Project 365 2018 Week 40

It’s been a good week all round, especially for my eldest.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 270 – Sunday 30th September – Cheltenham half marathon day! My husband, 17 year old son and I all ran and it was a very successful morning for us all.

Medals, Cheltenham half marathon, Mum, Son, Runners, 365

Day 271 – Monday 1st October – my legs felt rather stiff, but it was all worth it. I’ve still got a decent amount of work, but it’s not as crazy as last week. These are my running totals for September – 98 miles for the month and 687 miles so far this year. That is the furthest I’ve run in a single month.

Miles, Running, Mileage, Distance, 365

Day 272 – Tuesday 2nd October – the mum taxi situation has got out of hand this week. The kids seem to have a lot of extra stuff going on. This evening I had to drive all three of them round together to drop one off at 5, one at 5.30 and one at 5.45. Then I picked one up at 6.50 and the other two both needed picking up at 8!

Car, Mini, Mum taxi, 365

Day 273 – Wednesday 3rd October – I’m very pleased to say that my son passed his driving test! He passed first time, just three months after his 17th birthday. So we won’t be needing these again for a while.

L plates, Learner driver, Driving test, 365

Day 274 – Thursday 4th October – another evening of juggling the kids’ activities and trying to be in too many places at once. The garden is looking rather autumnal, even though the weather is nice and warm this week.

hydrangea, garden, autumn, 365

Day 275 – Friday 5th October – possibly against my better judgement, I let my son borrow my car to drive himself and my daughter to school. I was very relieved when I heard they’d arrived safely. I captured this sunrise before they set off.

sunrise, sky, morning, 365

Day 276 – Saturday 6th October – I now have to wake my eldest up seven days a week as he starts work at 8.30am on Saturday and Sunday! We had to drop my younger son off for rugby before parkrun too. I went to Cheltenham Literature Festival to see one of my favourite authors, Kate Atkinson, speak. I have reviewed several of Kate Atkinson’s books on the blog.

Kate Atkinson, Author, Cheltenham Literature Festival, 365

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Well done on the half marathon and to your son on the driving test. I totally hear you on the mum-taxi juggling insanity! I would love to hear Kate Atkinson speak, I love her books.

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    • Thanks very much! We were all so happy that my son passed his test. Kate Atkinson is definitely one of my favourite authors.

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  2. Big well done on successfully completing the half marathon and your impressive running totals. It must have been inspiring to listen to Kate Atkinson, especially that you’re a fan. I’m trying to think if I’ve read any of her books.

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    • Thanks very much, the half marathon went really well. Kate Atkinson is an amazing author, you should definitely give her a try!

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  3. Mum taxiing is hard enough with only one child and working. But with more than 1 it must be a nightmare. I’d quite like to hear Kate Atkinson speak too.

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    • Mum taxiing can be horrendous with three kids and I’ve got another particularly bad week coming up!

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  4. Your eldest has had a fantastic week! Well done to you all with the half marathon! You are very brave letting your son borrow your car. He does sound very sensible though. x

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    • He’s had a brilliant week! I think it’s important to let him borrow the car to let him build confidence and experience, but I won’t be letting him take it to school too often as I do need it myself! X

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  5. Well done to you al on the half marathon, and a massive very well done to son on passing his driving test.
    The scary bit is now letting go and allowing him to build up his experience. so handy he can now drive to school. You see a lot of the older kids here with cars dressed in school uniform.
    That was a lot of playing taxi driver for one evening.

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    • Thanks very much, it’s been a very good week for my son! He won’t be able to borrow the car to drive to school generally as I need it to take his brother to school!

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  6. I wonder if Kate Atkinson read the same section of Transcription in Cheltenham that she did in Vancouver last weekend? (It was the bit about otters – I was surprised it was actually quite different from the text of the book!)

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    • She did read the bit about otters! I haven’t read the book yet as it’s so expensive, I’m waiting for it to come out in paperback.

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  7. I’d have found it interesting to hear Kate Atkinson speak as well. Your evening schedule makes me feel exhausted. I find it bad enough taking H to scouts and swimming.

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    • The evening schedule is ridiculous at the moment. Some days I wake up worrying about how I’m going to fit it all in.

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  8. So pleased for your son, he must be thrilled to have passed first time. I don’t envy you the Mum taxi situation, with three of them it must be insane. Well done on the half marathon #365

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    • Thanks very much. We’re very proud of my son for both the driving test and the half marathon. He loves being able to drive!

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  9. Sounds like a busy week! Well done on the marathon and congrats on your son passing his driving test! still 5 years till my eldest can drive and I am already dreading handing over my car lol

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    • Ha ha, I was dreading it too, but I’ve been really pleasantly surprised by how well he has taken to driving.

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    • Thanks very much, my son had a really good week!

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  10. Way to go on the half marathon and to your son on the driving test. That is pretty awesome so fast. It is difficult to juggle the mum taxi as they get older. xx

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