. This is great if you meet up with another branch of the family or some friends in between Christmas and New Year.

Don’t go overboard on food and drink

Of course you don’t have to dine like paupers on a pigeon-sized turkey and a single mince pie each. Instead, look through your food and drink shopping list and pick out items that you can either go own-brand or even economy version on. Realistically, these will be the basics, like carrots and parsnips, as well as kids’ treats and favourites as they generally don’t have the discerning palates of adults.

Don’t check out straight away

A really good trick is to select your items from an online retailer and then leave the shopping cart, laden and alone, for a few days and then sit back and wait. We’re running a bit short on time for this one now, but it’s well worth bearing in mind for the future. Retailers need enough time to notice your negligence and to think up ways to bring you back into the fold. Usually, you’ll get at least one email offering you 10-15% off if you complete your purchase.

Do you have any other tips for saving money at Christmas?

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Some great tips there and it is so sensible not to go overboard at this time of year and set yourself limits

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    • It certainly is! I never would have thought about shopping online and then abandoning it. I will definitely try that one in the future!

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