Preparing for periods

Regular readers will know that recently I’ve been preparing my daughter (and myself!) for puberty and periods. Puberty is so much less straightforward for girls than boys and it is important to be ready for those first few periods.

Not knowing exactly when a period will start, how heavy it will be or how long it will last is a scary thing for tween girls and young teenagers. Add that to the fact that girls like my daughter spend a lot of time in leotards or PE skorts (that’s shorts built into a very short skirt for sport, if you’re not used to these things), they want to be sure that everything is ‘safe’ down there, with no leaks and nothing visible.

Girls these days are lucky that they have the option to wear special knickers designed especially for periods, like these from Knixteen. These knickers have a leakproof layer, the equivalent of a thin panty liner, to give that extra bit of protection. They don’t replace a sanitary towel or tampon, but can give girls that extra bit of time to get themselves to a toilet before a leak happens, if they feel things are getting a little bit too heavy. They’re also good for those days when girls think their period is due, but they’re not exactly sure when it will happen. The bikini shape of the knickers is great for wearing under leotards too!

Starting periods can be a worrying time for young girls, so it’s great to know these products are out there to make life easier for our daughters than it was for us. My daughter hasn’t started her periods just yet, but I know it can’t be too far off. I’ve already stocked her up with sanitary towels, which she carries in her school bag, and I will be stocking up on leakproof knickers for her to make sure she really is prepared for periods.

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  1. Most of the ballerina’s at The Royal Ballet school wear this sort of knickers under their leotard during their periods.
    My son always knows when they are (on) as the girls let their partner know as a warning before lifting.
    My son had the misfortune of a leak running down his cheek whilst lifting a girl over his head.
    Even this didn’t cause embarrassment.
    They all so used to their bodies.

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    • Wow, how amazing is your son? I’m very impressed that he would take that in his stride.
      That’s interesting to hear that young ballet dancers use this sort of knickers, it sounds like they’re definitely the right thing for my daughter.

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  2. I remember my first period well as I knew nothing about them and had no idea what was going on. Great that people talk about it so openly now and even the boys know about it.
    I remember the leaks well. sanitary products use to be so awful.

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    • That must have been so hard! My mum didn’t talk to me about them, but we learned about them at school. Once I’d started, my mum was very good at keeping me supplied with sanitary towels etc.

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