Project 365 2018 Week 44

November is here, half term is finally over, the clocks have changed and it feels like winter has arrived.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 301 – Sunday 28th October – after loving Bohemian Rhapsody when I went to see it with my friend, I went to watch it again with my daughter, who really enjoyed it. My husband decided not to go at the last minute because the reviews weren’t great. That is mainly down to reviewers thinking they have played down Freddie Mercury’s sexuality, but the film is set in the 70s and 80s, when people didn’t realise Elton John was gay either! Plus, Brian May and Roger Taylor wanted it to be a family-friendly film.

Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen, Freddie Mercury, Cinema

Day 302 – Monday 29th October – my younger son went back to school, but the other two are off until Thursday, not that I really saw them! My daughter spent the day in town with her friend and my son had his girlfriend round. I got some new trainers. They are a much nicer colour than my old ones (although I never choose them based on colour) and you can see how badly I needed them after running three half marathons in the old ones.

New trainers, Old trainers, Mizuno Wave Inspire, 365

Day 303 – Tuesday 30th October – my daughter is working on a lovely piece of artwork of Copenhagen. I think it will be amazing when it is finished.

Art, Painting, Daughter, Copenhagen, 365

Day 304 – Wednesday 31st October – a quiet day of work and a very rushed Halloween, due to my mum taxi duties with my son’s rugby and my daughter’s rehearsals. I’m not sure what kids who called at our house thought when the door was answered!

Halloween, Trick or treat, Son, Teenager, 365

Day 305 – Thursday 1st November – the kids finally went back to school and of course I had my quietest day of work in six weeks! Why does that always happen? I may have sneaked off and had a nice piece of cake and a read of my book, which is something I never usually do. Why on earth do they provide a plastic fork? I’m not impressed!

Cake, Coffee shop, Book, 365

Day 306 – Friday 2nd November – another quiet day of work and a very cold and frosty start. I photographed the sky at 6am, just before sunrise.

Sunrise, Autumn, 365

Day 307 – Saturday 3rd November – a very rushed morning, trying to get my son to an away rugby game and me to parkrun! Luckily my eldest helped out with dropping his brother off, then I went along to watch the game. Unfortunately they got defeated, but my son got man of the match.

parkrun, running, selfie, 365


Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. It does feel like winter is here.
    I really want to see Bohemian Rhapsody. I feel a trip to the cinema coming on while the kids are at school. hehehe
    Ahh! I hate plastic forks. I would rather just make a mess with my hands than use one.

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    • Bohemian Rhapsody is absolutely brilliant. You definitely need to sneak out to watch it! I just don’t see the point of a plastic fork. They put it on my plate without asking if I wanted it.

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  2. That cake looks good but plastic forks does seem a little ridiculous especially given all the single use plastics uproar thing at the moment.

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    • Exactly! I thought companies were phasing our plastics. Plastic forks seem completely unnecessary.

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  3. I’m hoping to go and see the movie soon with my husband, I’ve seen so many people say they have enjoyed it! #365

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    • It’s well worth a watch! I don’t actually know anyone else who has seen it.

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  4. I love R’s painting, it’s stunning, good job you’ve taken a copy, maybe sell copies. The cake looks yummy, but I always ask them in the coffee shops to leave it in it’s wrapper rather than waste a plate and yes a plastic fork would wind me up also

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    • Thanks very much, we think the painting is amazing! I really hope she gets it back from school once it’s been marked because we would like to frame it. The cake was a slice of a big cake, so no wrapper, but there definitely wasn’t any need for a plastic fork!

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  5. the film must have been good if you went twice. Totally agree the world was a different place back then and glad that is reflected in the film.
    I suppose plastic forks being disposable are more hygenic, though hopefully places will phase out the throwaway plastic.
    Did she do the picture from scratch or was it pre drawn?

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    • I absolutely loved the film, but I am a huge fan of Queen and Freddie Mercury! My daughter’s painting is entirely her own work. She copied it from a photo she took in Copenhagen and just adapted some of the colours.

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  6. I wouldn’t be impressed by the plastic fork either. Glad you enjoyed the film – I’d like to see it, but probably won’t get around to going to the cinema.

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    • The film is amazing! I don’t ever watch films unless they’re at cinema. For some reason they always send me to sleep at home!

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  7. I love your daughter’s painting, so much. Such a great job and glad you took a copy. That film must be good. I’ve not seen it yet. That cake looks delish x

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    • Thanks very much. The cake was definitely delicious and I’m very proud of my daughter for the painting. x

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    • Thanks very much, we’re so proud of my daughter for how hard she’s worked on her painting. I would definitely recommend the film!

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  8. I’ve seen the completed painting on Insta, and it looks fabulous. Your daughter is very talented.
    I wouldn’t be impressed with a plastic fork either, but the cake looks tasty.
    Loving the frosty sky photo.

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    • Thanks very much! We’re in awe of my daughter’s painting. I really can’t believe that a big company would give out a plastic fork in this day and age – without even asking! I would have been fine without ont.

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  9. I saw the finished painting and it is amazing! Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I really want to. Love the early morning sky x

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    • Thanks very much! We were very impressed with the finished painting. x

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  10. Definitely does feel like winter! Loving the colours of the trainers.

    I also don’t get why they give plastic forks.

    Loving the painting too!

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    • Thanks very much, I love my trainers! The finished painting was absolutely brilliant.

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