One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern

One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern was my fourth and final ‘summer read’. I have far less time to read over the summer holidays and often find myself only reading one book over the holidays. This makes it harder to get into a book and to follow a complicated plot line. So this year, I decided I was going to choose lighter reads over summer. When I read a review of One Hundred Names, I thought it sounded like the perfect book for me.

I have only read one Cecelia Ahern book before – PS I Love You way back in 2005. I remember very little about it, but I do remember I was pregnant with my daughter and ill in bed with a stomach bug!

Journalist Kitty Logan has made a huge professional error. Her house is being targeted by vigilantes and her career is in tatters. To make matters worse, she has to say goodbye to her close friend and mentor, who taught her everything she knew. At her bedside, Kitty asks her what was the one story she wishes she had written, but had never got the chance. Kitty inherits the story – a list of 100 names, with no explanation.

Can Kitty work out what the list means, write the story and save her career? She sets out to track the people down and find out what it is that connects them all, but she only has a short time to find the story and write it.

I must admit, I was slightly disappointed by One Hundred Names. I knew it was going to be a light book, but I still felt it lacked a bit of depth. It didn’t help that the character of Kitty isn’t particularly likeable.

It definitely got better as it went along and I did enjoy the way it all came together at the end, but it is definitely time for me to give up the easy reads and get back to the thrillers! I don’t think I’ll be reading another Cecelia Ahern. If you like an easy read, I’m sure you could do a lot worse than One Hundred Names,but it wasn’t quite for me!

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