Project 365 2018 Week 41

It’s been another busy week of work and driving the kids round, with some very changeable weather.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 277 – Sunday 7th October  – I took a lot of photos today. They were all of my son, to help him with his GCSE art project on self portraits. Apart from that, his football team suffered another defeat and I ran 10 miles without even feeling tired.

Day 278 – Monday 8th October – I spent the day at my client’s office doing a big proofreading job. The only photo I took was of the michaelmas daisies in the garden (again!). I think they’ve definitely hit their peak now.

michaelmas daisies, garden, flowers, 365

Day 279 – Tuesday 9th October – I went to the Cheltenham Literature Festival again today, this time to hear Gail Honeyman, the author of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I also went to a sale of Sweaty Betty sportswear. I love sportswear, but somehow only managed to pick up some gloves!

Clothes, Sportswear, Sweaty Betty, 365

Day 280 – Wednesday 10th October – a very warm and sunny day and the mum taxi situation hit new heights of exhausting.

Sky, 365

Day 281 – Thursday 11th October – parenting has pretty much broken me over the last two or three weeks. I wasn’t happy when my husband announced that he was staying over in London tonight, as I could really do with a break. When I got a text from my son saying he thinks his nose ‘might have straightened’, I knew what that meant. With apologies to my more squeamish readers – yes, that is a gumshield with blood on it. The blood is from my son’s nose. He’s almost certainly broken it for the fourth time – the third time in under a year. There’s nothing we can do about it, other than hope that his nose has chance to mend and doesn’t get broken again too soon.

Gumshield, Blood, Rugby, Son, Broken nose

Day 282 – Friday 12th October – I went out with two of my oldest friends for a meal this evening and thought I would share a photo of the food, but I didn’t take one! They don’t do social media and would have thought I was mad. So instead I’m sharing another photo I’ve used for work. I also had some good work news today – a new contract until the end of the year. It’s just a couple of extra hours’ work a week and it’s good to know I’ll have some regular income.

Jeans, Levis, Work, 365

Day 283 – Saturday 13th October – I ran parkrun with my daughter because she doesn’t like running on her own. Then my daughter and I went to Cheltenham Literature Festival to see Jacqueline Wilson, her absolute favourite author.

Jacqueline Wilson, Cheltenham Literature Festival, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Busy week – your son is obviously playing the wrong sport getting his nose bashed again. Rugby I take it?
    Sounds like you’d had a good run at the literary festival getting to see a few authors.

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    • Yes, it was rugby again! Although two of the times he’s broken it have actually been playing football. The literature festival has been really good this year.

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  2. Breaking nose for the 4th time must be really awful. Does he want to continue such a hazardous sport?
    The daisies are very pretty. How lovely that you managed to listen to your favourite authors.

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    • Sadly he loves playing rugby! I hope he will give up when he leaves school though. Unfortunately once a nose has been broken once, it’s very vulnerable to being broken again. He was only 8 when he broke it for the first time.
      It has been lovely listening to the authors.

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  3. I hope your son’s art project is going well.
    That looks like an epic sale of sportswear.
    Uh-oh! That is not good about your son’s nose. I hope it’s not too sore.
    Congrats on the new work contract.

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    • Thanks very much, it’s good to know I’ve got a bit of guaranteed income to the end of the year! It was a huge sale of sportswear and so typical of me not to find anything in there! My son’s nose isn’t too bad, but he took a knock to the eye yesterday and now that’s hurting!

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  4. Phew what a busy week Sarah, but sounds as if you have had some moments away from the madness with dinner out with friends and the Cheltenham Literature Festival. Congratulations on the new work contract x

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    • Thanks very much! It was definitely nice to escape the madness briefly. The contract is initially until the end of the year, so I will do my best with it until then and hope it gets extended! X

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  5. Fifi likes Jacqueline Wilson as well. Sounds like a very busy week for you, shame hubby was away and unable to help out with your busy schedule.
    Fifi is enjoying her photography course at school.
    Ouch at the rebusted nose.

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    • Jacqueline Wilson is so popular! I’m used to my husband not helping out as he works incredibly long hours. Most of the time I can manage on my own, but occasionally it gets too much! The nose doesn’t seem too bad, thank goodness.

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  6. I do love how accessible authors are at these festivals and so important to inspire our children. Oh no to the broken nose, again – it’s a magnet isn’t it! #365

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  7. Fab news about the new work contract!

    Oh no and ouch re the nose!! Hope it heals quickly. I am such a wimp that if I broke my nose I wouldn’t play again!

    Love the daisies!

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    • Thanks very much, I’m really pleased about the work! After so many quiet weeks, it’s finally picking up.
      I’m amazed that my son keeps picking himself and going back to rugby. He loves to play and just seems to accept the knocks as part of it.

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    • He’s fine, but I won’t be sad when rugby is over at Christmas! He just loves to play and keeps going back for more, despite the injuries. All of the boys are the same.

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    • The nose is a nightmare, but it seems to be OK now, thank goodness. The literature festival was really good.

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  8. Ouch ouch ouch. Hope your son is ok. What a nightmare. The literary festival sounds awesome. One year I should do something like that. Glad you enjoyed xx

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