Don’t let a burglary ruin your Christmas!

Heading off to stay with family over the Christmas period means lots of planning, packing and organising. Planning the trip, the route, what you’re going to eat, who’s sleeping where and how you’re going to hide the presents in the car from the kids who still believe in Father Christmas is no mean feat.

You might think you’ve remembered everything, but did you remember to lock the door? Are all the windows secure? Have you left any expensive items on show?

When going away for Christmas you need to remember that crime doesn’t take a holiday, and you need to include some safety and security measures in your Christmas plan.

Unsure of where to start? Read on for some helpful security tips that will help you this festive season and in the years ahead.


If you’re going away for a few days then it’s recommended that you leave your lights and even your TV on a timer, so it looks as though someone is in the property. The same goes for your Christmas lights – if you can put them on a timer then it’ll make a thief think twice about trying to get indoors. It’s also recommended to install some motion detector lights outside your property too.

Keep things hidden

It’s always advisable to keep items of value hidden and not in view of anyone walking past the window or someone looking deliberately inside. Things like expensive cameras, new phones, fancy electrical equipment – everything you’ve just opened on Christmas morning could be at risk if you leave it for everyone to see. Hide things away and if in doubt, draw the curtains.

Lock up

It doesn’t matter if you’re popping to the shop, visiting a neighbour for a moment or going to the car to get something, if you leave the house you need to lock it. Before you go away, check all the windows are secure and the doors shut and lock properly.

Be careful about what you’re posting

We live in an increasingly digital world where we document everything we do, whether it’s on Instagram or Facebook. So if you’re letting everyone know that you’re excited to be visiting your parents over 300 miles away for a week for Christmas, with a picture of your children stood near the front door, and the area you live in clearly listed in your bio, then you’re going to be asking for trouble.


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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. This is great advice. I think the biggest thing now a days is letting everyone know you are away on social media. If I was to go away at Christmas I think I would keep it a secret x

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    • Thanks very much. I would definitely keep it secret too! I can never understand people who talk about being away. Whenever I go away on holiday, I just keep the photos and post them online when I get home. And I always make sure I say they were taken last week – I don’t want people trying to break into my house when I’m at home either!

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  2. Definitely good advice especially about posting on social media when you are away, that is really asking for trouble sadly. I need to invest in some timer plugs as they are a great way to make it look like you’re home when you away for a few days.

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    • We need some timer plugs too! I usually get my mum to switch lights on when she comes to feed the guinea pigs, but timer plugs would be much better. I think anyone who posts on social media that they are away is crazy.

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