Project 365 2018 Week 37

It’s been a quiet week of work, but plenty of rushing round with the kids as usual.

Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 252 – Sunday 9th September – I went for a 10 mile run in the morning, which left me pretty wiped out. Then it was guinea pig bath time! Cedric didn’t enjoy it, but he was happy when he was wrapped up in a towel afterwards.

Guinea pig, Guinea pig bath time, Cedric, 365

Day 253 – Monday 10th September – this is an insight into life with teenagers, well with my 17 year old son at least. He leaves the house so late in the morning (today at the exact time the bus was due to leave) that he sometimes ends up abandoning his coffee cup on the garden wall.

Mug, Coffee, Son, Teenager, 365

Day 254 – Tuesday 11th September – it was Cheltenham Paint Festival at the weekend, when amazing new artwork springs up around Cheltenham. I saw my first couple of pieces today and hope to spot them all over the next few weeks – just in case someone decides to paint a giant willy or scrawl their name all over them.

Street art, Cheltenham Paint Festival, Cheltenham, 365

Day 255 – Wednesday 12th September – my daughter has her Grade 4 ballet exam at the end of the year, so today was the first of her extra ballet classes in preparation for the exam. She also had an audition for an amateur panto in the evening. We don’t yet know if she’s got in. Sadly, it would usually be the auditions for her regular, professional panto this coming weekend.

Ballet shoes, Daughter, Grade 4 ballet, 365

Day 254 – Thursday 13th September – I’m taking advantage of my lack of work by doing more cleaning. It doesn’t fill me with joy, but at least it means I don’t spend the weekend doing it. I took this photo on my walk in the afternoon.

Countryside, Walk, 365

Day 255 – Friday 14th September – my eldest received this at Explorers last night. It’s a special belt buckle to show that he is a qualified young leader, which is a really great achievement. He’s been volunteering with Beavers for a few years now.

Explorers, Young leader, Beavers, Son, 365

Day 256 – Saturday 15th September – this is the first time I’ve taken a photo of the sunrise in months. We’ve just got to the time of year where the sunrises fit in with my routine! I’ve got a busy day ahead – parkrun for my husband and I, then we’re off to watch my younger son play rugby, then my daughter wants to go to a police dog demonstration and finally I have to take her to get a new pair of pointe shoes as she’s grown out of her old ones.

Sunrise, Sky, 365

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  1. Hope the pointe shoe shopping was successful. We also have random coffee mugs left around the farm on gate posts thanks to the Brother in law.

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    • Glad it’s not just us with the random coffee mugs! It turned out the pointe shoes weren’t too small – we’d just sewed the ribbons in wrong. When they were moved, the shoes still fit. Result!

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  2. Bathed guinea pigs are so cute.
    I found a cup of tea halfway down the stairs that my teen had abandoned because she was running late for school. lol
    I hope your girl got into the new panto.
    Well done your eldest! What an achievement! x

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    • Bathed guinea pigs are definitely cute! Glad it’s not just my teenager that abandons cups – one halfway down the stairs could be dangerous! We’re still waiting to hear back from the panto. x

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  3. Aww, poor little Cedric who doesn’t like baths, he is so cute. Well done to your son for the special buckle. Fingers crossed, your daughter gets chosen for the panto. The sunrise is beautiful.

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    • Thanks very much! I did feel very mean giving Cedric a bath, but his coat is much less tangled now (we do brush him regularly too). Hoping for some good news about the panto soon.

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  4. Good luck to R with the panto, is she still upset about the way the company are doing it this year? Good job you know the coffee cups are being left outside for you to collect

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    • Thanks very much. Yes, she’s still upset, we all are, but hopefully this panto will give her something new to focus on. I couldn’t miss this cup as it was right on the corner of the wall.

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  5. What beautiful street art we dont have any of that round here.
    Well done on the belt buckle and all that it stands for.
    Hope she gets a panto part. Did I miss something on the one she has done for a number of years?

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    • Yes, sadly they changed the rules on the usual panto and instead of holding open auditions they decided to just work with two local dance schools. We were devastated! Thanks, I’m really proud of my son for getting his belt buckle.

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  6. The street art looks very impressive. Well done to your son on the Young Leaders Award.

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    • Thanks very much, I’m really proud of him for getting his award. The street art is fantastic, isn’t it? I’m looking forward to finding more of it.

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  7. Oh I loved getting my first pointe shoes, hope it went well. They are my favourite of all the dance shoes. Way to go on your son getting his award, that is impressive. I love the street art too x

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    • Thanks very much. I was very proud of him for his award. In the end she diff actually need any new pointe shoes, which was nice as they’re so expensive!

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  8. I hope she gets the panto part, it will seem so strange not to read all about rehearsals otherwise! I have the joy of teenage lateness to come then. Well done on the belt buckle with Explorers #365

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    • Thanks very much! This panto will be very different as it will be rehearsing once a week for nearly four months, rather than rehearsing six days a week for less than three weeks! Teenage lateness can be very frustrating…

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  9. Aww Cedric is so cute!

    Well done on the belt buckle – such a great achievement!

    That street art is amazing! And hope your daughter gets into the amateur panto

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