Project 365 2018 Week 45

It wasn’t a good start to the week and felt like something was going wrong every day.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 308 – Sunday 4th November – after an eight mile run, it was a pretty miserable day of housework and watching my son’s football team lose again (although he did at least score his team’s only goal). And then I discovered that the pole inside my wardrobe had collapsed.

Wardrobe collapse, Wardrobe, Clothes, 365

Day 309 – Monday 5th November – we’ve been struggling for a few weeks with our boiler making strange noises and the heating sometimes not coming on. We got an engineer out (for the second time) and received the shocking news that the boiler was giving off dangerously high levels of carbon monoxide – 500 times higher than normal! So no heating for us for a few days.

The boiler, Broken boiler, Condemned boiler, 365

Day 310 – Tuesday 6th November – it never rains, but it pours. Today my car failed its MOT. It felt like the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’ve got a crazy few days ahead, which would be hard enough with a car, but impossible without one. Then we found a loophole! My MOT wasn’t actually due until Friday and as it hadn’t failed on anything very dangerous, I could actually keep driving on my old MOT certificate. Will get repairs done at the weekend and a retest on Monday.

Car, Mini, MOT, 365

Day 311 – Wednesday 7th November – the German exchange boy is back! Last year, he arrived really early, so I spent the day stressing and making contingency plans for him being early this year. I had no choice but to take my daughter to ballet, to rehearsals and to a compulsory meeting with the theatre group. My husband was coaching football, not that he helps out with lifts anyway. My son skipped rugby so that he was at home ready for when the German boy arrived. And then they were an hour and a quarter late!

In other news, I accidentally ordered too much apple juice on my Tesco order, taking a leaf out of my friend Nikki’s (aka Stressy Mummy) book. On the plus side, the German boy drank two glasses of it as soon as he arrived.

Apple juice, Tesco order, 365

Day 312 – Thursday 8th November – I ran in some horrendous weather (you can see how I felt about it on my Instagram) and was so wet when I got home that putting my clothes in the washing machine actually helped dry them! But I did get to see a rainbow.

Rainbow, Running, Rain, Autumn, 365

Day 313 – Friday 9th November – my daughter did a ballet performance with the rest of her Grade 4 class, but we we weren’t allowed to photograph it. She looked absolutely amazing, especially in her solo dance. In the evening, we introduced the German boy to ‘Friday treat’ and he went big with a cake and hot chocolate with cream. It always astounds me that people can have a drink with cream on it! The only photo I took today was of my poppy, to add to my very old Remembrance Day post, which has never had an image.

Poppy, Remembrance Day, Remembrance Sunday, 365

Day 314 – Saturday 10th November – my son had an away rugby match in Stratford-upon-Avon. We don’t always go to away games, but decided to go this one so that my son wouldn’t be away from the German boy for too long. It was a good win, but we got horribly lost on the way there and missed the first half. My son came away with even more ‘rugby aches’ than usual and his best friend left the pitch in an ambulance, so it wasn’t the best trip. (I’ve since heard that my son’s friend is OK, thank goodness.) We’d planned a nice walk around Stratford, but between my son’s injuries and the bad weather, we didn’t stay long.

Stratford-upon-Avon, 365

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Fingers crossed things together next week and the broken things get fixed. Annoying when everything happens at once

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    • Thanks very much, it is very annoying! My car should be back on the road later today and the boiler will be fixed tomorrow. I will tackle my wardrobe next weekend.

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  2. Oh no! It wasn’t a good start to the week. You were lucky to get the boiler checked. Carbon monoxide is so dangerous.
    What a great loophole when it came to the car. Good luck for getting it retested.
    hahaha! That is a lot of apple juice.
    Oh gosh! Rugby is so dangerous. So glad to read your son’s friend is OK.

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    • Thanks very much. Rugby really can be horrendous! I’m counting down to the end of the season now. Luckily the boiler is in the garage and the emissions all went outside, but it could still have been very dangerous. I will be very glad when we get our new one.

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  3. oh dear, hopefully everything will be fixed by this time next week and not too expensive for you all. I can’t stand hot chocolate or cream on drinks, I don’t get it. Bit of good news though with R’s performance, hope she’s enjoying the new panto

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    • Thanks very much. She is enjoying the new panto, although it’s nothing like the ‘proper’ panto. I’m glad someone else doesn’t understand cream on drinks. If it’s got cream on it, surely it’s a pudding, not a drink?!

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  4. Rugby is such a rough game, I am surprised they are still allowed to play it at school.
    Flipping heck at the boiler, how come this was not picked up at the last look? quite scary really
    Thank goodness you found a way round the MOT problem, last year we out ours in for an unofficial MOT so we did not have to worry about it going through the system – and then got rid within 7 days. nothing outright dangerous but too expensive to sort.

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    • It was a real shock about the boiler. He didn’t check the right thing last time.
      Kids absolutely love rugby and the schools obviously think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. My son loves it and I would never stop him playing, but we do know he will come home hurting after every single game.
      My husband had planned on an ‘informal MOT’ here, except the mechanic couldn’t deal with it until after the MOT was due, so that didn’t work! It was good that you could get rid of your car without having the MOT done.

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  5. I bet you don’t want a repeat of last week do you, sounds an utter nightmare with lots of things going wrong. Hopefully your car will be back on the road soon, and your home will be filled with glorious heat x

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    • Thanks very much, we definitely don’t want a repeat of it! My car finally passed its test today and the new boiler will be working either today or tomorrow. I think one of the worst things has been the lack of a dry towel!

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  6. I hope everything gets fixed this week and not too expensive. I am not a fan of hot chocolate or anything like that. That’s goot news about your daughters performance xx

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    • It’s all fixed now apart from the wardrobe! Both the boiler and the car were rather expensive, but hopefully they will all run smoothly from now on. x

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  7. Oh Sarah! What a week and thank god you are all ok with that boiler as it was, scary. Hope everything is now fixed and you’re having a better week #365

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    • Thanks very much, it was definitely a bad week! The boiler and the car are both fixed now and this week is going a lot better.

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  8. Goodness, Sarah, what a week! What with a pole, dangerous boiler emissions and car issues, you also managed to do so much, including providing hospitality to a German child.
    The rainbow is beautiful, hope it will bring you good luck for the weeks ahead.

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    • Thanks very much, it wasn’t an easy week, but everything apart from the wardrobe is fixed now! I don’t think the German boy really noticed the lack of heating (although we did tell him about it) and he has been having a lovely time with my son.

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  9. What a horrible start to the week! So glad the carbon monoxide was picked up! That is so scary!!

    That is a lot of apple juice but I am sure you will get through it!

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  10. Scary news about the boiler! We has similar but with gas leak and they cut us off during snow when Matt was a baby then another engineer came out and said it wasn’t bad enough to switch us off (bit late after a week withuot heat!) #project365

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    • That sounds really stressful! I can’t imagine what it must be like to be without it in snow!

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