Project 365 2018 Weeks 38 & 39

It’s been a mixed bag with a very slow work week followed by a very busy work week, not to mention my birthday. A week with a birthday in it always has to be good!

Here’s our fortnight in pictures…

Day 257 – Sunday 16th September – a good day for us all. My husband and I ran 12 miles in the morning, then my son went out on his own later in the day and ran 12 miles for the first time ever! A fantastic achievement for a 17 year old who has only recently started running. My younger son had his first football match of the season (and his dad’s first as coach), which they won 10-0, with my son scoring a cool five goals. And all I took a photo of was my running recovery fuel! I chose the words ‘Mardy Bum’ because they didn’t have ‘Hangry’, which is what I am after running a long way if I don’t get food RIGHT NOW.

(If you’re not singing the Arctic Monkeys song now, can we even be friends?)

Chocolate, Orange juice, Running recovery, 365

Day 258 – Monday 17th September – yet another quiet day of work. I’m starting to sound like a stuck record, aren’t I? It was lovely and warm and sunny and I took this photo on my afternoon walk.

Countryside, Walk, 365

Day 259 – Tuesday 18th September – I took advantage of my lack of work and went into Cheltenham to pick up my copy of Robert Galbraith’s brand new book – Lethal White – and I checked out some of the fabulous street art from Cheltenham Paint Festival.

Cheltenham Paint Festival, Street art, Cheltenham, 365

Day 260 – Wednesday 19th September – I’ve been feeling rather down about my lack of work lately, but I finally got a bit more in today (only enough for the day, but that’s better than nothing, right?). And I started reading my new book. I went to see my eldest play rugby. Being at a girls’ school, they have very few players available and don’t ever expect to win games. They won this one!

Lethal White by Robert Galbraith, Lethal White, Robert Galbraith, Book review, Lethal White review

Day 261 – Thursday 20th September – compared to most bloggers, I’m not great at photography, but I’m not bad compared to the rest of the world. My client was very pleased with this photo I pulled together quickly for a story I was working on.

Cath Kidston, Pets Party, 365, Cath Kidston products

Day 262 – Friday 21st September – I managed a 12 mile run in the morning, my last long run before the half marathon.

Running, Training, Half marathon training

Day 263 – Saturday 22nd September – my 45th birthday! It was a big day for my husband and son too – my husband ran his 100th parkrun and my son started a new part-time job, with far better pay and conditions than a local chip shop! If you want to see Pumba, you will have to pop over to my Silent Sunday post.

100th parkrun, Husband, parkrun, 365, My husband's 100th parkrun

Day 264 – Sunday 23rd September – went to watch my son’s football in very changeable weather. They lost 4-1.

Football match, Wellies, 365

Day 265 – Monday 24th September – my working day is usually about four hours. Today I worked eight hours on my new job, plus 45 minutes for another client. This was my view for most of the day.

Computers, Work, 365

Day 266 – Tuesday 25th September – I woke at 3.53am worrying about my massive piece of work and got up at 5am to start work. I did seven hours on that today, plus an hour each on two other jobs. Needless to say, I was still driving my son to school and my daughter to ballet and making meals etc. I managed to get this photo of the michaelmas daisies in my garden.

michaelmas daisies, garden, 365

Day 267 – Wednesday 26th September – I did my final run before the Cheltenham half marathon. I started work at 5.15am and finished at 7.45pm, with bits of parenting in between.

running, half marathon training, 365

Day 268 – Thursday 27th September – a gloriously sunny day. I am finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with my work. Hopefully I might be able to sleep a bit better now!

Sun, Sky, 365

Day 269 – Friday 28th September – I finished actually writing my big piece of work and will proofread it on Monday. I took this photo on a walk with my husband and younger son.

Sunset, Railway, Level crossing, 365

Day 269 –  Saturday 29th September – as it’s Cheltenham half marathon tomorrow, I volunteered at parkrun.

runners, parkrun, running, 365

Project 365 is a bloghop. Hop over to see what others have been up to this week.

Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. Good luck for the half marathon. Your boys obviously inherited the sportiness from you and your husband.

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    • Thanks very much! The half marathon went really well for all of us.

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  2. Fab photos.
    Congrats about the new job for your son & your hubbys 100th park run!
    It sounds like work has really picked up for you! I’m so glad! I do hope you sleep better.
    Good luck with the Cheltenham half marathon x

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    • Thanks very much, it’s been a good couple of weeks! We’re very excited about my son’s new job and the half marathon went really well.

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  3. Well done to your son on the 12 miles! And happy belated birthday!

    Love the colour of the daisies and good luck for the marathon!

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    • Thanks very much, it was a lovely birthday! The half marathon went really well for all of us.

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  4. You still managed to take some lovely pics despite the crazy work (blimey, you’ve had some really long days!). Long may the work flow continue thoigh and hope the half marathon goes well x

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    • Thanks very much! I think some of my pictures were better than usual, despite the crazy busy week. The half marathon went really well for all of us.

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  5. I love how your whole family support one another with the running. Lovely photo of the daisies

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    • Thank you! It’s something we all really enjoy.

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  6. That was a good score for the football.
    I am confused by “I went to see my eldest play rugby. Being at a girls’ school” – how does your son get to go to a girls school?
    Nice you have some more work, but a happy medium would be better.
    I get terribly narky as well if I am hungry, made the mistake last week of eating half a small mars bar as I was starving and that was a ll I could find in the car whilst waiting for hubby – and suffered terribly for 48 hrs afterwards.

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    • Oh dear, sorry to hear that about the Mars bar! There are certain foods which don’t agree with me very well, but most of them are OK in moderation. My son is in the 6th form of a girls’ grammar school. It was his decision to go there and it has been brilliant for him.

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    • Thanks very much, it was a big relief to get the work in!

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  7. Wow, scoring five goals is fantastic! The sky photo is beautiful.
    How is the new novel by Galbraith, I picked it up in the book shop, read the blurb, and wasn’t sure it’s for me, so put it back.
    Cath Kidston’s goodies are so colourful and cheerful. The blue daisies are lovely, haven’t seen them before.

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  8. Lots of sporting acheivements for you all. Funny how work is so often feast or famine.

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  9. Your boys obviously inherited the sportiness from you and your husband. Such an incredible family, all of you xx

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