Getting her first bra

With two older boys, I’ve spent my daughter’s entire lifetime feeling like I’m playing catch-up with parenting girls. Because girls are different from boys, whatever the gender-neutral brigade like to believe (and, yes, boys are different from each other too, I can definitely vouch for that). At no time are they more different than when they get to puberty. Girls start their periods and start wearing a bra. Boys start shaving.

So, because I’m always playing catch-up, I wasn’t exactly sure when my daughter needed to get her first bra. She is in the fortunate position of being somewhere in the middle of her peer group when it comes to puberty. It must be so tough to be the one girl in the class wearing a bra in year 5 or to be the only 14 year old who is completely flat-chested.

So, plucking a date out of thin air, I decided that the start of year 8 would probably be a good time for my daughter to start wearing a bra. Clearly, if she had spoken to me and asked to start wearing one earlier, that would have been fine, but she didn’t. About half of her friends currently wear one, so I hadn’t left it too late, thank goodness. She thinks more of them will wear them for going back to school in year 8.

I raised the subject with her at the start of the holidays. Would she like to go and get some bras in the holidays? Yes, she would.

‘You should probably get measured in the shop.’

Her response, without a moment’s hesitation: ‘Can we get measured at home?’

Yes, she could. I always used to measure myself at home and it really is very simple – and it’s even easier measuring someone else than measuring yourself.

Once we’d got her measurements, we headed to Marks & Spencer. Because that’s where all underwear comes from, right? It’s certainly where all my underwear comes from. Their Angel range is especially for tweens and young teenagers getting their first bra. It goes right from a 28AA to a 38E. They have a few pretty patterned designs, which I liked, but my daughter is very sensible. She was instantly thinking about which bra would go with her school uniform and her leotard, which would go with a white top, which would go with a dark top…

She ended up picking two 2-packs – one containing a white bra and a nude bra and the other containing a black bra and a nude bra. She also picked one additional white bra. To be honest, I really didn’t think she needed five bras, but I wasn’t going to quibble over it.

She tried them on in the M&S changing room and we discovered that my measuring was spot-on for the individual bra, but the 2-pack bras didn’t fit quite right. So she went up a band size and down a cup size to get the perfect fit.

Getting her first bra was a painless experience and I think we did it at about the right time. Between us, we’re just about staying on top of this puberty thing, helped by the fact that my daughter is so easygoing and takes everything in her stride.

My little girl is growing up!

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Author: Sarah Mummy

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  1. My youngest started wearing the crop tops yesterday….Year 7 means she has to grow up a little. She said she’s never going to wear a bra. So we’re starting things slowly…lol
    Ahh! I think 5 bra’s sound about right. My teen changes her’s every day and actually has about 20. lol

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    • I think my daughter started wearing crop tops towards the end of year 6. I don’t blame your daughter for not wanting to wear a bra, they’re not the most comfortable of things! Wow, 20 bras is a lot! I only have four myself (plus two sports bras). I must admit I don’t change them every day…

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  2. I think that is a good amount. It is such a big step in the child’s life. I think it’s huge for us. I think you both have this down xx

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    • Thanks very much! She’s taking it all in her stride, I think I find it harder than she does. I’m sure I only had two bras at her age. I would have probably bought her three, but I wasn’t going to quibble over it! x

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  3. Hahaha the bit about all underwear coming from M & S made me chuckle because you’re so right!! I’m so glad this was a painless experience for you both. I’ve got all this to come and strangely, I think my two will probably start wearing a bra at around the same time despite being two years apart because of the way they’re both built. Fingers crossed M & S is still around by then or I don’t know what we’ll do!

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    • Thanks very much, it went very smoothly! My two boys were like your girls – it always felt that my younger son was only just behind his big brother, but when it came to puberty, a gap did open up between them. In the end, I think my younger son hit only puberty about six months younger than his brother did.
      I’m sure M&S will still be there when you need it! I’ve bought a few pairs of pants for the kids from Next, but my underwear and all bras have to come from M&S! x

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  4. I’m an M&S bra wearer too. Supermarkets on occasion but M&S are the best ones. My mum measured me the first time too, and I’ve always remeasurement myself. The only time someone in a shop did it was for my wedding bra because it was strapless

    Big moments buying bras, but sounds like your daughter’s very practical about it all

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  5. Oh yes, M&S all the way!! It sounds like you made the right decision with this although it sounded like an expensive shopping trip. My daughter has a few years yet before we have to make this trip (I hope)

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    • Fingers crossed it is a few years before you have to make this trip. I think it’s hard on girls who are wearing a bra in year 5 or even year 6. It was rather an expensive trip – the individual bra cost nearly as much as a 2-pack! Hopefully we won’t have to go back for a year or so.

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